Michigan Getting Pretty Thin at QB

This past off-season Michigan lost Steven Threet to a transfer leaving them with just one experienced quarterback for the fall.  Today that quarterback suffered a leg injury which is being described as serious by multiple Michigan media outlets.

The Detroit Free Press reported, “Michigan quarterback Nick Sheridan suffered a significant leg injury during practice Tuesday, according to a person familiar with the situation. Sheridan was spotted using crutches and wearing a walking boot on Wednesday.”  According to the Michigan Daily, the injury suffered by Sheridan is a broken leg.

Michigan has had a tough off-season so far.  Rich Rodriguez is still installing his offense and getting the players that fit his system amid multiple transfers and now an injury to his only quarterback with starting experience.  Early enrollment freshman Tate Foricer will take over as the first string quarterback for Michigan.  Many felt Forcier would end up being the starting quarterback in the fall regardless of Sheridan’s health, but the injury still leaves them very thin at QB heading into the fall.  Michigan will get incoming freshman Denard Robinson at the position in the summer as well.

Starting a freshman quarterback is never an ideal situation (as we found out in 2007).  Hopefully Jon Tenuta will be able to dial up enough blitzes to keep Forcier off balance when the Irish travel to Ann Arbor in Septemer.

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  1. If Rodriguez got the athletes he needed in Morgantown, than best believe he will eventually get them in Ann Arbor. The problem is when you go from a players’ coach like Carr running a pro style offense to a discipline type coach in Rodriguez running spread, you are going to have a significant transition period of 2 or 3 seasons- mainly for the offensive line to get the right athletes and experience. Michigan got some great recuits and class last year, despite the awful year, just like our Irish did. No doubt this next year will be a struggle in Ann Arbor but it is only a matter of time before Rodriguez gets the offense in place. And that defense still looks awfully tough. Quite frankly, we need Michigan to be great just like the Big Ten needs it.

  2. I cant believe i agree with JC. i understand that Michigan wants to keep up with the times, but they ran an NFL offense. USC, Ohio St. and Georgia dont seem to need to the spread to compete.

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