Notre Dame @ USC – 1st Quarter

  • After a nice first play, why would you run a slow developing pitch against one of the fastest defenses in the country?  That play call put Notre Dame in a bad third down situation when it should have been third and short.  If Notre Dame is going to run the ball at all tonight, it is going to be up the middle.
  • Great play by Blanton picking off Sanchez.  Blanton is going to be a great corner for the Irish.  I loved Corwin Brown’s reaction on the sidelines almost as much as Blanton’s pick.  Corwin is hands down my favorite assistant coach at Notre Dame since Lou’s days.
  • Offense gets stalled again in a short yardage situation after Armando Allen set up a 3rd and 2.  Offense is going to have a hell of a time moving the ball against USC tonight.
  • Crap.  Mike Anello just got carted off the field with an air cast around his leg.  Anello is all heart and had a hell of a season.  This is a terrible way to see him end his season.
  • Robert Blanton is having himself a very nice first quarter.  Aside from the interception, he also just made a really nice play on a reverse which should have went for a loss instead of no gain.  Blanton engaged the ball carrier and let go with the ball carrier stepping backwards.  The forward progress ruling was BS.
  • Defense is really playing tough so far, as they have all season.  If the offense continues to go three and out each time though, the D will run out of gas again.
  • USC scores and the Irish offense again fails to convert a 3rd and short on the ground.  USC’s defense has dominated the Notre Dame offense in the first quarter with the Irish still looking for their first first down of the game.
  • USC’s offense is starting to settle in.  They just converted a 2nd and 16 with a nice looking crossing pattern.
  • At the end of the first quarter USC’s lead is only 7-0, but it doesn’t feel that close because the offense has sputtered as much as it has.  Defense is playing with a lot of heart so far though.

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  1. We can’t even move the ball on their 2nd team defense. PATHETIC!!

    Charlie “Offensive Genius” Weis. They must be referencing the odor he eminates after the game.

    Defense played their heart out for most of the game, but as usual, looks to be about half as able, from a strength and speed standpoint, as their opposition.

    This sucks!

  2. Well, the things I like about Kelly is he runs the spread (my personal favortie offense) and he shows that he really cares about the schools he coaches at (at Central Michigan he went on the radio, new stations, everywhere to try and promote the school).

    The best thing of all though: Charisma. The biggest thing that Weis has never had.

  3. charlie should just resign now, come on big time offesnse, ha ha, thats a joke. where are the glory days “catholics vs. convictits” touchdown jesus will smile upon us one day GO IRISH

  4. jonnyC,

    I can’t guarantee the information is accurate but I’ve been told by boosters that Weis will be fired midweek and Kelly is the favorite for the job.

    Like I said, I cannot guarantee the information is accurate but that is the speculation from the boosters I know.

  5. thanks jacob. i did like what i saw. it made me think of Jim Tressel.
    the only problem is, we take a BIG risk trying to find the next Meyer, or Saban. if we’r wrong (again) than we’ll be seriously screw’d!! atleast right now there some semblence of hope (sort of? maybe?)
    if we take a gamble on Kelly & it turns out bad….

  6. Drew S,

    Who is available or a likely steal right now? And, haven’t we already tried getting someone proven the last couple times?

    Some crazy people are saying we need to go after an Urban Meyer or Nick Saban. Maybe we should try to get the next Meyer or the next Saban.

  7. where is LOU when we need him this is awful jimmy is a joke instead of a limo he needs a f***** gremlin GO IRISH

  8. jonnyC,

    Do a bit of research on him. When I first heard about him I thought it was a joke.

    Every team he’s gone to has been a very quick turn-around. He lead Grand Valley State to 6 conference championships and 2 national championships with all winning seasons. Then at Central Michigan he brought a team that had 5 straight losing seasons to 9-4 in 2006 with a conference championship.

    Now at Cincinnati, he’s lead the team to a BCS bowl.

    He has a 147-54-2 career record and every program he’s been at he has been able to turn around, QUICKLY.

    In his contract at Cincinnati, he has a clause in his contract that he can leave without a buyout if he is offered the head coaching job at Notre Dame. He’s said that Notre Dame is his dream coaching job.

    I thought he was a nobody but after I did some research I believe that he is the next big time college football coach.

  9. @ jacob: do you think kelly could be the answer? i mean, a coach that might win a big game? or dare i dream, a bowl-game??
    -i honestly dont know all that much about him.

  10. Jonny, is it just me or does SC’s players just look bigger? I noticed SC’s players last year when they thumped Nebraska. We are definitely over matched.

  11. Too bad Paul Johnson just signed that big contract with Georgia Tech. He would be the man to put this program back on track.

  12. Tim it looked pretty much like every other game we’v played against USC the past bunch of years (w/one xcption)… completey over-matched.

  13. Posted at Halftime.

    Defense played well to start but spent too much time on the field. Offense needs to convert something…anything…

    I want to blame Jimmy but I cant because he has proven his accuracy in the past, I have to pass judgement on the O Line. The first few plays ND was blowing SC back when we ran it, but when they dropped to pass defense they just keep getting pushed backward. The O line needs to handcuff themselves to each other.

    As for Weis, he still has my vote, he is bringing major talent and he has taken over play calling which I never though he should have gave away. He needs time to develop his young recruits. And those recruits that are currently on the field need to man up.

    I bleed blue and gold. Go Irish

  14. That was a pretty bad display of college football. I’ve seen some poor performances by ND lately, but that was probably the worst in ND history. They just look lost. Defense is playing hard. Offense? Not even a first down.

  15. I think it is officially time to throw a shitload of cash at Brian Kelly (and what the hell; take a shot at Urban Meyer). I have lost all faith in Weis and at one point I was one of his biggest supporters.

    Forget what I said about Weis being fired midweek. I won’t be suprised if he’s out tomorrow.

  16. They’ve got no shot. Their offense is an embarassement. You can’t pass on every play. Their only chance was to run the ball and keep SC’s offense on the sideline. The defense played well until it became evident that they have NO SHOT.

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