These Guys are Returning Kicks for Us This Year

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  1. frank,
    1. as we say out here in the san fernando valley, your youtube postings of armando allen and golden tate, along with the rocket are awesome and righteous.
    2. where do you find this footage?
    3. and, just think, the opposition with the rocket only had to deal with one player with that speed and moves.
    4. now, they will have to confront at least 2 guys with warp speed and great moves.
    5. with the odds of nd winning the bcs currently at 1,000 to 1, we are going to get some of that action before 9/1.
    6. charlie and his staff have assembled more talent and depth than notre dame has had since the later holtz years before lou, understandably, became preoccupied with his wife’s illness.
    and, unlike most other schools, they have done all of this with integrity and by the rules.
    7. as for the lack of college game experience for many of the rotating starters, we have absolute faith that charlie and corwin and their staffs, including the strength and conditioning coach, and the summer program have nd.2007 as ready to go as most veterans on other teams.
    8. after all, no one outside the team had the slightest idea that john carlson was even better than fasano. he had not been on the field in live games much at all. however, carlson came right out of the gate last 9/1 at gtech and played like a veteran.
    erin go braugh and schlanta,
    bob gilleran

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