Bob Davie Returning to the Sidelines?

Former Notre Dame head coach Bob Davie might be leaving the television booth and returning to the sidelines as the defensive coordinator for Texas A&M according to multiple sources Monday night.


ESPN analyst Bob Davie on Monday declined to comment on whether he was interested in Texas A&M’s vacant defensive coordinator position, but acknowledged he still had thoughts of returning to coaching.

“You never lose that (love for coaching),” Davie said via phone from his home in Scottsdale, Ariz. “I don’t think you ever lose that. But life is pretty good here.”

Davie wouldn’t comment about rumors that he might be reunited with A&M coach Mike Sherman in College Station. “I don’t think I can comment on that at all,” he said. “Mike and I are good friends. Any comments should come from Mike.”

Efforts to reach Sherman were unsuccessful.

And from the Austin American Statesman

Texas A&M appears to be leaning toward hiring a former defensive coordinator, Bob Davie, to return to that role under new head coach Mike Sherman, one source close to the athletic department says.

Davie, 53, served as R.C. Slocum’s defensive coordinator between 1989 and 1993 before leaving for the same position at Notre Dame and eventually becoming the head coach of the Irish. He was the head coach there for five years before a 35-25 record and the second of two losing seasons brought him a pink slip there.

“It’s about 75 percent done,” the source said. If the two sides come to an agreement, Davie would replace Reggie Herring, who stayed less than a month before taking an assistant’s job with the Dallas Cowboys.

As an x’s and o’s coach, Davie is actually pretty decent.  His defenses at A&M were pretty good and his defenses while at ND as both the DC and head coach were always sound. Put him in charge of a game and he falls apart, but as the DC he won’t have to do that.  This is actually a pretty good hire for the Aggies in that Davie’s TV career could help him on the recruiting front.

I’m kind of surprised it took this long for Davie to get another coaching gig, but this seems like a pretty good fit for him.  Although, as the saying goes, you can never go home again.

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  1. Bob Davie–the second worst mistake Notre Dame made.
    The first and worst mistake was Wadsworth the classic manipulator. ( May he rest in peace.)
    As long as Davie doesn’t come NEAR Notre Dame, that will be fine!
    Bleednd82 is sort of right-Mark May is not the AntiChrist.
    However, he is one arrogant, cocky son-of-a-bitch.
    LOU rocks his boat with such ease!
    ND Irish will rise again!

  2. Good, because everything that came out of his mouth was anti-ND. He would open his mouth and all I heard was a bunch of crap. He is a good D coordinator but should never be allowed to go near a head coaching position. JC I agree that ESPN is very biased towards ND. Mark May is the antichrist. Brent Musberger, Dana Jacobsen, Pat Forde, etc…. there are more. I love Lou though!

  3. I am thrilled with the prospect that Bob Davie might leave ESPN. Now, if a real CEO will please stand up and FIRE…..Dana Jacobson. It will go along way in cleaning up ESPN’s Flawed Management Team and Mission Statement.

  4. As long as the guy isn’t the head guy in charge he probably won’t be bad. I witnessed and suffered through the Bob Davie years while on campus and I witnessed quite a few terribly coached games and also noticed how the players really had very little respect for him. Me and the boys spent a little too much time at the Boat Club if you know what I mean. Anyway I know he will probably thrive at a school like Texas A&M and even though he put us through some misery I wish him the best an Irish fan can wish a future opponent.

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