Lambert Helps Himself at Pro Day

The Notre Dame player that helped himself the most at Thursday’s Pro Day.  Lambert clocked in two sub 4.4 40’s with a 4.37 and a 4.36 respectively.  Lambert, who wasn’t invited to last month’s Combine, put up numbers similar to those of some of the top corners in the draft and likely got his name added to at least a few draft boards from the 21 NFL teams which were in attendance.

Lambert had actually been hoping to turn in faster 40 times, ““I was hoping to get a 4.2, but I kind of slipped at the start. But I’ll take a 4.3. It’s cool,” he said Thursday.

While Lambert may have been a bit underwhelmed with his performance, his former head coach was impressed.  ““I think similar to Bruton at the combine, he had measurable that went through the roof. He ran two 40s in the 4.3s. They have a three-cone drill they do and he nailed that. The 60-yard shuttle, he nailed that,” said Charlie Weis.

Despite the strong performance on Thursday though, Lambert is unsure where he will end up on draft day.  ““I’m just saying wherever I end up, God put me there for a reason. I’m willing to accept that and just go from there. I don’t mind going through the back door to the NFL as long as I get there. And once I get there, I plan on staying there.”

Weis explained afterward that Lambert’s strong performance will soon be known around NFL circles. “He got everybody’s attention. Because what happens is all the scouts share these times. So within a couple of hours all 32 teams will know those times and that automatically gets everyone’s attention.”

Based on his measureables, Lambert likely went from an undrafted free agent to a middle of day two pick.  Based on his speed alone, some team will take a chance on him with late 5th-6th round pick. A corner with three years starting experience and that type of speed will definitely get the attention of a few teams.

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  1. Lambert’s otherworldly performance against Michigan State in 2006 saved that season from ruin. He is one of those players that wasn’t necessarily a star, but that one performance makes him ND royalty.

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