Stanford at Notre Dame – 4th Quarter Thoughts

  • Absolutley LOVE seeing Olsen and Robinson getting in the face of Stanford’s #44 for his late shove on Clausen.  That didn’t happen last year.
  • Walker is now 1 of 7 on field goal attempts on the season after missing a 46 yarder.  A 46 yarder isn’t a gimme, but 1 of 7 is not going to get it done.  I still think Walker’s problems are correctable.  He has the leg, but there is just something wrong with his form right now.  If he were kicking knuckle balls or coming up short it would be one thing, but his kicks have the distance.  He needs someone to literally get him straightened out.  Do we have anyone capable of that on this staff?
  • Notre Dame looks like they are mailed this one in already.  Offense is not moving the ball and special teams is letting up some big plays.  With 8 minutes to go, Stanford is driving and down 14 points.
  • Notre Dame needs to dial up the pressure on this drive and squash any sort of Stanford comeback NOW.
  • Wow.  Weis HAS to challenge that “touchdown”.  The Stanford receiver did not have possession in bounds, but Stanford got the extra point off and probably got a GIFT touchdown that would have been overturned.
  • Stanford has turned what should have been a blow out into a game again.  Notre Dame still hasn’t played a full game.  We played three very solid quarters today, but mailed it in this fourth quarter.
  • Offense has to either kill the clock or score some points on this drive.
  • Mike Haywood has done better at play calling, but play call on 3rd and 11 with just over three and a half minutes remaining was TERRIBLE.  The offense needed a first down there and a 4 yard pass play is called?  Stanford is going to get the ball back with plenty of time left down just seven points in a game that should have been over a long time ago.
  • Stanford just gave the Irish a GIFT with a terrible decision to return a punt that was sailing towards the end zone.  Can Notre Dame stop Stanford from driving 98 yards in 3:30 with no timeouts?  If they can’t we don’t deserve to win this game.
  • Pat Kuntz comes up with the defensive play of the game with a sack on second and short to force a third and 10.  An incompletion laer and Stanford is forcing a 4th and 10.
  • Wow.  4th and less than a yard and we can’t convert against Stanford?  Sorry, but that is just not acceptable.
  • Game over.  MUCH later than it should have been.  It is great to get this win and all, but this was the worst quarter of football Notre Dame has played all season.

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  1. 4-1 going into UNC. Where is that guy Chris? I will never ever agree/disagree/listen to that guy again. What a ##ss#. PS I got yelled at 3xs by the elderly at the game to sit down. They left at the half.

  2. I’m willing to bet by his reaction that Turk is done for the year. I hope I’m wrong. I was surprised to see Romine come in over Duncan. Has anyone seen Duncan on the field at all this year? Could Weis be trying to redshirt him for a title run next year?

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