Weis Rocks Out to a Little Bon Jovi

Charlie Weis frequently talks about how big of a fan of Bon Jovi he is and how he blasts a little Bon during practice to simulate crowd noise.   Well, he is some video proof of how much Weis enjoys the music stylings of Mr. Jovi from a recent Hannah and Friends fundraiser.  Weis sings along to Wanted along with his buddy Bill Belichick.  You can tell Bill really doesn’t want to be on stage, but Charlie gets into.  As a fellow Bon Jovi fan, I can’t say I blame Charlie either.  Yeah, that’s right, I love rocking out to a little a Bon Jovi; and if there was video of me from the last Bon Jovi concert I went to it would be a lot more embarassing that what you see below.


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