Kamara to Tight End?

Duval Kamara - Notre Dame Wide ReceiverCharlie Weis was asked about the possibility of moving Duval Kamara to tight end at some point this year considering the depth problems at tight end with Mike Ragone injured and Will Yeatman suspended.  Apparently the subject of Kamara to tight end has come up among the coaching staff already.

We talked about that. We talked about that when we had all these situations taking place. We talked about that because he certainly would like to eat himself into being a tight end.

But it’s totally different having to put your hand down on the ground, being in a three-point stance, having a defensive end in your face right now.

Now, Duval is a very good blocker. But it’s totally different when you’re doing it in a two-point stance at the point of attack with a guy that outweighs you by 50 or 60 pounds than when you’re going in and blocking safeties and corners.

But the subject, the comment did come up.

Considering the issue Weis had with Kamara’s playing weight this summer, it would be kind of ironic if the staff now asked Duval to gain weight. I don’t know if moving Kamara to tight end would be anything more than bandaid at the position though.  Tight end is a much more physical postion than wide receiver and one of the knocks on Kamara at receiver has been that he doesn’t use his size to his advantage.  People were always depth chart engineering Maurice Stovall to tight end at times throughout his career, but by his senior season, he turned into a pretty good receiver.

I still think Kamara can turn into a dominant receiver on the college level with the proper coaching.  He is eerily similar in his development to Stovall at this point and like Stovall, he might just need some more time before he is ready to turn all of his potential into production.

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  1. Kamara has a lot of talent and potential, but he is still pretty raw and I think he just isn’t fully focused right now. There is going to be a point when the “light turns on” for Kamara, and when it does… look out.

  2. We knew he was a project guy coming in. So, intermittent WR play should work since we can’t put him on special teams.

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