Floyd Remains Suspended, But Clears Res Life Hurdle

Senior wide receiver Michael Floyd cleared a major hurdle in his journey back to the active roster for Notre Dame late last week when news broke that Res Life would not suspend the star receiver for any games in the 2011 season.  Floyd, picked up last month for driving under the influence, still needs to be reinstated by head coach Brian Kelly however.

Michael Floyd was spared by Res Life but still needs to be reinstated by head coach Brian Kelly before he can see the field. (Photo - Icon SMI)

Both Kelly and Floyd released statements on Friday about the situation.

Kelly reiterated that while Floyd was essentially cleared by Res Life, that he still has work to do before he is back with the Irish full time.

Michael has shared with me the outcome of his hearing with our office of Residence Life, and I’m happy that he has the opportunity to move forward both academically and athletically here at Notre Dame. However, this does not change the fact that Michael is still a suspended member of our football team. As I said last month, part of the reinstatement process to our team involved conclusions to the legal and the university disciplinary matters. Another part was behavior modification, and improved decision making skills. While I have been pleased with the progress Michael has made the last few weeks, there is still work to be done to convince me that he has matured and that he is going to accept the consequences of his actions, learn from them, and become a better person. Until that happens, he will not be an active member of our team.

Floyd, meanwhile, again expressed regret for the situation.

I’ve met with office of Residence Life, and while I don’t plan to discuss the details, I’m grateful that I still have a chance to earn my degree from Notre Dame and be a member of the football team. I know that I still need to meet requirements set by the university and Coach Kelly, and that I have a lot of work to do on that and to prove that I’ve grown from this experience. I’m sorry again for the poor decisions that I’ve made and for letting so many people down.

While Res Life did not suspend Floyd for any games, Brian Kelly can still dole out a punishment of his own if he sees fit.  For the sake of the 2011 season though, it seems clear that Floyd will see the field at some point.

The decision by Res Life shows a dramatic change under the new leadership.  In years past, similar incidents have cost players entire semesters and in cases like Rashon Powers-Neal, multiple games.

One person who might be the most surprised by the decision is former head coach Charlie Weis who cited the res Life office as the biggest problem on Notre Dame’s campus in his exit interviews with the local media last winter.

“Oh, it’s Residence Life (the disciplinary arm of the office of Student Affairs), it’s not even close for second…I didn’t even know Residence Life existed when I went to school…I think if you took a poll of the students at Notre Dame on what’s the biggest negative issue, I would bet at least 50 per cent of them would say Residence Life…Without getting into the names of people who work at Residence Life…I just think that, not understanding all the principles of du Lac (student conduct manual) and everything else.

A year later it looks like someone was listening somewhere, because had this incident occurred a year ago or two ago, the outcome very likely could have been much different.

Here’s hoping Floyd learns from the incident and finishes off his degree at Notre Dame and is as productive off the field as he has been on it over the last three years.

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  1. I’m mad because I have a iPhone and my Irish Sports Report App hadn’t worked for over a week already.

  2. Just landed another 2012 recruit. As per ESPN, ESPNU 150 OL Mark Harrell picked the Irish this morning. Go Irish!

  3. I liked the way Crist ran the offense. I don’t like turnovers and Rees is prone to them. I think Hendrix is going to play after Crist leaves.

    1. I think Hendrix will be #2 on the depth chart in the fall. The way Aaron Lynch is progressing, I would not be surprise if he is starting right off the bat

  4. this is a good one from Rivals , All Nicky Baratti needed was one more look. Making his second visit to Notre Dame for the Blue-Gold Game, the athlete from Spring, Texas, committed to Notre Dame on Saturday

  5. i don’t think i have ever been more excited as an nd fan in the last 15 years. we have something special on our hands boys. just think about how dominant we could be with an offense that puts up good numbers and a d like we had at the end of last year. we should win games by 30+ points

  6. I find it funny how some on here are so quick to be judge, jury and executioner. I am reminded of a quote by Christ that said, “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.” There seems to be a lot of “stone throwers” jumping into this topic.

    This whole issue is not complex. An individual got a DWI, must face legal and social repercussions, can learn (or not learn) from the situation and continue on with his life.

    Michael Floyd, Brian Kelly and the courts have final say in this – not some random poster on UHND.com. Have your opinions, but realize, we can all pull a half dozen horrible decisions we’ve made in our lives.

    Some, I guess, are even worse than a DWI. So let he who has not sinned, cast the first stone. And like the story, we’ll find nobody throwing stones.

