Steve Young Questions Weis In Relation to Spygate

Steve Young questioned Charlie Weis in relation to Spygate on Monday’s Dan Patrick Show.


But one person who seems to think Weis should talk is Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young, who’s now an ESPN analyst. Young appeared on Dan Patrick’s radio show today, and he said he’s re-assessing his thoughts about Weis.

“I remember thinking to myself during some of the runs, ‘Charlie Weis is a genius,’” Young said. “I mean, I remember saying that to people: ‘This guy is uncanny, how he’s able to make these adjustments and just come out and dominate in the second half.’ What it’s left me to do is, well, I don’t know. Did it matter? I could see how it could matter if you put it all together. So it’s a tough one. I think that people earn it on the field, and I think you’ve got to move on and move forward and just recognize that it’s not a good thing at the time.”

When Patrick asked Young how big an advantage it would be to know what play the defense was about to run, Young answered, “The game would be over. If I knew what was coming, that’s the whole game.”

It’s obvious this is not going to go away anytime soon and coming on the heels of a 3-9 season, it gives opposing coaches even more ammunition on the recruiting trail.

I’ll have more thoughts on this tonight in an article on the homepage.

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  1. I am disappointed to see/hear that Steve Young has bought into this gossip without first knowing if it true or not. Too jusge a person on hear say, to me. is very wrong. But, of cource I am not Steve Young. Shame on him.

  2. I was at the Tuck Rule game Pats vs. Raiders 6? years ago. I saw Tom Brady complete 9 passes in a row in so much snow us fans could barely see the other side of the field. It was the win that started it all for the Patriots and they definitely did not cheat. Their performance on the field is what won them all of those games. The Patriots might have received some kind of edge versus some teams by doing surveilance but the big wins were determined on the field not by some assistant taping certain teams signals. I believe that it is probably more common place than people think and that the Patriots were just the ones to get caught. Mangini blew the whistle because he was sick of getting his team’s butt whooped. In Professional Sports the temptation to get an edge legal or not will always be there. True Champions make plays on the field. Charlie wasn’t the head coach of that team and so this does not touch him period! The Patriots are still a great Franchise and anyone who uses this to diminish their achievements like Young are just haters because the Patriots are far more successful than any of the Young led 49ers. People need to leave Charlie out of this and get a life!


    They just don’t like Charlie’s remote control to the Hubble Telescope!!

    I wonder what the monthly fee is on that?

  4. I like Steve Young and he does hold people accountable for their actions no matter who they are. When I post on about Spygate and the Cheatriots I get responses like “Your coach was part of that. Is Charlie Weis a cheater”? I always respond by saying “I hope not”. There is some point to Young’s rant but its been a long time since Charlie has been in NE and what about Romeo or Mangini. Include them as well and I’ll agree with that line of questioning. I still think Weis is a good coach.

  5. Gee why isn’t anyone mentioning Romeo Crennel in this? Or Mangenious? Can you say agenda?

    Weis only owes Notre dame to run a clean and winning football program. USC’s paying their players yet no one seems to question pete carrol.

    As for recruting, if Notre Dame starts winning again they’ll get recruits

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