ND @ MSU – Second Quarter Thoughts

These notes are a little more general since ABC decided go black on me for most of the quarter.

  • Defense did it’s job getting the offense the ball back with reasonable field position to start the second quarter.  Offense has to step up now and build on what they were doing before the interception in the end zone.
  • Allen is running a little tentatively and not breaking the arm tackles he needs to.  On 2nd and 11 he had a chance for a really long run, but got taken down by another arm tackle.  On the next play he gets a quick flare from Clausen and short arms it.  Luckily the backwards pass which no one from ND or MSU went for, went out of bounds.
  • First down offense is the difference in the game right now.  Neither team has been able to do much of anything when getting stuffed on first down.
  • Really Charlie?  A 51 yard field goal attempt with 4th and 5?  Really bad call.  It was going to be a miss either way, might as well have gone for it and had a chance.
  • Well after missing about 8 minutes of game time because both my HD and no HD feeds were totally screwed up, I am back.  Unfortunately I missed the second Clausen interception, which I’m told was a great play by the corner.  Still, 6 picks in 3 games Jimmy?  This game could easily be tied if Clausen doesn’t throw both picks.
  • Even with the picks, it looks like ND will have to come out throwing the ball in the second half because the running game is looking absolutely horrid at this point.  Tate got 24 yards on 1 carry.  ND running backs have 23 yards on 13 carries.
  • Defense is doing an admirable job, but the offense has to start helping them out.
  • Could John Saunders be any happier that Clausen has thrown 6 picks so far this year?  The man’s hatred for Notre Dame is very, very transparent.
  • So far two sacks on Clausen which is two more than the line had given up in the first two games.  Offensive line needs to find itself at halftime and come out and smack someone in the mouth in the second half.
  • Don’t have a good feeling about this one right now.  If the offensive continues to sputter, the defense is going to tire out and MSU will be able pound the ball right at us in the fourth.  Getting a three and out to start the second half would be huge.
  • Missed opportunities is the story of the first half for ND.  An interception in the end zone, a missed field goal, a sack on 3rd and 1 when we are driving, etc.  We’ve had our chances in this game, but unlike a week ago, we haven’t been able to capitalize on them.

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  1. Defense looks horrible. They need to get their hands up and close the gaps in the middle.
    Why are we running, running, running…..? We’ve seen in the first half that it’s not getting anywhere. We’ve got a good long ball game…..air it out!!!

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