Notre Dame at UNC – 4th Quarter Notes

  • Great drive for the offense ends with no points.  On 3rd down Clausen had Tate for the touchdown, but Tate stopped running too soon and jumped.  Had Tate simply kept running, it was an easy 6 because the defender made a horrible play on the ball.  4th and 7 and the offense completes a 3 yard pass.
  • Any points from UNC on this upcoming drive and this one could be over.
  • Defense just responded with its best drive of the game forcing a three and out.  Brian Smith made back to back nice plays on 2nd and 3rd down to get the defense of the field.
  • Another good drive by the offense ends in a turnover.  That’s 3 turnovers in the second half now.  If we can’t comeback in this one we have no one to blame but ourselves.
  • This 3rd and 2 could determine the game.  if we stop UNC we get the ball back with plenty of time and 2 timeouts left.  Unfortunately Sexton completes another pass and UNC has a first down.
  • Well, here we are, another third and short situation.  A stop and we have a chance.  A conversion and the game is all but over.
  • Wow.  I have to admit that I thought the 3rd down conversion was a completed pass.
  • The Irish offense was just granted a life line.  Let’s see what they do with it.
  • How fitting that a last ditch comeback attempts ends in a turnover?  That was officially the 5th turnover of the game and the 4th in 6 drives in the second half.  There really was no reason for this game to even be close.  We should have won this game by at least 2 touchdowns.  I don’t care who you play, you will not win any game in which you turn the ball over 4 times in one half of football.
  • This wraps up easily the worst half of football this entire season.  Leading 17-9 at halftime, we got outscored 20-7 by one of the worst offenses we’ll fave all year.
  • The defense turned in its worst 60 minutes of football and the offense turned in its worst 30 minutes of football of the season.
  • The ONLY way UNC had any chance in this game was if the offense turned the ball over in the second half and that is exactly what they did – FOUR TIMES.
  • Wow.  This was easily the most frustrating game to watch in the Charlie Weis Era.  Coulda.  Shoulda. Woulda.

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  1. Chris…How the hell do you blame this game on Charlie? Did he commit all those turnovers? Give your head a shake brother. We had 5 turnovers and we were still in this game till the bitter, bitter end. This game didn’t end the way we wanted but I still see the future being very bright.

  2. Matt, you answered why it is more frustrating that any game last year – we had a chance to win this game. Last year was a disaster and we rarely had a chance to win so after the first couple of games the losses were no longer frustrating.

    Today was more frustrating for me, because we literally gift wrapped this one for UNC. 5 turnovers is just awful and most of them were just bonehead plays on our part.

  3. The comments at the end are just stupid. How can this game be more frustrating than any of the games played last year. At least there was a chance to win this game, and they looked respectable. They are improving each week and nobody who really knows college football expected them to play perfectly this year with all of their youth. Finally, in response to another post, how can you seriously blame this on Charlie being out coached. When the offense turns if over four times and they also fumble a kickoff it is not the coaches fault. You have to commend the coaches for keeping the players focused after all of those mistakes and even giving them a shot to win the game. Not to say Charlie is perfect, but come on this one cannot be placed on him.

  4. Who wondered why we aren’t rank? I believe I wrote earlier this week that I agreed we didn’t deserve to be ranked yet.

  5. And you bloggers wonder why the Irish are unranked…….
    once more with a bye week in sight the ND Fighting Irish are OUTCOACHED once more! Butch Davis takes 2 steps forward, Weis and company take 2 steps backward. Disgraceful! – The Irish – right on cue losing the games they are expected to lose… Good talent admittedly – get a real friggin coach!!! Maybe next year – yeah right. Signed a REAL fan.

  6. If the officials initially spotted the ball where Floyd went down, isn’t that when they blew the whistle. I know there’s a new rule in CFB regarding replay fumbles, but the recovery is supposed to be immediate, not chased ten yards down the field.

  7. Seriously though…why did floyd try to pitch that football?????? Thats when you don’t have your head in the game. If he would have just held on the ball and gone down instead of trying to pull something out of his a$$, we would have had at least a shot from the 5 yard line. So frustrating is right, Clausen owes me $21.99 for having to buy this crap game off of espn gameplan.

  8. I know I’m whining, but two things. First looked like Floyd still had the ball when his back hit the ground. But the big whine is that Jimmy spiked the ball before the review was called, the fumble play was over–should have only been a review of where the clock should be at. Which would be at 2 or 3 seconds based on the catch by Floyd. In the end shouldn’t win if you have that many turnovers and still had to score anyway.

  9. I wouldn’t call that the worst 30mins of football for the offense all season. Remember SDSU? At least UNC has a good defense.

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