Walls Gone for the Season, Hord Transferring

Per the latest University press release: Darrin Walls - Notre Dame cornerback

Wide receiver D.J. Hord has decided to leave the Notre Dame football team and will transfer to a Division I-AA school.

“I’d like to thank D.J. for all he has given to this team in his three years and wish him well in his future endeavors,” Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis said.

Cornerback Darrin Walls will not be enrolled at Notre Dame during the fall semester for personal reasons and will return home at the end of this summer school term.

“We won’t have Darrin with us this season but I hope to have him return for the spring semester. Fortunately, cornerback is a position of strength on our team and this will provide opportunities for increased playing time for our corners,” Irish head coach Charlie Weis said.

There has been some chatter about Walls’ status this season for a couple weeks now and it is very unfortunate that we will not have him this season as he was poised for a breakout year after spending 2007 as a full time starter at corner. I’ll have more on the impact of both departures later.

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  1. It really is a shame the way Hord’s career panned out for him. It is great to hear that he will be finishing up his education at Notre Dame after playing this fall in Division I AA.

  2. I saw the same thing w/ Hord after his ACL injury. After sitting out the whole year he could still not release and go full speed. Very evident in the B/G game last year – in for 1 maybe 2 plays all game.

    Wall’s was my boy – I was touting him big time and waiting for him to shine. Big void w/ him gone this year! What a bummer!

  3. No seriously guys Walls leaving hurts REALLY bad. WHen I heard the news by text message yestreday from my buddy I felt my heart sink. I know maybe too dramitic but this guy was going to have a breakout year this year and looked like a star on the field. UGHHHHH!

    White is staying?
    I kinda wanted LOUUUUUUUUUUUU

  4. The Walls loss is definitely huge. He has All American talent and as a second year starter was going to show it.

    I feel really bad for Hord. He looked like a REALLY promising WR out of high school, but just could never fully overcome that ACL injury. It’s sad to see his ND career end as disappointing as it did. People forget that Hord was the ONLY Top 100 recruit in Ty’s last full class and that first class Charlie and Ty both recruited.

  5. We need Lou for a pep talk. Kevin and bleed we need to elect or should I say draft Lou Holtz for AD.

    Now is the perfect time for his wisdom. I remember when I was sitting in Michigan’s stadium in their alumni section. And they kicked off twice to the “Rocket”, I could not believe my eyes. Bo must have been off his medication. I stood up cheering like a mad-man in my ND jogging suit and here came the plastic coke lids hitting me by the hundreds, I loved it!

    So, hopefully this year we will endure and Darrin will return.

  6. this is really bad but honestly as long as he comes back his senior year we will have probably a NC team even if he doesn’t we might still

    JC your right Bleed is 100% correct especially about Hord not being a big deal and it was smart cause with all our incoming WR talent and the talent we already had he was never gonna see the field

  7. Bleed I think you’re 100% correct, Walls is a huge loss.

    Just when you thing you’re on a roll. Life is always full of road blocks.

    I pray Walls returns, again it is big loss.

  8. The Hord transfer is not that big of deal but the Walls transfer hurts…BAD Not good at all. He is our best corner and might be overall our best defender. I hope Gary Gray can play this year.

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