Luke Schmidt Out Indefinitley

During his Sunday press conferece to discuss the win over Purdue, Charlie Weis was asked about the status of fullback/tight end Luke Schmidt and his responce didn’t sound too good.

Q. Anything on Luke Schmidt?
COACH WEIS: He had that cognitive test. I would say we should say he’s going to be out indefinitely. I’d say I don’t know any better way to say it than he’ll be out indefinitely.

Considering the status of Will Yeatman is still up in the air as he awaits to hear word from the University regarding his run in with the law last weekend, hearing Schmidt is ouot indefinitely means that any hope for a redshirt season for Joseph Fauria is pretty much lost.

Notre Dame used Matt Romine and Taylor Dever in blocking tight end capacities at the end of the game yesterday, but they will have to have a pass catching threat in the second tight end position so it seems obvious that Fauria is going to be seeing the field sooner rather than later.

Other possibilities for playing time at tight end would be Asaph Schwapp and Steve Paskorz who Weis said have practiced in the “h-back” role that Schmidt was going to play this year.

In August tight end looked like one of the deepest positions on the team, but since then Mike Ragone has been lost for the year, Will Yeatman has been at least temporarily been suspended from game participation while his disciplinary issues are resolved, and now Schmidt is out indefinitely after his congitive test last week.

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