Behind Enemy Lines: Boston College ’12

Behind Enemy Lines returns this week after a week hiatus.  Apologies for the break in the action with this column, but last week’s weather on the east coast took some time away from us finding a partner to exchange with.  We’re back though and have an inside look at Boston College brought to us this week by the BC Blog BCInterruption.

Boston College Offense

When you look at the BC offense the first person you have to look at is Chase Rettig. The junior quarterback has come on strong this season after a lackluster first two years on the Heights. Right now the Eagles are third in the ACC in yards per game through the air (284.0). The other major weapon BC has is Rettig’s favorite weapon wide receiver Alex Amidon. The 5’11 junior is fast as all heck and is on pace to shatter all sorts of BC receiving records, but suffers from a case of the dropsies and isn’t very physical. Now onto the bad parts of BC’s offense, mainly the running game. Where to start. Montel Harris transferred, Rolandan Finch hasn’t played since Week 2, Tajh Kimble has been hurt, and Andre Williams suffered an injury last week. That leaves BC with a converted safety David Dudeck, a cornerback James McCaffrey and backup QB Josh Bordner. Combine that with an awful offensive line and it’s no wonder why BC is dead last in rushing in the ACC.

The offense is a completely different beast then years past. Doug Martin, the fourth offensive coordinator in the past three years, has instituted a pass heavy, fast paced offense, in theory at least. Against Miami, the Eagles came out guns blazing, but as the year has progressed the offense has slowed down to the usual snail pace that has defined Frank Spaziani’s regime.

Boston College Defense

The BC defense has been a giant train wreck this entire season. Gone are the days of Mark Herzlich, Mathias Kiwanuka and Luke Kuechly bailing out bad offenses. No, this year the defense is putrid. They are 111th in the country in total defense allowing 477 yards a game. There are quite a few reasons this is happening. One, the front line applies little to no pressure, they can’t tackle, and get swallowed up on option plays. Seriously, I can’t even tell you a positive about this front seven because they have done almost nothing positive this entire season. Nick Clancy leads the country in tackles, but he only has that number because BC can not get off the field. Look at the Georgia Tech for the best example, the Yellow Jackets controlled the ball for 45 minutes!

The secondary is the other problem. They aren’t very fast or physical and like the defensive line, they too can’t tackle. Sean Sylvia is a nice complimentary player, and Justin Simmons will be a good player soon, but they aren’t going to beat anyone yet. Frank Spaziani continues to employ his lovely 8 yard cushion, so if ND wants to throw short passes all game,  BC won’t stop them. The Eagles certainly haven’t all year.

Boston College Special Teams

Can’t really complain about this aspect of the Eagles game this year. Kicker Nate Freese has been solid inside the 40 yard line, and Spiffy Evans has emerged as an excellent kick returner and punt returner. BC actually leads the country in punt return yard average this season. Punter Gerald Levano is a walk on and is very hit or miss, and when he misses he shanks his punts badly.

Final Thoughts

The Boston College fanbase is a beaten group. We have watched in horror and disappointment as the Eagles have gone from back to back ACC Championship games to a team that can’t even beat Army or Duke. Many BC fans get jacked up for the Notre Dame game, and hope so badly that the Eagles can ruin the Irish’s undefeated season. I have no delusions about this game. BC is going to lose, and lose badly. Frank Spaziani is a horrible coach, and can’t get his team up for anyone, hasn’t beaten a Top 25 team in 4 years, and this Saturday I wouldn’t expect any less.

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  1. I hope Frank includes Brent Musburger again in his “5 Things I didn’t like” post. I wish I could have wiped the sh$t ass grin off his face when he asked Golic his opinion on ranking the top 3 teams in the country. Golic mentioned he would have no problem ranking the Irish #1 because of the SOS and some common opponents and it was obvious that Brent didn’t agree….. his facial expressions expressed pure shock that anyone could ever consider them the top team in the country. Makes me sick…

  2. Sad Warrior:

    Your words about Manti are right on. He IS a rare gem in a football world overloaded with ego and me firsters. I would say that if he played for Maine, SW Louisiana Tech or Notre Dame. The man has inner strength, value, discipline and is an inspiration to all of us. I’m having a photo of him enlarged and framed and placed in my workplace as a symbol of what it means to overcome adversity —and still contribute. In a world FILLED with victomology, he does not whimper. In conclusion, I wish the media would not ask him such personal questions as they are obviously trying to get an emotional reply from him to get a moment for their own self gratification. The lack of integrity there coupled with the arrogance of Mark May is a testament ( or lack thereof) to their character. The media will be the media. As for Mr. May, it is unfortunate that I mentioned his name with Manti in the same paragraph and commentary. The former is not on the same plane as the latter. Indeed, just as gold is refined by fire, so is Manti. He needs our prayers. As for the former Panther from Pittsburgh, perhaps ALL of us ( self included) should shun him as was done to Queen Mab in Merlin. He simply does not exist for those of us who are inspired by the likes of Manti.

  3. If you just picked against mark may this year you would be up by 31-12, that is a career year for any gambler. Not sure if the guy hates ND or just hates winners…

    You can still go 15-0 by december picking against his ignorant ass…

  4. Drew-you may be right about the schtick. However, we watched that airing too and the ‘Oneonta Oaf’s ‘ comments about Manti were a revelation into ‘The Oaf’s’ character and ego. He is a man of small and limited character. I know a few places he could/should go if he really wants adversity as an experience. He is a self righteous blatherscat. Manti is a rare gem in a football world overloaded with ego maniacs and me firsters.

    JDH-I made a comment awhile back that we would never watch ‘Game Day’ again. Well the consensus here again is ditto on ESPN with the ‘Oaf’ and Coach Holtz. (Coach H. is an icon and we love him but the Oaf is too much) Too bad since we don’t get too many ‘positive distractions.’ Hoping to not launch an LRP so we can watch the game Primetime and Live!

    All Stay Safe and keep the will to win bright and steady. The core values of Notre Dame are an inspiration to one and all. Go Irish! Hooah!

  5. I hope Lou beats the crap out of Mark May on TV when they’re doing that Final Verdict thing one of these days. Lou’s gotten pretty pissed off the last few times, so I’m just hoping that he takes Marky Mark out back behind the wood shed, Bob Barker style (i.e. Happy Gilmore). No doubt Lou could do it, and that #@&! would definitely deserve it.

  6. I just watched college football today on espn and listened to Mark May list his top four heisman trophy candidates. The other analyst asked him why no Manti Teo. His response was first and formost Teo is a defensive player and secondly he plays at Notre Dame which is the only reason anyone hears his name. He went on to add dont get me wrong Teo is a great player but if he played at any other school we wouldnt even know who he was. I have never wanted to reach through my TV screen sooo badly and choke that Mother#ucker out.

    1. Mark May deserves a Hawaiian Punch Teo style. I just saw Florida State barely beat a 4-6 Virginia Tech team. Will they lose “style” points and drop in the polls like ND did with Pitt? Double Standard?

    2. Jeff and Chi-

      I’m there with you–
      Mark May is an arrogant son-of a bitch. His venom and his bias is not his job on TV. He is worse than one sided political TV ( of which there is way too much of these days) As for Manti Teo–he is awesome, has class and has gone through much. Obviously, May has never been tested in life as his lack of character reveals itself.

  7. Hopefully our players and staff won’t need umbrellas to protect them from spit, alcohol and other thrown objects. BC is normally not the most pleasant place to play. And when the crowd knows they have nothing to lose…

    Hopefully respect and sportsmanship will prevail.


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