Yeatman Suspended for the Season

We finally found out the fate of Will Yeatman following his underage drinking arrest back in September on Tuesday, and the news wasn’t good.  The SBT is reporting that Yeatman has been suspended for the rest of the season, but will be eligible to rejoin the team again in the Spring.

Will Yeatman - Notre Dame TEThis news was pretty much inevitable, but it doesn’t make it any easier to take.  While some will say that Yeatman has only himself to blame, it’s also hard to believe that having a blood alcohol level of 0.02 at a party will cost Yeatman the entire season.  That’s the equivalent of 1 beer.  The only bit of good news is that he wasn’t dismissed from the University as some speculated he could be.

According to Eric Hansen, Yeatman won’t be considering a transfer and will remain at Notre Dame to face the music and play football again in the spring.

The biggest story moving forward is what Yeatman will do with all of this. And the most definitive statement about what he stands for, beyond the headlines, is that during his suspension Yeatman will not be shopping for a new school. Instead he will stay, face the punishment and try to fight his way back up the depth chart next spring. Also in the spring, he will be eligible to play lacrosse, a sport for which he figures to be named a preseason All-American.

Hansen also points out an interesting loop hole which could allow Yeatman to get his missing time back eventually.

In a strange twist of fate, because Michigan State was the last game Yeatman played in and because he was injured in that game, he would likely be eligible for a fifth year in the NCAA’s eyes as a medical hardship case. Whether the ND administrative powers-that-be want to go down that road after the 2009 season is another matter, but it is a possibility. Had Yeatman played the next week against Purdue, the year would have been burned.

It will be interesting to see what happens on that front in the future.  In the present, Notre Dame is still very thin at tight end with just Kyle Rudolph and Joseph Fauria on scholarship.  Steve Paskorz was playing a lot of tight end in two tight end sets Saturday which could mean Weis will try to save Fauria’s year of eligibility as long as he can.

Here’s hoping Will comes back strong in 2009.

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  1. Guys, they aren’t kicking him out of school. And yes he does get to play lacrosse in the spring. Also remember, that he’s getting a $45,000 per year scholarship. That’s $180,000 to $225,000 paid for, while the kids who will do something productive after school, end up paying most of that. Let’s face it, while we all love sports and it can inspire us to do real deeds of good, it’s just entertainment. So I think asking a kid getting a $225,000 start on the rest of the students, and one who may make millions as an entertainer, not in a productive or service sector, I think that person can be aware of the PR value of keeping his nose clean. Especially when neither he nor his parents need to cough up what most people take several years to save for.

  2. This punishment, while harsh should be expected considering the previous violation.

    That said, most people don’t see drinking in college as a crime because the drinking age used to be 18. And it still is in most places outside of the US.

  3. He was driving a golf cart….I mean come on. He, unfortunatley, has to be suspended, I understand that, but lets not burn the poor kid at the stake. You guys let your kids go die for your country at 18 but they can’t have a beer before there 21??? What’s wrong with this picture? Come back strong Will.

  4. Yeatman gets a scholarship and is willing to blow it, not once but twice. Sounds like that kid needs a hard lesson. But then it’s possible our whole country is going to get a hard lesson soon if we’re not careful. Hopefully they are working to bring him to a better perspecitve on life and his responsibilities.

  5. 1 beer is still 1 beer to many for an underage kid. When did we get to the point where underage drinking is acceptable if it’s done at college? Aside from this, when you represent a place like Notre Dame you should be held to a higher standard.

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