ND @ MSU – 1st Quarter Thoughts

  • About as bad a start as possible for Notre Dame. Two runs run right at the heart of the MSU defense nets -2 yards and then Sam Young can’t keep his cool and puts ND in an even bigger hole with a personal foul.
  • Lambert and the corners are going to have to do a better job containing the receivers. MSU’s first pass should have went for 4 yards instead of the big gain that it was. Doesn’t help that the receiver pushed off though either.
  • Huge play by Ethan Johnson to block the MSU 3rd down pass. The Spartan receiver was wide open and may have taken it in if he doesn’t block that.
  • Early play calling is horrible for ND. Irish are running it right into the MSU defense and they are all over it. Six plays in two possessions with 7 net yards and not a SINGLE PASS?? ND won’t be able to move the ball on the ground today until they prove they can pass.
  • Great play by McNeil on the double fake deep ball. He got his arm in there and knocked the ball away to prevent the touchdown.
  • First two possessions have not netted a single first down. Notre Dame needs to mount a drive here and get a couple first downs to at least change the field position in the game.
  • Great play on the end around, but if Tate cut that outside to the sidelines he had a MUCH bigger play.
  • Kamara has to do a better job coming down with that ball. He got both hands on it and let the MSU defender come in and grab it away from him. Bad decision on Clausen’s part to float the ball up, but Kamara’s got to at least prevent the INT there.
  • Harrison Smith had a chance to pick off the 1st down following the interception but got completely turned around. He followed it up with a nice blitz on the ensuing play though.
  • Great strip by Brian Smith, defense looks ready to play.
  • Clausen missed Floyd on the deep ball, Floyd had his man beat.
  • At the end of the first the running game looks a mess, but it seems like the Irish will be able to pass on Michigan State. Clausen and his receivers are not on the same page right now though and Clausen’s accuracy is a bit off so far.
  • Offensive line is just not getting a push in the running game and gave up the first sack of the season. It looked like Turkovich went to cut the MSU defender and was just jumped right over.
  • Defensively the Irish are tackling better and swarming to the ball, but are going to have to force a quick change of possession on the first drive of the second quarter with MSU pinned inside the 5.

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  1. Lambert can not gaurd a good reciever for the life of him….what was that pathetic attempt of a tackle he put on that short pop pass?

    Need to punch it in and get some energy, we are on the brink right now.

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