A Few Words from Jon Tenuta

Tenuta answered a few questions after practice day. The full video can be seen on Notre Dame’s All Access.

On what’s he’s been encouraged with so far:

The one thing that I feel good about is our guys are pressing the line of scrimmage and trying to make plays. The numbers one thing I told them was that we have to stop the run. They have to learn to how to cancel gaps and get dowhill and make things happen. You’ve got to stop the run first before you can do anything else.

On utilizing everyone of the 15 spring practices:

You go and install your package, but you also have to make sure your players are keeping up with what you’re asking them to do. Obviously we’re going to have to be a little more of a pressure package defense. You have to crawl before you walk and walk before you run so the ones that they know are the ones we’re going to practice and then we’ll just keep putting in a few here, a few there to make us better. Obviously we’ll have a couple more by Saturday and have a chance to practice them so guys know understand based on multiple sets where they fit.

On anyone standing out:

Maurice Crum and Brian Smith obviously are two guys that are talented players. Toryan Smith is right behind them. Quinn, who missed the first day, really the last two practices he’s done a good job of understanding where he’s got to fit. All those other guys to me are in the mix trying to feel their way through and do things the right way. There is no set in stone whatever, but those first two guys to me are guys that we’ll definitely go to war with. The other guys are fighting their way in to see how much playing time they are going to get.

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