4 Notre Dame Freshmen and Sophomores Honored

kyle rudolphNotre Dame had 4 freshman and sophomores named to College Football News’s All Freshman and All Sophomore teams.

  • Golden Tate (WR) – All Sophomore Honorable Mention
  • Kyle Rudolph (TE) – All Freshman 1st Team
  • Michael Floyd (WR) – All Freshman 2nd Team
  • Trevor Robinson (OG) – All Freshman 2ns Team

Considering how many freshmen and sophomores are starting for Notre Dame, having only 4 players represented in this list is a little indicative as to how disappointing this season was.  The names represented shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone though.  Golden Tate became a legit force to be reckoned with in his sophomore season and is only going to get better as he learns the nuances of the wide receiver position.

Floyd would most likely have been a first teamer had he not gotten injured in the Navy game and like Tate is only going to get better. Kyle Rudolph and Trevor Robinson were both thrust into more prominent roles than most expected because of injuries this year and both had their ups and downs.  Like Tate and Floyd, they also both have very, very bright futures.

It’s disappointing that we don’t see Jmmy Clausen’s name mentioned on any of the All Sophomore Teams.  Not that I’m suggesting that Clausen should be included here, but rather its disappointing his performance this year didn’t warrant consideration.  After an impressive start to the season it looked as though we should be seeing his name on a lot of lists like this.  Unfortunately, his second half slump eliminated that possibility.

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  1. @C-Dog,

    I hope I’m right, I don’t know where we would get a better bowl opportunity to finish strong. Clausen seemed to light up when they mentioned Floyd would be back, let’s hope that’s an omen. And Amen on the 60 minutes of hell, actually I like your prediction better.
    Right know is the time to think the unthinkable and kick some butt.

  2. @David,
    I look to espn for scores. Their writers don’t do any investigation. They merely form opinions from the cheap seats just as we do. ESPN is the Walmart of sports news.

    I hope you are right. If the expectations were set right, this team is capable of winning 56-7. I’d like to see that. I’d like to see stats of around 200 yds. rushing, with three of four backs in the mix. I’d like to see 350 yds passing with equal stats for Floyd, Tate, and Rudolph, plus key plays to Grimes, a running back, and maybe another receiver.
    I’d like to see the defense hold Hawaii to a season low in yards, with two interceptions, and a fumble. I’d like to see two defensive backs time a play where one goes for the ball and the other prepares to lay the receiver out.
    Finally I’d like to see this team play 60 minutes and not be satisfied until the final whistle.

  3. Didnt have anywhere else to write this, but i want everyone to know that I hate Graham Watson – blog writer for ESPN College Football “Others.”

    Hasnt made a insightful ND point since i starter reading it.

  4. I think its a good sign that Notre Dame has an offensive linemen getting any kind of recognition.

    That shows some definite improvement from last year in that aspect of the game.

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