Shamrock Stickers: Boston College ’12

Notre Dame Fighting Irish cornerback Bennett Jackson (2) reacts after breaking up a pass against the Boston College Eagles during the first half at Alumni Stadium. (Photo: Mark L. Baer / US PRESSWIRE)

Notre Dame traveled to Chestnut Hill Saturday night and defeated the host Eagles 21-6. Although the Irish didn’t blow Boston College away, their victory was never in doubt as they move to 10-0 on the season. The following players led the way for the Irish in their victory:

Prince Shembo

Notre Dame’s pass rushing expert dominated and disrupted the Eagles offense all night. Shembo was next to impossible to block and constantly found himself in the Boston College backfield. Shembo had five tackles, four of which for loss, three sacks and a fumble recovery versus the Eagles. Shembo was also the catalyst in shutting down the screen game that the Eagles were having success with early in the game.

Bennett Jackson

Notre Dame’s shutdown corner had a big time game against Boston College. Jackson had a team high eight tackles versus the Eagles and held Alex Amidon to 84 yards receiving, well below his per game average. Jackson also had two pass breakups in which he made a next-level break on the ball, narrowly missing two pick-sixes.

Everett Golson

Everett Golson played yet another brilliant road game in primetime in a victory over Boston College. Golson was 16-24 passing for 200 yards and two touchdowns. Golson spread the ball around nicely as six different receivers caught a pass. The Irish quarterback was also second on the team in rushing with 39 yards and one touchdown.

Theo Riddick

Notre Dame’s number one running back had a strong showing both rushing and receiving versus Boston College. Riddick led the team with 104 yards rushing on 18 carries and chipped in with four catches for 56 yards. With Boston College’s defensive leader Nick Clancy going down with injury early in the game Riddick was able to gash the Eagles defense and routinely get open in the passing game.

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  1. Hey, Southy,

    Good points. Glad to hear BC fans showed some class. But don’t forget the way the BC players trashed the visitors’ locker room a few years back. I’m talking tens of thousands of dollars worth of damages from what I recall. Terrible! Shameful!

    I just don’t understand how another Catholic school can do that.

    BTW: I guess your boys, the Pats, don’t have to worry about the Stillers anymore.

      1. I don’t know, Southy. Getting mixed messages from the yinzers. Sounds like Big Ben is hurt bad. But I hope you’re right. Would love to see a Big Ben vs. Tom Brady AFCC rematch.

        How was the ND atmosphere at the game? On TV it seemed like ND Nation showed up.

        BTW: Good analysis of the game.

  2. Oregon is really Dinged up on Defense especially the D-line. Stanford will try to expose this by running the ball down there throats. If Stanford can play good Defense and run the ball efeectively they have a good chance to upset the Ducks.

  3. I never cared for the term “Style points” in conjunction with todays version of college football.

    I understand it. And I know why it continues to exsist. But that doesn’t mean it is right or good for college football.

    I do remember many ND teams that beat inferior teams 63-0. 58-0. 45-0.
    I also remember the starters were out the entire second half of those games.
    I understand that you can’t ask a back up not to give 100% when he gets his chance to play.

    No, the style points that I have a problem with are with the coaches and teams that are up by 45 points, have the ball on their opponent’s 5 yard line, with the final seconds ticking down in the fourth quarter, and they call timeout so they can trot out their fieldgoal kicker so they can add 3 extra douche bag style points. Continue to talk trash even though the outcome of the contest was decided by half time.
    Or continue to play their starters late into the game in a self absorbed act of padding stats.

    Anyone who thinks ND would ever lower themselves to such a classless act might as well wait for hell to freeze over.
    They know nothing of Notre Dame, or Notre Dame football.

    That crap is if fit for the SEC, a couple of no class Big Ten teams, and a few other trash programs.

    I really don’t care if Alabama pays Western Carolina $500,000.00 to come to their stadium so the big bad Tide can hang 60 on them.
    That whole senario stinks to high heaven and should have no place in a game that was adopted to encourage, mutual respect, school spirit, fair play, and sporsmenship.

    I still believe a team can win with class and dignity.
    I still believe that is the mark of a “TRUE” college football champion.

    That’s why I believe in ND.
    And I think that’s why a lot of other fans do too.

    1. Shaz,

      You make some good points. I recall a game early in the Holtz days, I believe against SMU, when one of RBs stepped out of bounds at the 5 or so rather than score a TD. The game was already a rout.

