Swarbrick Backs Weis

ESPN released a report with quotes from new Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick backing head coach Charlie Weis.

Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick said Wednesday that he will not evaluate Charlie Weis until after the season, and that anyone who suggests a coaching change could occur should know that it is “not under consideration at this time.”

“It’s really dangerous to evaluate mid-year,” Swarbrick said, “but clearly we are better this year than we were last year. Look at the Colts of the NFL. The year they won the Super Bowl, they had lost to Jacksonville and everyone had written them off. Then look at the New York Giants. There are dangers in midseason evaluation.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but an endorsement none the less.  I think it was smart for Swarbrick to phrase it as he did though.  If he came out and said Charlie Weis was his head coach no matter what next year he would have lost a lot of credibility – credibility he is working to build as a first time AD. By saying he won’t evaluate Weis until after the season, but that the team is clearly better this year than last he still puts support behind Weis while letting him know that he will still be evaluated based on the entire season.

Here’s another quote from the article that is interesting.

Asked what he would tell any recruit or fan who inquired about Weis’ current job security, Swarbrick said: “I would tell them I am very pleased with the progress we have made this year and that we are moving in the right direction, that we’re going to be even better next year, and that I would hope they would move forward with us.”

Hopefully we win the next two games, give USC a game, and go to a winnable bowl game and make all of those a moot point.

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  1. Everyone who believes weis is the answer for ND is going to have a tuff time proving their point after that ESCAPE against navy.

  2. Unfortunately, ND’s football situation might be like the US economy. No matter what we do, it’s going to end badly. On US economy many thought if they voted one way or another things would get fixed. OR if Congress just did something it would all get fixed. Sometimes you are screwed by what you did years ago, like a long time smoker who quits but still gets emphysemia.

    ND may have cast this situation by doing two things back in the early 90s. First pushing out Lou prematurely, and second by pissing off the college football world with that stupid NBC contract. I love ND, but I have to say if I was neutral, I’d think ND was a joke the way NBC covers us.

    You have to wonder why the prospect of Weis’s job has so quickly become an issue. I question why Weis let it get to this point. Because now the heat is really on.

    Holtz fired his defensive coordinator, Foge Fazio, for not being able to adjust during gametime, otherwise Fazio was a pretty good coach. Holtz then brought in Alverez. Enough said. I use this example because Weis is trying some of that, but becuase he hadn’t done this before, had too many assistants to try to learn about. Look at Minter, Voss, Cutcliffe. Now he must get Latina out. I’d bring in Aaron Taylor. Firey guy who understands leadership and winning ways. You can bet there would be consequences for blocking like in the You-tube video.

    But unfortunately when perception is important, they now may have to overcome loss of recruits. So how will Weis’ teams perform when top linemen look and see how the ND coaches turn them into sissies?

    This is bad because like our economy, I don’t know if there is a quick fix. The more I read about ND’s football program, the worse I feel. I hope it get’s better. Before I’m too old to care, please.

  3. I think that gettting rid of Weis would be a bad decision. Who else is there to replace him that has the credentials to coach Notre Dame.

    My only ideas would be Skip Holtz or Mike Leach. Skip was a good offensive coordinator when his dad was the head coach (the went 40-8-1) but the most success he’s had since then was at Connecticut in 1998 (10-3) and since at East Carolina the best he’s done has been (8-5) last year. Mike Leach is also doubtful because he has no connections and probably doesn’t want to leave Texas Tech right now.

    And, honestly I think we need to stick with a guy. Look at where changing every 3-5 years has got us.

  4. I remember that play. I also remember wondering why that kid wasnt pulled out of the game right then to ride some pine for awhile.

  5. can anyone say skip holtz?
    A young bright coach is what
    the irsh need. Someone who know’s college football and how to deal with young players
    I just dont think CW can do it

  6. I hear/read talk about we have these “good players” and I agree they are good, but I think you are giving them too much credit at this point, especially when ND has played mediocre teams all season. And that is precisely what ND is at this point (mediocre) and has been the last two seasons. However, it’s expected, given the fact that we play many freshman and sophomores. What other time in history has ND done this? I am not making excuses for CW, but a drastic change needs to come this week heading to Baltimore. It all needs to roll over into next season and that is when we will truly know the destiny for CW and more importantly the ND program. Only time will tell. GO IRISH!

  7. I agree David, while i’m not totaly sold on CW either, making a change in the middle of the season is a bad idea. Plus if you read between the lines its not exactly a ringing endorsement, that way if, god forbid we lose 2 of the next 3, Swarbrick doesnt look like a total liar, if a change does in fact come.
    bottom line Charlie: “just win baby”

  8. I am truly starting to believe that ND not having success is purely coaching. We have the talent out there to get the job done. How can you have guys like Armando Allen, Golden Tate, Michael Floyd, James Aldridge, Jimmy Clausen, etc. and not consistently move the ball on offense???

    Teams now for the past three weeks have been rushing three and dropping 8 into coverage, however, we continue to pass and pass and pass. Why are we abandoning the run so much? Just because it doesnt work right away doesnt mean we should throw it out. James Aldridge has been running harder than I have ever seen him run and he hardly saw the field last weekend. I dont get it.

    I dont think our coaches are putting our players in the right positions to win games. How is it that almost every time we blitz, it gets picked up? When you have good cover corners with McNeil and Blanton, why are we having them give the receivers a ten yard cushion when we are blitzing the qb? Isn’t the point of blitzing to get pressure on the qb to get rid of the ball quick? Why the cusion then? These receivers should be pressed at the line or given only very minimal cusion. That is all coaching.

    We obviously have the athletes to be a great team. Are we going to use them? And finally, if there are any talks about a coach being fired, it should be Mr. Latina.

  9. Eventhough i am not sold on weis, i think this was a good move by the AD. Mid-season coaching changes never(rarely) work out well.

    As you said, it offers him support, but charlie can read the underlying message of shape up or ship out

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