Bruton Impresses Some at Senior Bowl

David Bruton had a pretty good week of practice at the Senior Bowl this week and may have helped out his draft stock some.

The 6-foot-2, 210-pound Bruton has impressed scouts with his playmaking ability and ball-hawking skills. He is seemingly always around the ball, showing very good instincts and explosion at the point of attack. It’s not surprising that Bruton has shown he can play in space, but he still must show that he can play inside the box against the run.

I had one Jacksonville Jaguars scout who interviewed Bruton tell me that he’s like a sponge and is extremely focused when processing information.

During the game one of the announcers mentioned that a Notre Dame coach mentioned that they’d love watching Bruton but that his hands were suspect.  That seems to be a pretty good assesment of Bruton’s play this year – he was always around the ball and could have had many more interceptions than he ended up with.

I still say Bruton will impress all of the scouts at the combine with how he tests and ends up sneaking into the late 2nd round.

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  1. DMc,

    Bruton is going to go to the combine and test off the charts and his stock will sky rocket. I think he’ll be at worst a 3rd rounder based strictly on his physical tools.

  2. Love DB, but no way 2nd round. Every year people thought he was going to be the breakout player…he had a solid career but I don’t see him until 5th or later…special teams may be the key for him

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