Harbaugh Reprimanded, Stanford Beat Writers Still Blind

The Pac 10 reprimanded Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh for criticizing the officials following Notre Dame’s 28-21 win over Harbaugh’s Cardinal.  The Pac 10 also went so far as to say that the officials on the field got the call right (which they did).  Here’s part of the statement from the Pac 10.

“Pac-10 rules prohibit comments by a coach about officiating other than to the Conference office. Coach Harbaugh violated that rule by publicly criticizing the officials,” Hansen said. “He and all other coaches must comply with the policies on officiating.”

“In addition, Pac-10 officials have reviewed video of the play and it is apparent the Stanford player covering the punt impeded the Notre Dame player attempting to catch it.

“The call was correct,” he added. “NCAA playing rule 6-4-1 states in part ‘A player of the receiving team within the boundary lines must be given an unimpeded opportunity to catch the kick.’ Even though the player attempting to catch the kick was bumped by his teammate, he still attempted to catch the kick and was impeded by the Stanford player. The rule places the onus on the kicking team member to avoid impeding the opportunity to catch the ball.”

So it looks like the Pac 10 can watch the replay of the play in question without red tinted glasses – Stanford bloggers and beat writers, however, can’t seem to.  I posted last night about a writer from the San Francisco Chronicle who apparently didn’t watch a replay of the play and tonight I’ve found several more.  I don’t feel like linking to them though since they don’t deserve the clicks, but it’s clear that some of these writers are either delusional or blind or maybe even both.  I watched the play at least four times and the ball never touches Allen or Brown.  It touches Stanford’s own Nate Wilcox.  Now I’m no mathematician, but I would think that an interference penalty is in order if the ball hits a member of the kicking team before it touches the ground.

Hats off to the Pac 10 for reprimanded Harbaugh who even before ripping into the refs was a complete embarassment on the sidelines from start to finish on Saturday.  I can’t imagine that Harbaugh’s sidelines antics will be widely accepted by some in the Stanford community if they continue.

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  1. Oh and I forgot, one more thing about Stanford. They have the worst mascot in the history of sports:

    the only “special needs tree” in existence

    ……ok I’m finished now

  2. Thanks for the love guys. I always feel warm and fuzzy with my fellow Irish fans!

    I’ll take the Speaker of the House job right now, not because I want to be in politics, only because it’s a steady paycheck in these crazy times. If I were in the House, I’d be playing alot of tricks on Pelosi and Barney Frank- I’m sure of it. You know, mustard packets underneath their toilet seats, “Reagan/Bush ’84” bumperstickers on their cars – stuff like that.

  3. JDH
    YOU rock!
    and —You are right!!!
    Do you want to be
    Speaker of the House?
    Pelosi could be the new mascot for Palo Alto Institute!
    Irish Forever!!!!!!!!!

  4. irisheye62-
    Thanks for the comments man. I remember quite well the Stanford Band debacle! I actually mentioned that to my wife last weekend when we were talking about the Marinelli comments. And I can’t say it any better than this:

    “I would rather that we did not play Stanford. Arrogant,
    elitist, obstinate, thick headed, proud and haughty with attitudes beneath contempt.”

    You know, if someone wants to argue a call, fine. But you’re not going to see me go to a Stanford football website and post on a blog – “haha we beat you, nah nah!”. I mean, what is that? You just can’t fix stupid.

    If we are going to play Standford, let’s just make sure we always get a “W” against a college, not to mention city, not to mention state, that is chock full of secular progressive, anti-God, anti-military, anti-American, spaghetti-armed dorks.

    Harbaugh and Stanford are perfect for eachother.

    Go Irish

  5. JDH:
    Love the comments made to the delusional Stanford idiot.

    As for ND -on the rise–a win is a win and there IS promise and there ARE weaknesses.

    Still-I would rather be in the shadow of the Golden Dome on a day 20 below zero than in the neighborhood of those that spit on our flag and drag it in the streets.

    BTW, does ANY IRISH FAN remember the disrespectful
    display put on by the “band” of Stanford when they mocked
    the Church, Christianity and the Irish Potato Famine?

