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Recently, I was lucky enough to have some questions answered by two time Notre Dame captain Maurice Crum.  I’ll have a full length feature article on the homepage tomorrow, but figured I’d post the full Q&A on the blog as well.

Notre Dame Questions43966005_stanford_v_notre_dame

  • What young linebacker on the Notre Dame roster will surprise Irish fans the most in 2009?
    I think that Brian Smith will come into his own this year and really start to be a playmaker and take over games.
  • What were the highest and lowest points of your Notre Dame career?
    The highest was my game against UCLA, where I had 4 turnovers and my lowest was losing to Navy in a triple overtime game.
  • How much improved do you think the Notre Dame defense will be in the second year with Jon Tenuta?
    I think that the D will be much better. The coaches are all familiar with one another, the players are all comfortable with the scheme, and there are some vets to help out.
  • How much did the defense change in 2008 from 2007 with the addition of Tenuta to the staff?
    Other than blitzing more we didn’t change that much we just didn’t run our base 3-4 look any more.
  • Charlie Weis’s job security was questioned in the media after the 2008 season – what kind of job do you feel he’s done after playing for him for four years?
    I love Coach Weis to death.  He is an excellent coach and I think that he done a great job and will bounce back strong this year.
  • There have not been a lot of two-time captains at Notre Dame. What did it mean to you to be selected as a captain twice?
    It meant a lot from that stand point and in addition to the fact that my teammates voted me in that position. It’s something that I’ll always hold dear to my heart.
  • How far away from being a championship contender do you feel Notre Dame is?
    In my opinion I think that it could be really soon.
  • If you could go back five years and go through the recruiting process all over again, would you make the decision to attend Notre Dame again?
    Without a doubt. I love ND and I’ll take my good days and bad days there.
  • After spending the last five years at Notre Dame, what reason(s) would you give a prospective recruit for why he should pick Notre Dame?
    Because there is no place like ND. They have excellent coaches, great history, and you are set up with lifelong important friends.
  • Considering your father Maurice Sr. was a star at Miami, what do you think of the idea of Notre Dame and Miami possibly playing each other again in the future as its been speculated in the media the last few weeks?
    First I’d be so mad if that happens, because I’ve always told my dad that if we played them I’d have the best game of my entire career. But I think that would be a good match up and I’d definitely be in attendance.
  • Who is the best opposing player you face in your career at Notre Dame? Who was the toughest player you faced in practice at Notre Dame?
    Reggie Bush, Asaph Schwap
  • There were some quotes between Terrail Lambert and David Bruton after the Notre Dame Pro Day about who was faster – who is actually the faster of the two?
    Ummm…that’s one argument that I’m going stay out of, I’ll say this though…. some portal to another world may open with those to running that fast.

NFL Questions

  • You’ve played in both a 4-3 and 3-4 defense at Notre Dame. Which system do you think best fits your skills at the NFL level?
    Honestly I’m a football player, and I can play any position, just get me the play book!
  • How did you feel your Pro Day at Notre Dame went and which teams did you speak with?
    It went OK.  I would like to have done better in my 40 and some other drills, but I had fun.  I didn’t speak in depth with any team just kind of said hi and bye to them.
  • What NFL team(s) did you root for have growing up?
    All of them if there is a game on I’m routing for the team with the better defense.
  • How much has playing for Charlie Weis and defensive coordinator Corwin Brown, who both came from the NFL coaching ranks, helped prepare you for the NFL?
    I know what to expect! They both are really good coaches.
  • What have you been doing since the season ended to prepare for the NFL?
    Running mostly I want to be in really good shape.
  • What do you think is your greatest strength as a linebacker and what area do you feel you need to work on?
    My greatest strength is that I am a smart player who can be an extension of the coach on the field, and I think I need to work on just going sometimes I think too much.
  • Where have you been told you project in the draft?
    Late round to free agent.

Thanks to Maurice for answering our questions.  We wish him all the best at the next level and beyond.

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  1. Your comment was deleted because it was an unnecessary attack on a player who gave a lot to the program over the last 4 years that had little substance.

    If you are going to be critical of a player, at least give a educate reason.

  2. Why is it every time I am critical of your beloved Mo Crum, you delete my comments???

    This guy received way too much praise from you considering he spent over half of his so called career on his ass!!!

    I love this website, but you need to get off of his n*ts! He would show up for the little games, but should have sat out the big ones!!!

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