ND @ MSU – 3rd Quarter Thoughts

  • Defense did it’s job to start the half forcing the three and getting the offense the ball with some great field position.  Harrison Smith has had a good day so far and started that drive with a tackle of Ringer in the backfield.
  • Offense comes out with 4 and five wide to spread out the field after not being able to run the ball in the first half and it works great until Floyd fumbles the ball inside the 20 yard line.  ND was driving the ball and could have gotten the momentum back, but handed MSU the ball.
  • Offense cannot turn the ball over at all any more this game if Notre Dame is going to have any chance at winning this.  Three turnovers in Michigan State territory is no way to try and win football games.
  • Tackling is getting sloppier, defense might be starting to wear down.
  • Defense held strong in the redzone to keep this game two possessions, but the offense needs to score on this drive and put some pressure back on Michigan State.
  • If there was ever a time we could use a big play out of the kick return unit, it is on this MSU kickoff with just under 5:32 to go in the third.  Instead, we’ll start at the 26.  Where is the wedge on kickoff returns today?
  • 3rd and 7, MSU sends the house and we only have 3 receivers running routes and they still all collapse on Clausen?  Wow.
  • If Brian Hoyer had even mediocre accuracy, Michigan State would have a lot more points right now.  He had a HUGE gain on 3rd and long but threw a TERRIBLE pass.
  • Notre Dame is passing the ball very well between the 20’s and ends the third quarter with a third and long in the red zone.  Clausen’s pass to Rudolph was just behind him or it was 6.
  • Please no more quick hitters to Parris.
  • The Irish are driving but need to convert this opportunity at the start of the fourth to really get back in this game.  This drive has kept the defense off the field for a while so they should still have some gas left in the tank.

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