USC Releases Henderson from LOI

5-star offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson was released from his LOI by the USC coaching staff on Tuesday. (Photo - Icon SMI)

USC hasn’t experienced quite the max exodus that some expected when sanctions were imposed on them by the NCAA last month, but Tuesday they suffered their biggest loss when they released prized offensive tackle Sentrel Henderson from his letter of intent leaving the five star lineman to play wherever he chooses this fall.

Henderson, considered by many to be the nation’s top overall recruit last year delayed his decision on Signing Day because of concerns over the looming sanctions for the Trojans.  He eventually signed his LOI but when the rest of USC’s freshman class reported to campus, Henderson was not among them.

The USC coaches had hoped to lure Henderson back into the fold with a few trips to Minnesota, but according to the LA Times, the Trojan staff decided to allow him his full release with no limitations.  “We are releasing Seantrel Henderson out of his national letter of intent with zero penalties and no restrictions,” Kiffin told the Times.

Before anyone gets too excited, Notre Dame was not one of Henderson’s finalists and the chances of Notre Dame getting back in on Henderson are remote.  Should Henderson decide to enroll anywhere but USC though, it will weaken a USC offensive line that has seen some Willingham-like recruiting over the past two classes.  Combine the lack of bodies in the last two classes with the restrictions imposed on USC by the NCAA and the Trojans could be facing a serious problem along their offensive front in the near future.

Henderson was rumored to be visiting Miami last weekend making the Hurricanes a likely destination for the elite left tackle prospect.  Those rumors were later dispelled, but Miami remains a strong candidate for Henderson’s services.   Ohio State, another one of Henderson’s finalists could get back into the mix as well.

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  1. Unfortunately, Henderson will never end up in South Bend. But, it is still a win that he won’t be playing for the University of Shitbox Cheaters. I love that Lame Kiffin is also blaming all these other schools for cheating and contacting his players….WHAT A LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dear Coach Kelly,

    PLEASE destroy USC this year!!!

  2. I hope USC crumbles. U can recruit the best skill players in the country but without anybody to block for them they will do nothing. Good for the kid for getting out of there if he wants to be part of something special and get a good education then notre dame should be a finalist.I am a little biased.As for kiffin he hasn’t done anything anywhere he has been, he gets a head coaching job because he brings his dad along with him. I love Monty he is a genius Lane is living off his legacy.

  3. Good for Henderson, Kiffin the trickster deserves what he gets. USC made a wise choice releasing Henderson. Now if they truly want to clean up their program….fire the nut job who hired Kiffin along with Kiffin. Otherwise it will get worse before it gets better.

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