      Having said that, I also remember Holtz calling for a fake punt against BC that went for a TD when ND was already winning big. So it has worked both ways. (BTW: Some point to that fake punt as the turning point in the ND-BC rivalry. BC somehow has made a living against ND bringing up that darned fake punt!)

      As you intimate, what ND needs to do is put up big numbers early and then put in the backups to give them valuable in-game reps. That a) keeps the score down but also b) allows ND to get its future stars important live reps. Of course, it also c) assists with the dreaded “style points” (no matter how much we may dislike the term or system!).

      I think ND can and will win big with class and dignity, Shaz. Just recall though that the minute we put a 50 spot on someone the haters will come out and accuse ND of running up the score. The same haters who penalize ND in the polls for not running up the score against inferior opposition will then accuse ND of being a bully. Can’t win for trying, I guess. But so be it. Better to be called a bully and play for the NC than be called soft and get penalized in the polls for it.

      1. SFR,

        I remember a few things from the Holtz, ND/BC series.

        First, ND gives respect (team and fans) and exspects the same in return.

        But the BC fans took it upon themselves to display classless, and deplorable behavior towards ND.
        (and their players weren’t much better)
        That fake punt was a little payback by Lou, and then things escalated from there.

        We have all seen ND take a knee when they could have easily scored and padded the stats.
        Or just run the ball, and run out the clock.
        I don’t think there is anything wrong with that in college football.
        It teaches our young people valuable lessons. And isn’t that what college is supposed to do? Teach values?

        Also, the ND schedulling tradition is the old “home & home” series routine.
        (one game at your place, the next year at ours)

        That means we have enough mutual respect, and a level of commitment where we feel obligated to treat each team, their players, and their fans fairly and honestly.

        There is no way in hell that Alabama would EVER travel to Western Carolina and play them on THEIR field… ever!

        They just want to buy an easy home victory, and hang 50 on some hapless sap in the name of style points.
        I think that’s a rip-off.

        And then that load of shit is forced fed to us by the greedy money grubbers who feast off of college football, and the pinheaded medialites who want to assure us it’s all on the up & up and in the name of quality college athlectics like we just fell off a turnip truck.

        I don’t think ND blowing out Michigan, or Michigan blowing out ND rates the same as Bama ALWAYS blowing out Western Carolina at home, or Florida A&M at home, or Eastern Kentucky at home, or…

        I guess a 7-6 win over LSU, or a 10-7 win over Gerogia isn’t glamorous enough for the corporate sponsors so they have to mix a little garbage in there and then exspect us to buy it.

        I don’t buy garbage, and neither do you!

        You bet I would love to win a national Championship.
        But I want a College National Championship, in the true meaning of college sports, not this corporate controlled bullshit.

        And if we put 50 on somebody they might call us a bully, but they sure as hell won’t be able to call us sham!

      2. Couldn’t have said it better, Shaz!

        Keep the faith and level of discourse up.

        The problem is damned if you do, damned if you don’t when it comes to ND. If we win big, then we’re accused of running it up and not being classy. (Funny how the haters demand class from us but not from their teams!) If we just win, then we get penalized for that. The haters will always hate. My solution, like I said, is simply play hard. Then, show class. Do that and the results will take care of themselves.

        Go Irish!

      3. I get what you are saying but let’s not forget this list of teams ND has played in SB the last few years: San Diego State, Tulsa, Western Michigan, Nevada. ND will show up at their place when, you guessed it, he’ll freezes.

        Additionally, I was in Chestnut Hill this Saturday and their fans were fine. In fact, my boys and I were reved up to be obnoxious but we really couldn’t because they were frankly complimentary of how good ND has become.

      4. ND S,

        Dirty pool old man.

        I like it!

        Yes.. ND did not offer a home and home series for those teams.

        Some of these were added to the schedule as last minute replacements.

        For example, in 2010 we were supposed to play TCU, but they backed out. We then had to scramble to replaced them, and did so with Western Michigan. A school we have a long history with in ice hocky.

        The other 3 are respectable programs. At least to the extent that they clearly are not easily purchased wins.

  4. Interesting how certain posters have secret multiple handles to talk to themselves! Amazing, exclusively designed to support their very own special covert BS and rant. Imagine that! Oh Angry Eagle where are you? Duh….Check the mirror you will find him. Hahahaha.

