Lou Holtz Video Tribute

Since Lou Holtz was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame today, I figured UHND would pay tribute to Lou by posting a bunch of videos of the man that we all know and love. We’ll start off with some video from the introductory pep rally held for Holtz after he was hired.  Congrats to Lou on a very deserving honor.


Video from the best Pep Rally speech I’ve seen in person.


Famous Lou Holz Speech


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  1. God Bless Lou Holtz! Not only was he a great coach at Notre Dame, but he’s a respectable, honorable man who represented the University well. My first child was just born about two weeks ago, and I’m proud to say that we named him Lou, in honor of such a great ND coach and a genuine person (well, his name is Lou Rockne, so technically after two ND legends). Congrats to a great coach on receiving his well-deserving enshrinement into the Hall of Fame.

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