No Love for Brian Smith from EA Sports

43905342_notre_dame_v_purdueYesterday marked the annual release of EA Sports’ highly successful NCAA Football video game and as someone whose owned every title in the franchise over the years I couldn’t help but pick it up over my lunch break.  As soon as I looked at the Irish roster though I was disappointed.  Brian Smith, Notre Dame’s leader on defense, was given a rather poor rating and wasn’t even among the best linebackers on the team.  Sophomore Darius Fleming and freshman Manti T’eo both out ranked the junior returning starter.

I won’t get too much into the details of the game, but I wasn’t the only one who noticed the low rating for Smith.  Brian Smith noticed how slighted he was by EA and took his case to Twitter.

EA sports.. You really think that bad about me? Im like the worst linebacker in the game. i mean damn!!

I think Smith has a valid point too.  He’s shown more than enough promise in two years that his rating should be a lot higher.  He’s the best linebacker on the team and the emotional leader of the defense and EA makes him the 4th or 5th best linebacker on the Notre Dame team?  Come on EA, I know there were some setbacks with the rosters due to that lawsuit Sam Keller brought against you regarding the use of player’s likeness, but even a little homework on the Irish roster would have shown you that Smith is one of the better players on the team.

For all of you gamers out there how have bought, or are planning to buy the game, be prepared for a number of other roster erorrs for Notre Dame. Maurice Crum and David Bruton remain on the Notre Dame roster.  Ethan Johnson doesn’t appear anywhere to be found.  Only a handful of freshmen are included.

This isn’t the first time EA had some difficulty with the Notre Dame roster either.  Last year Asaph Schwapp was one of the most highly rated players on the Irish roster.

Speaking of Twitter, you can now follow UHND on Twitter as well.  I’ve been playing around with it a bit and am still trying to get the hang of it, but we’ll be posting some updates there as well now.  I’ll also set up the blog so that it automatically posts to Twitter every time we post something here.

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  1. i’unno bill. i see what your saying.. the first time i clicked something and it popped up wanting me to drop MS points i immediately thought “ya gotta be kidding me.” but I still think the gameplay is excellent.

    I’ve owned all but a few years (2000, 2001) of the ncaa title dating back to ncaa 98. I even owned both Bill Walsh’s on my sega haha.

    They hit it (for me) last year with the online dynasty. I have never enjoyed a game quite like that. We went 12 seasons deep into ours, and every year was like a crazy rush for accolades and the national championship. I personally ran into quite a few bugs last year. I havent hit as many (yet) this year, but the gameplay last year was so good that the bugs didnt stop me from loving it.

    I love the new tackling physics. I love that players can get rattled again when they’re on the road. I thought that was missing since the switch over from the xbox/ps2.

    Ya the rosters were horrible (and we were just one of many), but it is fixed.. and EA has supported, since the 09 title, the ability for any user to upload a roster for others to download. I used to spend a couple hours modifying the ND roster when i first got it. That was my yearly ritual. I cant imagine doing them all, yet its so nice to find someone who has.

    woowza thats a long post

  2. @Irishman76 I highly highly doubt that you can do that.

    So, if you haven’t gotten NCAA 10 yet, don’t.

    Aside from the glaring roster errors (mind you, we are definitely not the only team that was screwed up), EA has chosen to focus on making sure addons you pay extra for and download are an integral part of the game. This did this at the cost of the core game. There’s bugs throughout the game.

    This makes me very sad, and goes right to the heart of what’s wrong with only having one developer for a given line of products. It also brings shame to the video game industry (which I work in), and I’m sorry for everyone who’s had the displeasure of playing this game.

  3. ya this was ridculous they people who shouldnt be in the game and under rated a lot of players. i went through manully and fixed all the players myself. ncaa 10= disappointment

  4. ok so I am a newbie with a 80gb ps3. I do not have it connected to the internet at this time. Can I download the roster from the web and upload it via a usb? Please help!

  5. did anyone see that harrison smith was not in the game at all!!! he wasnt in last years game either i dont think….but ea is getting lazy all i have to do is change all the seniors who arent supposed to b on the game to freshmen but b honest with your self dont cheat and make motta at 99 and it will all work out in the end its still bs tho

  6. Not many: Te’o’s still in and starting along with B Smith and Filer), Shaquelle’s in with the wrong number, Cierre’s in, so’s Watt and Bullard. Fox and Calabrese are in, but no Motta. None of the special teamers are there.

    All in all, about what you’d expect.

  7. What about those (such as myself) with the PS2 version. I’m assuming the #96 was supposed to be Pat Kuntz, so I used that for Ethan Johnson and fixed up the ratings on B. Smith and such.

    Michigan being higher in rating was stupid, but I did beat them on dynasty 36-21 last night.

  8. Gotcha, I’m on XBox360 so looks like I’m outta luck for a couple days. Are any of the freshman added to the roster on the updated one?

  9. You have to load the roster after you DL the patch. It got me for a while too. When you do it right, ND is rated A on offence and B+ on D.

    After you get the roster, select My NCAA 10 => File Management => Load and Delete. Pick rosters from the upper left corner, and plug it in.

    If you’re on a PS3, the patch came out today, and it should be done for you. I gather Xbox will have the patch next week or so. Nice to see Xbox get shivved for once. I got screwed on Fallout 3. But that’s another story.

  10. @IanY77 – I tried downloading the new rosters the day they came out, but Smith was still a 71 and a bunch of other problems still existed with the ND roster. Maybe I’ll try downloading it again tonight.

  11. I was on an NCAA 2010 message board (geek alert) and this topic came up. Supposedly every team had issues with players who had graduated still on the team and so forth. They said roster updates were available for download on the PS3 and XboX Live sites. Haven’t gotten the game yet, but I’m not excited that I’ve got to download new rosters as soon as the darn thing comes out.

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