Trevor Laws Q&A

(UHND) – In between getting ready for last week’s pro day at Notre Dame and training for next month’s NFL Draft, former Notre Dame defensive tackle Trevor Laws was kind enough to take a break and answer a few questions for us here at UHND. He answered a wide range of questions from what the first thing he will buy once he signs his rookie contract to what he thinks was the cause for Notre Dame’s offensive line struggles during the 2007 season.

Training & NFL Draft Questions

  • Q: How well did you do in the Combine compared to what you were expecting to do?
    A: The combine went really well for me. I posted personal bests in almost every event and was the top DT in almost every event. Any areas where you wish you could have done better? I really think i did the best that I could do, and that is why I am only doing positional drills at the combine.
  • Q: What were you hoping to accomplish at the Notre Dame Pro Day after creating some momentum at the Combine?
    A: I would really like too keep my momentum going. I decided to focus on my positional drills so I hope that I will be able to further showcase my athletic ability.
  • Q: What is an average day of training for you leading up to the draft?
    A: Wake up at 6:30 eat breakfast. Get to my first workout at 745. Run and lift. Come home and have an early lunch then go to the field to work on positional drills. After that we go straight to the gym again at 2 and workout for a few hours with a focus on weights. I come home, eat dinner and fall asleep at about 830. They ended up being long days.
  • Q: Some draft insiders are projecting you as a potential late first round draft pick now. How does this compare to what you are hearing and how did coming back for a 5th year at Notre Dame help you improve your draft stock over the past year?
    A: It is amazing to think how far I have come. I went from possibly undrafted to possible first round in about a year. Crazy. I have been hearing 1st and 2nd round, which blows my mind. Coming back for my fifth year definitely helped me showcase my talents for the scouts.
  • Q: Have any teams in particular been showing interest in you so far?
    A: I have met with almost every team, and it is hard to tell who likes me the most. Hopefully all of them!
  • Q: There’s been some internet speculation that the 49ers are one team in particular that is interested in potentially drafting you. Any thoughts on the possibility of replacing a fellow former Notre Dame standout like Bryant Young?
    A: The Niners have shown interest in me, and it would be great to play for them. However, i could never replace a great man and football player like Bryant Young.
  • Q: Brady Quinn ended up being drafted by his childhood favorite team in the Browns. Jeff Samardzija ended up with his childhood favorite team as well with the Cubs in baseball. Who was your childhood favorite NFL team and what would it be like to get drafted by them?
    A: My favorite team as a kid was the Vikes and it would be great to go back home and play for the hometown squad.
  • Q: Have you been training with or keeping in contact with any of the other draft eligible Notre Dame players?
    A: I train with John Carlson and John Sullivan, but I have kept in touch with everyone almost from my class, especially guys like Jeff, Tommy, Casey, Vic and Ambrose.
  • How has playing for Charlie Weis the past 3 seasons helped prepare you for playing in the NFL?
    A: He really helped me realize what playing in an NFL program would be like. He brings a professional approach to everything that he does.
  • What?s the first thing you are planning to buy after signing that first NFL contract?
    A: A tempurpedic bed.

Notre Dame Questions

  • Q: What was it like playing for Corwin Brown in 2007 and what do you think makes him so effective as a recruiter?
    A: It was great playin for Corwin. He brought a lot of passion to our locker room. He recruits so well becuase he is a person that other people want to be around. He exudes energy and passion, and it shows.
  • Q: What are your thoughts on Notre Dame bringing in Jon Tenuta as the linebackers and assistant head coach for defense?
    A: I think that it’s great. Tenata had a great D at GT, and I’m excited to see our boys will fly around next year.
  • Q: Who is one player on currently on the Notre Dame roster that most fans haven’t seen play yet that will surprise people?
    A: Gary Gray
  • Q: Who was the toughest player you went against in practice in your time at ND? Who was the toughest you went against in a game?
    A: John Sullvan practice and Drew Radovich (USC) game.
  • Q: What was your favorite moment playing for the football team?
    A: There are lots, and my answer could change each time I am asked this question, but the memory that comes to mind right now is beating Michigan at the Big House and then climbing up the wall to hug my family…great memory.
  • Q: Most of ND?s troubles on offense in 2007 started up front with the offensive line. Going up against them in practice every day, what do you think was the cause of their struggles and do you think the younger OL who saw action in 2007 will lead the way towards improvement in 2008?
    A: I just think they were a very inexperienced crew. With another spring under their belt, I think that they will have a better understanding of what it will takes to be successful on the field at this level.
  • Q: With the absence of Pat Kuntz this spring and the unfortunate injury for Derrell Hand, who amongst Notre Dame’s young DL do you see stepping up in 2008 and emerging?
    A: I think a guy that will really step up will be Emeka Nwankwo.
  • Q: After playing next to Ian Williams last year, what are your thoughts of his potential and what allowed him to register so many tackles despite not starting till the last few games?
    A: He played great as a feshman and I think that if he continues to work hard he will be a really good player someday. He got so many tackles becuase of his great play and hustle. He learned to never quit on a play and always pursue to the very end. That allowed him to rack up some tackles.
  • Q: Outside of the defensive line, what do you expect to see out of the underclassmen defenders who began to emerge in 2007 such as Kerry Neal, Brian Smith, and Darrin Walls?
    A: Kerry Neal and Brian Smith should have monster seasons this year coming off the edge. DBs like Darrin Walls, Harrison Smith and Gary Gray will also have great seasons.

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