Stanford at Notre Dame – 3rd Quarter Thoughts

  • Did Golden Tate and Michael Floyd both just drop passes which hit them squarely in the hands?  I don’t remember either doing that at all at any point this season, let alone on back to back plays.  Very disappointing start to the second half there.  A scoure would have made this a three score game and forced Stanford to pass the ball.  Now Stanford can still work the run.
  • Note a good start for the Irish offense to start the second half.  Two drives have resulted in 0 first downs.  Notre Dame’s second drive stalled after a rather questionable holding call on Eric Olsen wiped out an Armando Allen first down run.
  • Kyle McCarthy is having the best game of his career.  He already has over 10 tackles and an interception and we’re only half way through the third quarter.
  • Apparently Notre Dame isn’t the only team with kicking problems.  Stanford missed a 42 yard field goal that wasn’t very close.  Time for some points for the offense.
  • Not sure what the hell Clausen did to get a false start penalty, but here are some pearls of wisdom from Tom Hammond.  “Nothing obvious, maybe something in his cadence.”  Um Tom, how would anything in his cadence draw a flag?  Isn’t the point of the cadence to get the defense to jump offsides at times?
  • Floyd continues to impress.  He and Tate are going to give us a pair of outstanding wide receivers for the next few years.  Rudolph does as well.  He is having his best statistical game of his young career today as well.
  • Notre Dame defense is starting to pick up the pace.  Stanford is down by three scores and is forced to pass and the defense is getting pressure.  Kuntz and Brian Smith just picked up the second and third sacks of the game for the Irish.  Notre Dame had just one sack on the season before today.
  • Wow.  Weis is pulling out all of the stops right now.  A fake punt up 21 points while likely get some chatter on the Stanford boards and blogs.
  • After three quarters, Clausen already has a career high 317 yards passing and has tied his career high with 3 touchdowns.  It would be very nice to see him add to those totals on the current drive which will resume at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

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  1. The false starts on Clausen were for what he was doing with his hands under center. At least that’s the motion that the ref was making when giving Jimmy an explanation.

  2. In fairness, that Floyd drop was from an almost impossible pass that went from left to right (he was on the right side of the field), over the shoulder, into the sun. Give the kid a break. I can’t think of another receiver aside from TO or Ocho Assholo who could have made that catch with anything approaching regularity.

    I really think that kid is the next Mike Irvin, but he’s still a frosh. Go easy on him. He’s already kicked ass so far.

  3. Okay first of all… We’re up three touchdowns. We got stanford on their heels and we go three and out on our first three possessions of the 3rd quarter???? What’s up with the play calling of mike haywood??? Wayyyy too conservative for a team on the VERGE of putting stanford away EARLY!! What about brandon walker!?! OMG.. He’s terrible!! AND THE DISTANCE WAS MAKABLE… MY 6 YR OLD COUSIN COULD HAVE NAILED THAT. HE WAS 10 MILES OFF!! We could have pulled the trigger so easily and had our 2nd stringers in by the middle of the 4th quarter. By the 4th quarter we could have easily been 42+ points by the 4th. The passes for under 12 yards is ridiculous. I’m thinking STRETCH THE DEFENSE… use rudolph, tate, floyd, grimes. PUT THEM AWAY!! We kept it close and i don’t know why, i’m real upset. We were looking for a convincing win… and end up winning by 7 points. We had full control of that game and we let stanford hang around… for what reason???? That s*** pisses me off. Please give me some insight.

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