Notre Dame at Washingon – 1st Quarter Notes

  • How fitting is it that one failed Notre Dame head coach is coaching on the opposite sideline while another failed Notre Dame head coach is calling the game from the booth?
  • Great first drive by the defense aided by a Washington drop to start the game.
  • Armando Allen is looking very good running the ball early with 10 yards on his first carry of the game.  Allen has been looking better each week and is proving to be a perfect fit for this offense.
  • Absolutely loved the play call on the touchdown pass to Floyd.  One thing this offense has been missing this year is yards after the catch by the wide receivers and the call to Floyd was designed specifically for yards after the catch.
  • Floyd got a GREAT block from Sam Young to spring him into the open.
  • Another Washington, another three and out from the defense.  Nice to see Harrison Smith getting his first career sack on the drive after Pat Kuntz got some nice penetration to force Fouch up in the pocket right into Smith.
  • Great over the shoulder catch by Michael Floyd on Notre Dame’s second drive of the game.  Floyd just catches anything thrown his way.
  • Sam Young is having quite the first quarter after getting another touchdown springing block on Tate’s end around.
  • With 6:39 left in the first quarter, the crowd rejoices… for Washington’s first first down of the game.
  • Davie is talking about Willingham’s recruiting struggles at Washington and I can’t help but chuckle.
  • Darius Fleming, Ethan Johnson, and Robert Blanton are all on the field at the same time.  Youth is beginning to be served on the defensive side of the ball just as it was on the offensive side of the ball last year.
  • Disappointing that Hughes got stuffed on 3rd and 1, but nice to see  James Aldridge pick it up on 4th down.  Aldridge might have had a huge gain if he bounced the run outside though.  He would have been one on one with a corner.
  • Bob Davie just said “suddenness” for the first time tonight.

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