Henne Out vs. Irish, Mallet to Start

Michigan’s starting quarterback Chad Henne will not be playing this weekend when Notre Dame travels to Ann Arbor. According to the AP:

Injured Michigan quarterback Chad Henne will not play against Notre Dame.

Wolverines coach Lloyd Carr did not provide a timetable for Henne’s return, listing him Monday as week-to-week. The senior was knocked out of the second half of Saturday’s 39-7 loss to Oregon.

Freshman Ryan Mallett will start against the Fighting Irish on Saturday at home in a matchup of storied teams with 0-2 records.

“This test will be different than any he’s had,” Carr said. “But I can guarantee you that he’s not intimidated.”

There was plenty of debate last February about who was the best prep quarterback last year between Mallet and ND’s Jimmy Clausen and Saturday we will all get to see the two square off much sooner than anyone had anticipated. We all know how Clausen looked against Penn State, but how did Mallet look?

Mallett started the second half and threw an interception midway through the third quarter. He finished with six completions in 17 attempts for 49 yards.

In Mallet’s defense, his rocket arm throws at such a higher velocity to that of any other quarterback that his receivers probably just couldn’t adjust to the speed. In all seriousness though, Mallet didn’t look bad for a kid who was not expecting to play. Here is ESPN’s take on the quarterback situation for the Wolverines.

Sorry the above video isn’t center, but I have no idea why its not center aligning for me.

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  1. frank,

    1. for those of us who are not going to the big house this year, on what dishnetwork, direct tv, or time warner stations are we going to watch this game.

    2. the nd website contains no info about tv, but both the dishnetwork and direct tv do carry the big 10 network.

    3. do you have any information on this subject or are the tv arrangements still up in the air?

    4. we do not want to miss this one, even if it means changing plans and going to the big house in person.

    thank you for any info you can provide,

    bob gilleran

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