    1. Who on here is being “judge, jury and executioner”? I’m not being a smartass- I’m trying to figure out where you are getting that. And understand, I think Floyd should get a harsh punishment because he CLEARLY has a maturity/decision-making problem revolving around alchohol. (3 strikes now)

      But, like I said, ND needs to help him and build him back up after he takes his punishment. He needs to take responsibility and do th work-That’s what MEN do and that’s what ND does. It seems MF is taking it seriously from his comments.

      And I agree with the “He who is without sin…”.

      1. I always worry at this time of year. When spring practice is over and classes are about to finish for the year. It’s a time when the players are on their own for a while.
        I hope that the players look at the MF situation, and more importantly, what next season could bring, and stay out of trouble.
        They have everything to be a truely great team. Lets hope they all keep their eyes on the big picture!

  7. To D Chi-town, as a matter of fact i cant testify that in Chicago police are NOT falling all over each other to make a DUI pinch because of the length of time it takes to complete and all the hoops the dept and states attorney’s office makes you jump through to complete it. Second of all DUI is actually rarely someones first pinch in the criminal justice system in Chicago. Just like MF’s case there are overwhelmingly status offenses or misdemeanor arrests in their history prior to DUI. Look im an ND fan and I like MF. I just think he should take a suspension thats all. It appears he was guilty of DUI even though no one got hurt. I get it. If he would have had a valid FOID (Firearm Ownders ID) and shot a gun off in the air without anyone getting hit or damaging any property i would feel the same way based on the reckless conduct of his actions. Look i want ND to win the National Championship and i hope MF is a part of it, but he needs to to a little time for his little crime, thats all. Im not saying expell him or kick him off the team.

  8. I agree w/Shaz. Now that the Res Life decision has come down and we still have no word from BK on MF, it’s time to move on to discuss football-related issues.

    I for one am somewhat disappointed I haven’t heard more about Andrew Hendrix. He seems to be the ND QB of the future, with all due respects to Crist and Rees. I think Hendrix and Golson give ND some real play-makers in the O backfield in the very near future. I know he hasn’t done a darn thing yet, but anybody else here a Hendrix supporter?

    I like what I’ve heard about our D-line, esp. L. Nix. How long has it been since we had a dominating front? People always talk about the LBs in the 34 D. But don’t ever underestimate the need for a dominant NT in that scheme (just ask the Stillers and Rat-Birds).

    1. Steelfan,

      I read an article on BK’s take on the QB situation. He said that when you are going to count Rees out he has a day that makes you reconsider. My feelings on that are Crist is more consistant and more of a leader. If Crist can run more I think the offense runs better with him, also the defense stepped it up when he was out. I like Rees and am glad the Irish have two QB’s and also like the chance of seeing Golston or Hendrixs as a wildcat option for change of pace.

      1. jack,

        I don’t like the idea of multiple QBs. I esp. don’t like the idea of wasting a year of Golston’s eligibility on sub-packages. “Redshirt” the kid and let him get bigger and stronger. Hendrix, however, needs to be given a legit shot to compete for at least the no. 2 spot on the depth chart. If he’s not given a fair shot to compete, then he’ll probably transfer. (Rightfully so!) That would be a real shame for us. There’s something about this kid that smacks of elite college QB. I maybe proven wring over time, of course.

      2. Steelfan,
        I think BK has his starter in mind and it going to be Crist. I think that Hendrix will move to #2. When the coach says he has even thought of whether Rees is consistent that says something. Giving Golden and Hendrix the majority of snaps in this game is smart and letting them get hit is even smarter. It will all pan out, but Crist is the leader, better athlete in shape and ready to go.

  9. Too bad the DUI of one player, had to overshadow the entire spring practice.

    I had hoped to read about the development of some of our other players, the battle at QB, or perhaps the improvement of our defence.

    If it is scandal, rules violations, or player misconduct, there are such places like Ohio St, USC, Tennessee, or Georgia, who are much more suited at such readable tidbits!

    How about some real ND (Non-Disciplinary) football news for a change?

