ND @ MSU – Fourth Quarter Thoughts

  • Ladies and gents, we have a ball game again.
  • Floyd atones for his earlier fumble with a GREAT catch on a jump ball thrown up for grabs by Clausen.  Great drive by the Irish offense spreading the ball around.  If the defense can come out and contain the MSU offense quickly, it will take a lot of life out of Spartan Stadium.
  • GREAT play by Crum and McCarthy to blow up the toss to Ringer and put MSU into an obvious passing situation.  Where is the ND pressure though?  Hoyer is very inaccurate and we are giving him all day in the pocket.
  • MSU has no converted their last two third downs on this drive and are on the doorsteps of making this a two touchdown game.  Irish had a chance to stop Ringer on another toss for a loss, but couldn’t wrap up.
  • Michigan State is just killing the clock, but Brian Smith made a HUGE play forcing a loss of five on 3rd and goal from the one for MSU.
  • Nice job by the defense holding to a field goal, but there isn’t enough time to trade touchdowns with field goals.
  • I said this last quarter… but if there was ever a time we needed a big return out of Allen or Tate, it is right now.  It’s a two possession game and we need to score quickly to have a chance.  Well, nevermind that.  MSU kicks the ball out of the end zone.
  • Absolutely deflating play with the bad snap on 2nd and 10 forcing 3rd and 17.  This is probably four down territory.
  • WOW WO WE WOW.  Amazing effort by Golden Tate to convert the 3rd down when two MSU defenders had him stopped.
  • How do you false start on a play you are only blocking on because that’s what Aldridge did.  Would have been first and 10 inside the 15 without the false start by Aldrdige.  Secondly, how do you waste a time out on 3rd and 15 without only two left when you need two scores?
  • Well, that’s the ball game folks.  Walker still has yet to connect on a field goal this season.  Terrible snap, but still.  You can’t miss that kick.
  • And that Ringer run ices it with the long run and subsequent touchdown run.
  • Finally saw a nice return out of Allen.  Once he got in space he looked pretty fast to me.  He was out of bounds around the 40-45 yard line though.
  • I’ll have plenty of articles and summary posts on this game.  Not as bad as the score makes it look though and not nearly as bad of a loss as many will believe.

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  1. Yeah, Rob. Seriously at least ND will not only graduate it’s players, but will educate its players. I’m not happy with the game or where ND is right now in terms of on the field progress. But come on Rob, go burn a couch. In Detroit, they coined the phrase Sparty-On, meaning out of control couch burning partying. The MSU football team played a great game on Saturday and ND didn’t, but Rob, you couldn’t understand the traditions of a school like ND. So light that upholstery for Sparty!

  2. Enough of the bullshit. When we won last week, it was only because of the turnovers by the skunkbears. Is it possible that sparty won because of our own mistakes[missed fieldgoals and turnovers]Shut the hell up all you negative morons. The Irish were in a game they never would have been in last year. The defence was solid and there is a lot of positives to take from this game. I for one will not jump off the bandwagon, we are slowly but surely coming back.As for the prayer rob, suck it up princess.

  3. @Rob,

    So when you win, you celebrate it by coming to a blog of the team you just beat to gloat? ND always run onto the field and prays in the end zone, even at home. Your team won and played a good game. Celebrate it by posting on an MSU blog or message board, not an ND one.

  4. And while we’re at it, whats up with the stupid notre dame marching band? They and the “cheerleaders” (though they didn’t lead a single cheer) were dancing and playing after every big play by STATE! Looks like the band director takes instructions from the coach! LOL

  5. Can anyone explain why the Notre Dame team ran down the field at the beginning of the game to say a prayer in the State end zone? Like that wasn’t a big show. What would have been TRULY sincere is if they had gone back down there AFTER the game to say a prayer. But you didn’t see that did you. What a bunch of phoneys. Thank God when I win or want to win and make a big show of it, but nary a word to Him when I lose.

  6. Kamara is KILLING me. Four of Jimmie’s interceptions are all on him. Off his chest, not looking back, not wanting the ball more than the defender when it’s in his hands, and not running the route.

    I don’t know how much bad luck he can have, but he’s definitely running out of ways to cost this team. His mistakes didn’t cost us against SDSU, but I think we would have won this very winnable game if he’d have shown up today.

    I hope he can get it together, because we need his speed and height. He is going to be a touchdown machine in the redzone for Jimmy if he can just hold onto the ball.

    Live and learn and fight again. We have a lot to look forward to.

  7. …three years and counting and Charlie Weis can’t stop the run. I love ND football but it defies logic that a team with such a storied history and national television contract can’t recruit a D-line that can shut down the run. Enough with the big name QB’s already…let’s get tough on D and pound the ball on O.

  8. While I thought the D mostly played well and kept us in the game, I agree with Jason on the O. It is time to unleash Tate and Floyd and let these guys make plays. This is a game we could have won, but let too many opportunities go by. Go Irish!

  9. I was born in South Bend and am forever a fan….but we sucked tonight. We had no defense for the short pass and couldn’t get a running game going at all. We need to see these trends sooner. We’ve got good receivers but didn’t allow them to test the corners. If we’d have done this sooner, the focus would have been to defend against the corners…which would have drawn more defenders from the inside…opening up the running game.

    Just an arm-chair quarterback, giving his 2-cents. Forever a fan, not hatin’……but we’ve got more skill than we’re showing.

    Army retired….living in VA.


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