4th Quarter Thoughts – Purdue at Notre Dame

  • 3rd and 10 at the 13.  This is a must stop for the Irish defense.  Pressure was coming, but we lucked out with a poor pass from Painter.   Wow.  Great play by McCarthy to stop the 4th and 10.  Kind of ballsy call by Tiller to go for it on 4th and 10 that close.  To me that says he has no faith in his defense to slow down the Notre Dame offense.
  • I am having a hard time remembering another Notre Dame wide receiver who has been better at making plays on the ball while it is in the air than Golden Tate.  Get the ball near him and he comes down with it.
  • Clausen needs to stop throwing the fade to Kamara in the end zone.  It has not been working and on the most recent attempt, Kamara looked more like a defensive back than a receiver again.
  • With 10:26 to go in the fourth game of the season, Notre Dame makes it’s first field goal of the season on a 41 yarder from Brandon Walker – just his second conversion from 40+ yards in his career.
  • Would have liked to see Notre Dame put the ball in the endzone on the drive which Walker booted the 41 yarder to put an exclamation point on the win, but it is also nice to see a field goal sail through the uprights for a chance.
  • More bad tackling on Sheets.  He is a pretty good back, but the Irish defense is doing a very poor job tackling him when Purdue gets him the ball in space.
  • Notre Dame defense has really picked it up on third down in the second half and have now stopped two fourth down attempts by the Boilermakers.  With a three possession lead and less than 9:00 to go, things are looking pretty good for the Irish.
  • It is great to see Notre Dame be able to finish off a game by running it.  I LOVED seeing Weis screaming from the sideline to “GET THE FIRST DOWN” on fourth and one with a minute and a half left to kill the clock.  Running the ball is as much attitude as it is execution and that attitude has been missing.  The Irish haven’t quite found it yet, but they got a lot closer Saturday.

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  1. I wonder where Chris is? He is always very negative with his opinion and voicing the teams play. I wanna hear something positive from him. All I can say is that I am so happy to be typing here, right now about a good victory. One game at a time. 3rd and 4th quarters were ours. Purdont couldnt stop us. Ill repeat we COULDNT BE STOPPED on OFFENSE. That feels good to say. AA showed GREAT speed (finally) and our WR are amazing. Tate and Floyd have played very well. Those “Big Play” threats are them and you can see it. BQ never threw the long ball like JC does. I have seen every game both have played in at ND and JC just has a touch on his long ball that BQ never had. Jimmy will end up with around 30 td passes this year. Kyle Rudolph is going to be a stud and I am not missing Wil Yeatman yet but he was better known for his blocking. Im just really excited to see how this season unfolds now. We should beat Stanfod and be 4-1. UNC is going to be a very difficult game for us. Its on the road and they have good speed. Their D is pretty decent. They have fast wideouts. Brandon Tate is a stud for UNC. Ohh and must say GOODJOB to the O-line. You guys played great! Keep it up!

  2. First Irish game I have been to since the Tennesse heartbreak in 91!
    WHY did I stay away so long?
    Alumni, Fan for life bleeding blue and gold and yes, sometimes green!
    ND is improving every week.
    THe Stadium and Campus and the many, many reunions were worth it!
    Keep the improvement in the running game! And hey–we ACTUALLY GOT a FIELD GOAL!

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