    1. have you been watching und.com’s practice coverage? i found the d-line coverage the most interesting.

      nix looks like an absolute beast! kelly is concerned about how long he can go, but if he is in even half the plays we’re looking solid.

      i was a little dissapointed with lynch. i’m not sure what he is weighing these days, but he looks undersized. unless he bulks up quickly this summer, i bet he sees limited playing time this fall. all in all it is probably a good thing. with the exception of some skill guys, these kids should wait a year before seeing much time. it is nice to have the luxury of sitting guys like lynch out for awhile, instead of throwing him in undersized to get tossed around

  10. “A Fan”,

    I sense that perhaps you have a personal issue in this case. If so, then I truly understand where you’re coming from and we should all be sensitive to your issue.

    But the law of the land is the law of the land. The law doesn’t punish people for what could have happened. It punishes folks for what actually happened. Thanks be to God that in this particular case that was nothing other than a minor traffic violation. That’s what MF should and will be adjudicated on when he stands before a judge. He will not be judged by what you believe the law should be in this case. (BTW: Let me say that I believe that “A Fan” has a point to make when he insists that perhaps the law should take into consideration possible tragedies that could happen from DUI!)

    As for what BK should do, I believe a 1 to 2 game suspension makes a point. Perhaps not the kind of point some here would like, but a point nonetheless. I can guarantee you that this wouldn’t even be an issue at a fan site of Florida, Auburn, Tenn., or any other SEC school (or most other programs for that matter).

  11. Kelly should dole out some kind of suspension for this, at least a game. Im glad the kid can stay in school and get his degree, which he came back to do and is honorable. Nevertheless he should get some kind of suspension taking into account that yes, no one was injured. Even Peter Warrick from FSU back in 99′ managed a 3 game suspension for grand theft (also a “victimless” crime) while “charges were pending” for basically getting $450 worth of merchandise for something like $20 from Dillards Dept Store. And that was with Bobby Bowden steering the ship.

    1. Last I checked, grand larceny is a Felony and DUI is a misdemeanor, unless it is Aggravated(3 convictions, serious bodily harm, child in car, etc). Actually, retail theft is not “victimless”, the victims are every other shopper that pays 10-20% more for each item purchased because of the thefts being perpetrated. Mr Floyd would have made it home that evening, safe and sound, with no damage to any person or any property. Unfortunately, DUI is the single biggest revenue producer in our current criminal justice system. It keeps cops, prosecutors, defense lawyers and judges all employed, that is why you fall all over each other enforcing this infraction at such a high number. 1.5 Million people a year are arrested for DUI, with probably 80-90% never having committed a crime prior to that evening/early morning. One game suspension and he can’t start at Michigan, but should be in on the second offensive play…PS, you can’t spell Felon without Nole.

      1. I hope you’re kidding that someone should do ‘a little time’ when no property is damaged and no one is hurt, but I guess that doesn’t fit into your totalatarian police state.

      2. As I’ve already stated, I believe Floyd should be punished and it needs to hurt, etc. But with the understanding that we don’t abandon kids at ND, unless it is a felony / extreme situation. I don’t know whether this punishment is fair or not, but it sounds like RezLife is calming down, which is good.

        @DChiTown: I’m trying to make sense of your post. Are you saying that local and state governments and by extension LEOs are handing out DUIs solely because it makes them revenue? Because that is preposterous. I notice that you left out statistics on the number of deaths caused by DUIs every year.

        Because someone (A Fan) has the opinion that Floyd should have a harsher punishment does not mean he believes in a totalitarian police state. Statements like that are just the worst kind of inflammatory non-sequiturs.

        Again, I’m not saying I think Floyd should be punished more severely and I certainly don’t think he should do time, but your logic is partly flawed. Let’s do a logic experiment here:

        If I fire my gun in anger (no self defense requirement met) at a person but miss, would you say “no property was damaged and no one was hurt”, therefore my punishment should’t be severe? (Understand, I’m not comparing DUI to attempted murder.) I’m simply saying that the law does not work how you imply, i.e. Oh well if no one was actually hurt and there was no physical damage then the punishment should be mild. If someone has 3+ DUIs but has never physically hurt someone should they not do time?

        Maybe I’m not understanding what you’re trying to say. But DUIs are a huge and deadly serious problem in this country. Simply dividing them into “Someone got hurt” vs. “No one got hurt” is a non-starter.

      3. Geez I had to grab my thesaurus to understand some of the words in your post 🙂 In the year 2000 of all traffic deaths 41% were alcohol related, in 2008 37% were alcohol related. Wouldn’t you agree that enforcement has spiked dramatically in the last decade? Also, the commercials done by the Department of Transportation and whatever state you live in must have increased 10 fold, yet we really don’t make a huge dent in the amount of alcohol related traffic deaths. Do you actually own a gun? Because if you did and you have a gone to a range more than once or twice you understand how ludicrous that analogy is. You must be a huge Obama supporter stating that my argument is a “non-starter”, I have been hearing that a lot lately. I wish I could be perfect like you, but more importantly I want all 18-22 year athletes to be model citizens like you.

