Notre Dame at Washington – 2nd Quarter Notes

  • 4th and 18 and the Irish go for it.  They were in no man’s land so its not too shocking, but it shows the confidence that Weis has in the offense.  Luckily Washington picks off the pass at the 1 yard line and the decision ends up working out better than if we would have punted.
  • Washington has a case of the dropsies.
  • Rudolph was interfered with in the end zone on 3rd and 7, but after getting the generous pass interference on the second drive of the game, I guess another PI was out of the question.
  • Wow.  Brandon Walker made the 28 yard field goal pretty interesting.
  • Pressure has been pretty good tonight and it just forced another errant throw and another Washington three and out.
  • James Aldridge is looking very good tonight so far.  He’s picked up two third and shrots with nice, powerful runs.
  • The kiss of death from Bob Davie, “Jimmy Clausen reminds me a lot of Chase Daniel, with a stronger arm.”  Thanks for jinxing the kid Bob, thanks a lot.
  • We still struggle with the screen pass.  Aldridge had a lot of room to run if Wenger and Trevor Robinson could have decent blocks, but both whiffed.  I am really surprised at how poorly we have been running screen plays the past two seasons since they were a staple of the Weis offense in 2005 and 2006.
  • 4th and 18 and Clausen misses Parris on the sideline.  Clausen has looked off since the first drive.  He’s had Tate and Floyd a couple times in the end zone but under threw the ball giving the UW defender time to adjust.  Luckily this game looks like it will never be in doubt because Jimmy is showing some rust from the off week.
  • Clausen continues to struggle today.  Like I said, luckily we are only playing Washington because we don’t need Jimmy on his A game.
  • HAHA.  47 seconds remaining in the first half with Notre Dame facing a 4th down near midfield and Willingham doesn’t call a timeout to get the ball back.  That was vintage Tyrone Willingham football.
  • WOW.  Notre Dame defense held Washington to just 38 yards of offense in the first half.  Now, I would love to say this is because the defense has turned the corner, but I think it might have a lot more to do with Washington’s incompetence on offense.

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