Grimes, Crum, and Bruton ’08 Captains

2008 Notre Dame Football Captains

Charlie Weis named 5th year senior Maurice Crum and seniors David Bruton and David Grimes captains for the 2007 season on Saturday.

Crum will be a captain for the second year in a row while Bruton and Grimes will be first time captains this year.

Weis said of the captain’s vote on Saturday after the Blue-Gold game:

“There was a few other contenders that got some votes in there. But in all three cases, these guys were clear winners. You know, they were clear winners. Like if it came down to it a guy was a vote difference, I would have seen that the offense or defense or special teams saw two guys as the guy. But in all three cases, you know, it was a clear winner. “

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  1. i’m a little disapointed with only one offensive captain i would have figured on Asaph Schwapp because he’s a senior and he’s a guy who has alot of leadership in him

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