    I would rather that we did not play Stanford. Arrogant,
    elitist, obstinate, thick headed, proud and haughty with attitudes beneath contempt.

    Harbough–grow up–get a life–before you have a heart attack!
    Irish forever !

  6. “I love the delusional ND fans who think this game…… crushed as soon as they play against a team with talent.”

    Really? Do you love them AM? Do you sunshine? Maybe ND is on the rise and maybe they are not. I don’t know any Irish fans, or fans period, who think this was a decisive victory, just a win. Oh, and see my comment in the above post that said, “That is the definition of cowardice – we can’t beat you so I can’t wait until someone else does!” Sound familiar?

    So here’s an idea: When you post something, have a point. If you think ND is not on the rise, is on the rise (or whatever), try to back up your comments with some/any thought instead of just ringing the doorbell and then running away laughing. That’s not what men do.

  7. Suuuuure AM, celebrate yourself with an invalid argument when you are a neophyte to this site.

    It is well known here, we know exactly where our young team is in the mix of things.

    There will be no turning point until we improve game by game. But, we do love you ND haters because we must be making good progress, atleast enough to beat Stanford.

    I love it that calls are going our way this year for a change, (your officials bright guy) for if they had last year we would have been 6-6 and 07 bowl visit.

    So, come again AM, if we beat UNC by accident and get ranked in the bottom #25. I’m sure you will enjoy whinning some more.

    As for Standford, I’ll enjoy watching Harbaugh acting like a craved baboon on the sidelines while USC crushes you! Now how about that for a highly accurate prognostication.

    By the way, how many words do you whine a minute?

  8. Not too many ND fans think think that this was a decisive victory for ND. In fact, most Irish fans (myself included) were upset that we let such a weak opponent like Stanford to hang around in the 4th quarter. With the way this game was headed in the mid third quarter, this should have been a 30 point Notre Dame victory.

    The spot you refer to btw ws actually a pretty bad spot in ND’s favor. They had converted easily. There were a couple other spots that were clearly not in favor.

    Amazingly, I don’t remember Stanford fans complaining about officiating last year when the refs took 2 touchdowns off the board for ND because of a BS penalty and a down right moronic review ruling.

  9. I love the delusional ND fans who think this game was decisive and any indicator that ND is “on the rise.” This play was a judgment call as were several other plays which decided the game and happened to go in ND’s favor(spot on 4th down in particular). ND will get crushed as soon as they play against a team with talent.

  10. Harbaugh has been a jackass forever. As a Colts fan / Indy resident I remember his antics as QB here. Emotional and immature much of the time. Only now he is doing it in front of his intellectual superiors too. As for all of the spaghetti-armed, whining, delusional Stanford fans etc.- be gentle on them. They live in California, which is pretty much a different country, or at least should be. I particularly like the comments on the SF Chronicle page such as “Enjoy it while you can ND fans, because USC is going to kill you!” That is the definition of cowardice – we can’t beat you so I can’t wait until someone else does! Now go retire with the rest of the 9-year old girls so we can move on. Fruits and nuts anyone?

    Go Irish

  11. Finally, somebody has the authority to correct Mr. Harbaugh’s out-of-control ineptitude for the game of football. Masquerading as a college foot ball coach in front of the national media on Saturdays will lead to the dubious distinction as being a full time prima donna. His unruly, self-centered arrogant behavior is an anger management issue and certainly not an example for young men to follow.

  12. No problem Tom. I find it hilarious that every Stanford paper seems convinced that Allen touched the ball even though he didn’t. What’s even funnier is that each one makes mention of the replays showing the ball hitting Allen even though it doesn’t.

    As for Harbaugh, he is really an embarrassment on the sidelines. He’s a good coach and I wouldn’t mind seeing Stanford become relevant again since they are a yearly opponent, but he is embarrassing to watch on the sidelines. I can’t imagine the Stanford community putting up with that too long.

  13. Thanks for keeping tabs on this; I can’t help but think this is a carry over from last year’s Grime’s touchdown overruling, and that their just trying to assuage their collective conscience.

  14. I haven’t seen somebody cry and whine like that since I took my son’s blanket away from him. Charlie may be a tad on the overweight side but at least he doesn’t throw little hissy fits.

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