2007 Opponents Draft Results

Here is a quick look at how Notre Dame’s opponents in 2007 fared in sending their players to the NFL this past weekend.

2007 Notre Dame Opponent Draft Results

  Opponent Players Selected 1st and 2nd Rounders 2007 Record
Georgia Tech Georgia Tech
Yellow Jackets
3 0 7-6
06 psu Penn State
Nittany Lions
2 0 9-4
06 mich Michigan
6 2 9-4
06 msu Michigan State
3 1 7-6
06 purdue Purdue
3 1 8-5
06 ucla UCLA
3 0 6-7
07 bc Boston College
3 2 11-3
06 usc USC
11 7 11-2
06 navy Navy
0 0 8-5
06 airforce Air Force
0 0 9-4
07 duke Duke
Blue Devils
0 0 1-11
06 stanford Stanford
0 0 4-8

A couple of notes:

  • The first thing that jumps is out the 11 prospects USC sent to the NFL – that is as many as we have sent over the last two drafts combined.
  • Then when you consider that USC had 7 players drafted in the first two rounds alone it really shows you just how much talent Carroll has stockpiled out in LA.
  • Other than USC, Michigan (6) was the only 2007 opponent to send more players into the NFL this year.

The fact that USC and Michigan sent more players to the NFL than the Irish should come as no surprise.  It is, however, a bit surprising that seven other teams that beat ND in 2007 had less NFL players.  Now, these numbers don’t tell the entire story though. 

Notre Dame only had 15 fourth and fifth year seniors in 2007 – Laws, Carlson, Zibby, Sullivan, Thomas, Price, Brockington, Jansen, Wooden, Stephenson, Crum, Bragg, Brown, Ferrine, Jabbie, Lambert, and Vernaglia.  Of that group, Crum, Brown, and Lambert came back for 5th years and Ferrine transfered to Delaware (where Jabbie may be joining him). 

Also note, none of the players selected from Notre Dame were “true seniors” – all were 5th year guys.  That brings us back to one of the reasons for Notre Dame’s stuggles in 2007 – a lack of a senior class. 

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One Comment

  1. Frankie, you are 100%correct “a lack of a senior class”! The naysayers don’t get it nor will they ever! RECRUITING is everything!

    This year as we prove it on the field with a new superabundance of highly ranked players, we will then hear about our percieved cupcake schedule.

    However, is it bad as Ohio State’s? And are they now a fraud for loosing twice in BCS Champonship Bowl by a wide margin?

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