Broncos Select David Bruton in 4th Round

David Bruton was the first (and it turns out only) Notre Dame player to be drafted in this year’s NFL Draft when the Broncos used the 114th overall pick in the draft to select the Irish safety.

4392171-duke-v-notre-dame.jpgWhile Bruton will likely take some time to develop on the NFL level before he’s ready to compete for a starting safety spot with the Broncos – especially considering Denver just signed Pro Bowl safety Brian Dawkins this off-season – he will make an immediate impact on special teams according to head coach Josh McDaniels.

McDaniels made few playing time projections for the team’s draft picks. The exception, though, was made for Bruton, the team’s first selection Sunday at No. 114 overall.

McDaniels predicted that Bruton will immediately contribute on four special teams units.

“He’s one of the finest special teams players in the draft, period,” McDaniels said. “He was a great gunner for the punt team, getting down there and getting to the returner before the ball was caught, many times forcing a lot of fair catches. He’s got great speed.”

I had hoped Bruton would get drafted a little bit higher, but he ended up in a great situation.  He will be able to learn from one of the best safeties in all of football over the last decade in Dawkins.  Dawkins is also the kind of player who will take a young guy under his wing and help him out.  Selfishly I had hoped Bruton would end up in Philadelphia to eventually replace the safety who will serve as his mentor, but for Bruton he couldn’t ask for a much better situation.

Unfortunately, Bruton ended up being the only former Golden Domer selected in this year’s draft.  There had been some speculation that Terrail Lambert could be a late round pick after his strong showing at the Notre Dame Pro Day, but he ended up not being selected.

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  1. Bruton is an athlete. He’s got speed and the ability to lay a hit. He’ll be fine. Anyone who obsesses about what a player will do from highschool to college or college to pros, has too much time to think about it. Frankly, what’s the difference. If he studied and got a good education he has a chance to do something meanful outside of football when that day comes.

  2. If you’re speaking on his defensive play in being “burned”, you already heard the owner in his statement that he will be a strong special teams player. Hopefully he develops into a starting player, but announcer after announcer states field position wins ball games. I think Bruton can do this for any team.

  3. I wonder if anyone with the Broncos saw how badly Bruton was burned against Syracus and UNC and USC etc…….

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