    2. Grand theft isn’t even close to DWI. Come on, now. And it’s not a victimless crime – at all!

      DWI is bad, for sure, but 21 year olds make mistakes. He didn’t run from the cops or hit someone or do something much worse.

      1. @D Chi Town
        The amount of ASSumptions you are making are staggering. Actually, I own many guns and have shot/hunted all my life. I go to the range on a regular basis and if you knew my background, you probably wouldn’t question my knowledge of firearms. But oh well, whatever. No, I am not remotely an Obama supporter. I am a conservative libertarian so our current President and I do not see eye to eye on much. Not that any of this has ANYTHING to do with the discussion at hand, but way to bring up irrelevant topics in order to obfuscate (grab your Thesaurus again) your own shortcomings. You seem to have to cover up for your lack of communication skills by throwing little tantrums. Maybe that’s why you are hearing that your arguments are non-starters, rather than someone else’s political persuasions. Just a thought.

        You were treated with courtesy in my last post. I see that is not going to be returned. Your lack of intelligence is glaring and your modus operandi is simply to call names and use sarcasm. That speaks volumes about you as a person. Intelligent, confident people can debate and disagree without having to throw mud. Looks like you are neither. Nowhere did I imply anything about 18-22 yr. olds be “model citizens” or perfect, only that they follow the rules. And, as stated, I was trying to better understand your post. And, if you could read better, you’ll see how I already admitted that my “attempted murder” scenario was not perfectly analagous, but a thought experiment. You missed that I guess stud.

        You’ve made your points (sort of) and missed everyone elses. Something tells me you won’t do well here. My advice would be read more and post less, but I doubt you’re able to do that.

      2. I love people who call themselves “Libertarian” and then turn around and say an individual who did not damage property nor hurt any human being or animal should be given a “harsh punishment”. What a walking contradiction. You strike me more as a totalatarian liberal who believes only your views are correct, and everybody else BETTER live by your set of rules, or they will be punished, HARSHLY. I have met people like you throughout my early adult life(college) and now later in the business world. You are a condescending and arrogant person who obviously believes you are smarter than most everyone who is lucky enough to come in contact with you. Thank you for very much for the free psychological profile, I am to stoo, stoo, stoooopid to figure any of these very complicated issues out on my own. I would have responded quicker but I was in Vegas acting like a true Libertarian, having fun and passing judgement on no man or woman.

      3. Never once did I say he should receive a “harsh punishment”, only that it should “hurt” so that he learned from his mistakes. I even made clear that I was not sure exactly what his punishment should be. Not one time have I said or even suggested that everyone must live by “my rules”. “Totalitarian liberal”- haha, ok. I guess we could adopt your philosophy, which is as far as I can tell something like this: Everyone has made mistakes so, regardless of the action or rule broken, there should be no consequences/punishment, ever. If you disagree you are a “totalitarian” thug.” Huh. That’s not “libertarian” stud. Libertine maybe.

        I don’t think I am smarter than everyone else, but you make it easy to KNOW that I am smarter than you. That’s simply because it’s quite obvious to all that you don’t read and comprehend very well. And when challenged with cogent thoughts or (at first) respectful disagreement, your response is simply to throw mud and call names.

        There is no “contradiction”, only your inability to debate with any maturity or rationale.

        I’ve met people like you my whole life as well- they are called petulant children.

        Fascinating how you can ignore virtually all of my comments and find what you want to find, just so you can call names and throw yet another tantrum.

        Haha, yeah ok. We’re all very impressed that you get to live in Vegas and “act like a true Libertarian”. And, for the record, I’m not passing any judgement whatsoever on anyone except for you.

        Way to take a relatively minor issue ( in the grand scheme of things )regarding ND football, and spin all of this into some political/philosophical thesis. How odd indeed.

