ESPN College GameDay Coming to Notre Dame for 2012 Stanford Game

ESPN’s College GameDay is taking its traveling road show to Notre Dame this weekend for #7 Notre Dame’s showdown with 17th ranked Stanford marking the first time the Gameday crew will be on campus since the infamous 2005 USC “Bush Push” game.

Gameday announced that they would be making the trip via Twitter over the weekend.

This will be the first time since that 2005 classic with USC that Gameday will be on campus for a Notre Dame game although they have been on-site for Notre Dame games on the road since then  – 2006 Georgia Tech and USC and 2011 Michigan.  Overall, ESPN has been on campus seven previous times for Notre Dame games with the Irish having a 3-4 record in those contests.

ESPN’s College Gameday actually made it’s first on-site telecast for the 1993 “Game of the Century” between Notre Dame and Florida State.  Since then, the traveling crew of Lee Corso, Chris Fowler, and later Kirk Herbstreit has made weekly trips to the games of the week.  Corso has done his “headgear” pick three times previously for on-campus telecasts at Notre Dame and has picked the opposition all three times.

Considering Stanford comes into South Bend with a loss, ESPN’s presence is a bit of a surprise with other marquee games on the schedule this weekend – namely #3 South Carolina at #9 LSU (a prime time ESPN telecast) and #15 Texas at #13 Oklahoma (an ABC telecast).

Stanford does, however bring a #17 ranking into South Bend to face the 7th ranked Irish marking just the second time in the history of the Notre Dame – Stanford rivalry that both teams will sport a top 20 ranking when facing each other.  The other instance was 1992 when the Bill Walsh led Cardinal upset the 6th ranked Lou Holtz led Fighting Irish 33-16 – Notre Dame’s only loss of the 1992 season.

Gameday with air on ESPNU Saturday morning at 9:00 AM before live coverage on ESPN kicks in at 10:00 AM ET.  Users with access to will also have the ability to watch the show online.

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  1. I hope all those stooges pick Stanford. It will make watching the highlights of ND’s win on ESPN that night so much more enjoyable.

    Feel the pressure wave of the blue ‘n’ gold tsunami starting to rush toward a bunch of cardinal, washing them out to sea.

    Go ND

  2. ESPN is only coming to tell ND how irrelevant it has been for 20yrs. The Espn sportcenter announcer’s distain in saying #9 ND handling Miami was painfully obvious.

  3. Agree 100%

    Stay off our bandwagon!! After listening to those guys piss on our program for the last 10 years and all Rick Reilly type articles written about our “irrelevance” i wish ND would say no. On the other hand, it’s just like the uniforms everyone is so fond of, it’s positive exposure for recruiting. Necessary evil. I just can’t stand espn. They have sold what makes ND great as a weakness. Oh they can’t compete because their kids have to go to class. Oh that’s funny, I never hear them say that about Stanford or duke’s bball program. Colin cowherd is probably the biggest criminal of such things all while touting USC as gods gift to college football.

  4. ND shouldn’t let espn bring that clown show to campus. The school gets nothing out of it. After all the years of the back handed “ND is not relevant anymore” comments, it’s time to tell them no thanks and take your head gear elsewhere.

  5. Well, if ND is to diminate in a definate way, we can forget about footbole. Better to go back to grammer school, rather than shout at games.

  6. Frank,

    If EG and our offense can duplicate what we did against Miami we will win.
    Our defense will shut-down Stanford. It will definately be a war and I like our odds especially in front of the home crowd! ESPN’s College Game Day at it’s finest, it’s our turn!

    Here come the Irish!

  7. They shouldn’t allow Desmond Howard on campus, he should have to do is commentary out on the street corner in front of the main campus entrance. I can’t stand that wiener with his ridiculous laugh, what a clown.

    1. Remember opening season last year?

      ND was giving the game away at home in their opener.
      Kelly was screaming at his players on the sidelines.

      Desmond Howard referred to it as “Pure Venom” on college Game Day.

      He had better hope that ND fans have a short memory or he might get a taste of what Pure Venom really is!

      1. Absolutely I remember it. As you said, I don’t forget crap like that and hopefully Irish fans in the background let him have it throughout the whole show. I understand why the university decided to let ESPN back on campus, it’s very good for the school. But Howard is a scum bag and should be simply excluded. Even Fowler and Herbstreit taken his shots at us over the years, but they haven’t bugged me like that jackass has. I’m glad we crapped on their dinner plate 3 weeks ago.

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