Notre Dame at UNC – 3rd Quarter Thoughts

  • Well…. that was just about the absolute worst thing that could have possibly happened on that play.  The UNC defense couldn’t stop the Irish offense at all in the first half and all this interception will do is give them a ton of confidence.  We had a chance to put some distance between us and UNC to start the second half and instead we put gave them a gift score and all the momentum.
  • Wow.  We lucked out with the roughing the kicker penalty after UNC had all of the momentum in the world coming of what would have been the first 3 and out for the Irish offense.  Now the offense HAS to capitalize on the UNC mistake.
  • Where did this #18 come from?  Duval is coming out of his season long coma with a couple great catches and a GREAT hit on Bruce Carter to prevent an interception on a tipped ball.
  • WOW.  Another big play from Duval Kamara on this drive to set up a first and goal.
  • The James Aldridge/Asaph Schwapp combination in the backfield is really starting to look good.  Aldridge just punched the ball into the end zone for his first career touchdown run.  Great to see James reach the end zone for the first time – he has more than earned it.
  • Ugh.  After a big sack by Pat Kuntz, we let up a 3rd and 18 to this offense?  Nicks is all they have in the passing game and we still have NO answer for him.
  • UNC continues to march down the field.  The defense is playing soft and scared.  There is NO pressure on Sexton whatsoever and he is picking us apart.  Sexton is one of the worst QBs we’ll face all year and he is dicing up the defense right now.  Someone in the secondary needs to step up and make a play.
  • The defense just gave up a 13 play drive to a team which hasn’t been ale to sustain much offense this year.  Thankfully Crum bats down the two point pass attempt to keep the Irish ahead 24-22.  Offense needs another long drive to keep the defense on the sidelines.
  • 3rd down defense was a killer on that last UNC drive.  UNC converted a 3rd and 5 and a 3rd and 18.  The defense has to do a better job getting off the field when given the opportunity.  Irish offense needs to answer here.
  • 3 drives this quarter for the Irish offense and 2 have ended in turnovers after Clausen’s fumble.  Jimmy’s been play well, but he has to be more careful with the ball in that situation.  Defense is going to need to make a play in a hurry.
  • Quarter ends with UNC on the doorstep of the end zone facing a 3rd and 2.  The story of the quarter was turnovers.  We turned it over twice and UNC didn’t.  Because of the turnovers, UNC is a few yards away from taking the lead in a game we probably should be winning by two scores right now.

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  1. Damn, if Charlie challenges the 3rd and 18 conversion that Blanton forced/recovered the fumble on, the Irish win going away.

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