        Run along with the other kids now…

      4. To JDH, you don’t need to use CAPS to emphasize your main points, it is similar to a teenage girl text messaging her BFF. Let me take it really slow for you: No property/monetary damage and no injury to a person, should equal no punishment. You are in fact passing judgment on Michael Floyd saying he should be punished and it should ‘hurt’. I would put my reading comprehension up against yours any day of the week. I just don’t feel the need to use a comments section on a football website to flaunt a perceived superior intellect. I realize this is an ND website and all the great academic things that go along with this university, but you just sound like that pompous douchebag in Good Will Hunting. I love people like you who talk tough on the internet, petulant child, run along with the other kids, etc. I guarantee you aren’t that tough in real life. I’m also pretty sure Michael Floyd would think you were a little bitch after reading your comments.

      5. Sigh. I didn’t use all caps to emphasize a main point. I used it once to emphasize one word. We don’t have italics available. But seriously, this is the best you got?

        Who is “an internet tough guy”? Who challenged anyone to a fight or something similar? Again, what are you talking about?

        I take back what I said about your lack of reading comprehension. You’re not a poor reader/thinker. You’re just delusional.

        “I’m also pretty sure Michael Floyd would think you were a little bitch after reading your comments.” A true classic right there. Haha. Maybe you can ask him while you’re fluffing him. (Ripping on our resident political and literary scholar, not Michael Floyd with that comment.)

        “Let me take it really slow for you” Pretty sure that’s the only way you’re able to take it.

        “No property/monetary damage and no injury to a person, should equal no punishment.” And the operative word in your statement sweetheart is “should”. You are entitled to your opinion. But, that’s not the way it works in real life. And you didn’t need to explain this. You made your points already. You just missed everyone elses. My ORIGINAL (uh oh! all caps again BFF!) to you was trying to respectfully ask you to elaborate because I wasn’t sure I understood your post. And then that’s when your finges went in your ears, feet started stomping, making weird tangential statements about political ideologies and Las Vegas etc. Truly a dizzying intellect.

        “You are in fact passing judgment on Michael Floyd saying he should be punished and it should ‘hurt’.”

        Nope, wrong again. Passing judgement would be saying, as an example, that MF was a bad person etc. I only said that he should receive punishment for the offense and it should be strong enough to make an impression. Then build him back up because he’s a talented, smart young man. And we don’t abandon people at ND (or at least shouldn’t) unless absolutely warranted.

        “but you just sound like that pompous douchebag in Good Will Hunting”. Mmmmkay. You remind me of every guy on Maury Povich.

        “I guarantee you aren’t that tough in real life.”

        Another sophomoric classic! Haha. Fantastic.

  12. I hope he does a little time for this. He could have killed someone with his .19 or whatever it was. If he was not a star WR, he would be gone.

    1. Yep, throw the book at a 21 year old KID who DID NOT HURT ANYONE, except himself. He may be more likely to cause an accident at .19, but it didn’t happen and no property was damaged according to every story I’ve heard. As Thomas Jefferson once said “That which neither picks my pocket nor breaks my arm makes no difference to me.” PS no time is ‘little time’

      1. Agree with your comment completely. I’m tired people suggesting a punishment for what “could’ve happened” as opposed to what did happen. He was driving intoxicated, and ran a stop sign. Beyond that, nothing else happened so he shouldn’t be penalized beyond that. Fine him, give him community service, make him go to meetings, maybe take him out for a game or two if you wanna be harsh and get on with it.

      2. Ok, lets put it like this. Your a mother of a child that was killed by a drunk driver. Her son was just crossing the street at night after studying. BOOM, guy hits him with his car, drunk, and dies. You think she would be as forgiving as you.

        He needs more than this punishment. Give me a break. 21 years old is a grown adult.

      3. Did that happen? Or are you just making something up that never happened? I believe Vehicular Homicide should be the same as 2nd degree murder. However, he didn’t run anyone over, he ran a stop sign. Obviously you haven’t been to many college parties if you think 21 yr olds are grown adults. Love the what ifs and hypotheticals, they get us really far. You sound like ‘Minority Report’, we live in a free society and the price for that are certain tragedies, otherwise you should move to Oceania…

    2. This is just not true. Many people — 21 year old kids, especially — get DWIs and don’t get kicked out of college. He made a mistake — a bad mistake. But we should not abandon him because of this bad mistake.

  13. The people writing scathing misguided “pro-punishment” harangues sound like they were the victims of authoritarian punishers in their upbringing. Their reaction was resentment and a planfor payback when the chance came up.

    Doling out Payback perpetuates the wrong idea that punishment fixes damaging behavior. The solution is behavior modification with the correct learning experiences and correct support of progress.

    Punishment begets a lust for Payback, and perpetuation of resentment…not the idea of rehabilitation.

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