170 Pounds of Heart and Determination

Jay over at BlueGraySky posted a great highlight reel of Mike Anello on YouTube earlier this week.  The video really shows how important Anello was to the team in 2008.  Hopefully Anello will be just as effective as a gunner for the Irish in 2009 after recovering from the broken leg he suffered in the loss to USC last Thanksgiving weekend.

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  1. Agreed, probably the best hussler on the team.. I mean the way he got out of the play and then changed angles to run down the stanford cardinal..I can remember missing cuts in HS games and then just turning around and looking for someone to hit and blowing the play off completely

  2. Anello plays like I hope someday my children play football. I could watch highlights like that all day long.

  3. Thanks Frankie V. A player and student who truly bleeds blue and gold. One of the ultimate representatives of team spirit, heart, and determination despite not being blessed with the tools of a blue chipper. Just a class act looking to do the little things and everything he can to help his team (the greatest team) achieve success. I look forward to seeing this gentleman destroying opposing punt and kick returners next season.

    Go Irish!

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