Charlie Weis Taking a Middle East Vacation

Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis will travel to the Middle East with 4 other NCAA coaches to visit the US TroopsAnother tidbit of news to come out of today’s press conference was the announcement that Charlie Weis will be headed to the Middle East this May along with four other college head coaches to visit US Troops.

From Notre Dame’s official release (full release here):

Weis will participate in meet and greets at various military bases throughout the Middle East from May 20-26 as well as coach flag football teams made up of servicemen and women. He will also take part in a symposium, allowing audience members to ask questions.

“I am honored to be selected to a group of collegiate football coaches to visit our troops in the Middle East the week leading up to Memorial Day,” said Weis. “My family and I believe this to be a small way to thank and support our troops for defending our country. As a proud Notre Dame alumnus, I consider this trip to be a privilege and I’m looking forward to this with great anticipation.”

The Irish head coach will be joined on the tour by Mark Richt (University of Georgia), Randy Shannon (University of Miami), Jack Siedlecki (Yale University) and Tommy Tuberville (Auburn University).

Weis also had a bit more to say about the trip at his press conference.

They had asked, I don’t know how many coaches they had asked, but they had come to me. And then, of course, I went home and talked to my boss and after talking to Maura and Charlie about this and what the Armed Forces were trying to do, I thought that was a small token of appreciation representing Notre Dame, just a small token of appreciation for me to be one of a group of college football coaches to go over there and try to mix and mingle with a whole bunch of our troops that have a lot more important job than any of us have. And I feel both honored and privileged to have been asked, and I’m looking forward to going, and I think this will be an enlightening experience.

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  1. I love how Charlie says the soldiers have a much more important job than any of the coaches do.. It dosen’t weigh out that way on the pay scale though does it? Just win Chuck.

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