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As I watch the last seconds tick off the clock of the North Carolina game I am disappointed for our young men as they played a hard fought game, but just came up a little bit short. In my mind all I can hear is the voice of Coach Lou Holtz stressing over and over the importance of playing hard for 4 quarters. He would say all the time, “Men the game of football is meant to be played physical, with heart, for the each other and you have to do it for 60 minutes.” As I look back over the valiant effort our team put forth today those words of Coach Holtz have never been more fitting.

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Today’s game was like a tale of two totally different teams from the first to the second half.  I mean we could do no wrong before halftime. Our defense was stout not allowing a touchdown in the first half.  Our special teams did a great job vs. their return game, and actually knocked their big play return man out of the game on his first return.  Our offense look almost unstoppable as it appeared we had the ability to score when ever we made it our business to do so.  I cannot say enough about the leader that Jimmy Clausen is becoming.  While I am the last person to look at the stat sheet in a losing game, he has to be commended on how he handled himself all day.  Maybe it was the poise he showed in the third quarter by bouncing back from an interception he threw that was returned for a Tar Heels touchdown on the very first play after half time; only to turn right around and lead our offense down the field and score on the very next possession.  He is definitely maturing into a fine field general.  I was actually most impressed with the way he used the changing of the snap counts to make the Tar Heels jump off sides a few times in the game.  Our playmakers Golden Tate, Michael Floyd, and Armando Allen continued to show off the big play ability we are beginning to grow accustomed to seeing on Saturday afternoons, for the golden dome. I would also have to say that our lineman played a solid game as well.

Now I know you have to be wondering how I can extract so many positives from a loss because if we did that well, then how did we lose in the first place.  You have to understand that we played a very tough Carolina team that did exactly what they were supposed to do, which is defend their house and find a way to win. Led by a great coach in Butch Davis they made the proper half time adjustments that proved to be just a little too much for our team.  The old saying that Football is a game of inches, and a bounce either way is the difference between winning and losing. Unfortunately we did not get the bounces today.  My father always taught me that in order to win with class you have to learn to lose with even more class.   Now my daddy also taught me that importance of learning the lessons that the school of hard knocks throws at you so you make darn sure history does not repeat itself again at your expense. With that said I am confident that our team led by Coach Weis and his coaching staff will use this minor set back as a chance to learn some valuable lessons that will  pay immediate dividends.

We now head into our bye week sitting at 4-2, with a battered Washington Huskies team led by former Irish Coach Tyrone Willingham.  Now please make no mistake about it that if there is only one game this year that the Huskies will be ready to play it will be for the game in two weeks vs. our Irish!! Unfortunately for Coach Willingham and the Huskies, they are going to be facing an Irish team that is definitely going to play physical, with heart, for each other, and most of all for 60 minutes.  This serves as a warning to all future opponents, bring a lunch box because playing the Irish is a full day of work.  After all when all else falls or fades away, shining bright for all to envy is the Notre Dame Golden Dome.

Please visit us next week as we are not off for the bye week, but instead will use this as a chance to have our first web cast where we will be interviewing former Irish greats.  Please check our website at www.runforyourgoal.com for the specific day and time of our first web cast.  We are ND!!

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