Trevor Laws Interview

Former Notre Dame DT Trevor LawsI just posted an interview we had with Trevor Laws on the homepage. Trevor was kind enough to answer a bunch of questions for us about how he is preparing for the draft next month as well as questions about what happened in 2007 and what will happen in 2008 for Notre Dame.

Here’s a quick excerpt…

Q: Most of ND?s troubles on offense in 2007 started up front with the offensive line. Going up against them in practice every day, what do you think was the cause of their struggles and do you think the younger OL who saw action in 2007 will lead the way towards improvement in 2008?
A: I just think they were a very inexperienced crew. With another spring under their belt, I think that they will have a better understanding of what it will takes to be successful on the field at this level.

Trevor had some great answers to our questions. Click here for the full interview.

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