    “sound like an emotionally stunted dwarf” Hahahaha, definately a technologically superior description. Where are you Angry Eagle?

    Keep talking to that mirror very entertaining! Mr. “Mad Rant!” Hahahaha!

    Here come the Irish! 13-0!

  5. chi-town copper,

    Good question. This kid has done nothing but produce everytime he’s been called upon. He was highly recruited. So I’m not sure why he’s not being used more.

    He’ll get his shot next season to step up. He’ll have to. Wood is probably gone. He’s clearly not BK’s favorite player. Riddick might leave as well. That would leave Atkinson, Cam, and Amir Carlisle as the top 3. #4 would be Mahone, a bigger back. Now, an interesting possibility would be if K. Russell returns to the RB mix if Lo Wood and a highly recruited freshman CB steps up. I doubt it, though. Russell looks like he could evolve into a real good CB.

    1. BTW: Theres’a another problem with not blowing away inferior competition. You can’t give future key contributors some live reps against another team. Take Cam’s case. He could very well be #2 on the depth chart to start spring ball. Would’ve been nice to have seen more from him in a game situation. But because we’ve been struggling in the redzone and scoring, thus keeping inferior teams in games, we can’t get future starters and their backups into games.

      This is useful for the development of future talent. It gives the coaching staff insights into players that cannot be gleaned from practices and scrimmages alone.

      Yet another criticism of the just win approach.

    2. Riddick is gone for sure as his eligibilty will be expired. Cierre Wood could get a fifth year and i think that would be huge. Im not sure what to think of Cam Mcdaniel. He certainly passes the so-called eye test in limited playing time. But its exactly that, limited playing time in the 4th Qtr. against a tired defeated defenses. Does he do the little things that dont show up in the stats like blocking and does he have a good grasp of the offense. I think those are the things that us fans dont really know for sure and could be the reason he doesnt see the field to often.

      1. Cierre is in a tough spot. His coach doesn’t like him so he can’t get on the field, so he can’t display his talent for the next level (he is not of that caliber, in my opinion) but he may think otherwise. But why come back if your coach doesn’t like you and isn’t going to play you? He would be better off begging for a release so he can go somewhere else.

      2. Cierre Wood is not in a tough spot.

        His coaches do not hate him.

        He has seen the field.
        (91 times for 570 yards)

        Cierre Wood is a team player.
        (I’m sure they already see that at the next level)

        He has displayed his talent in every game.
        (We have all seen it… well, almost all of us)

        There are many reasons why he would come back to Notre Dame.

        To play football is only one of them.
        Another would be for the education.
        (This is Notre Dame, you know… where education comes first)

        Go somewhere else??? Might be very good advice when the topic is talking about a player and his relationship with his coach.
        (something that only the two of them only know for sure)

      3. jeff…if you’re not sure what to think about mcdaniel, click on his junior and senior highlights on youtube…and watch his elite athleticism and yards after contact…its not hard to tell…and he has done the same thing with the few carries he has had at notre dame

      4. Matt, Ive seen the highlights and i know what he can do at the high school level. Right now he is stuck behind two very good backs in Riddick and Wood. And GA3 is getting a few carries. Maybe you should tell Kelly to watch his highschool film because it appears he sees it differently than you. high school football does not compare to Div 1 football.

  6. Im a big fan of Cam McDaniel and was wondering why when he filled in for GAIII he got to return kicks in his place but never got in the game and got the touches he GAIII would have got at RB, even if it was just two or three. I thought there were a few instances where we could have used a change of pace from Wood or Riddick. Im not saying Cam McDaniel should have started or got 20 carries, but just thought he should have got a couple carries like GAIII would have if he wouldnt have been sick

  7. Shaz,

    John Goodman needs to step up. He doesn’t need to dominate but we need him to make a big catch per game from here on out. He’s done well when called upon. Now he needs to do it on a regular basis. I think Goodman, Brown, and some of the other younger receivers (e.g., Neal) also need to make up some of the lost production of D. Daniels. Expect more throws to the RBs and TEs as well. Regardless we’ll only go as far as our running game and D take us.

    Go Irish!

  8. fxm, You’re being too logical and realistic. Others prefer to go on mad rants rather than speak logically. So be it. Freedom of speech even applies to the mentally challenged.

    Way make a solid case,fxm, when you can instead sound like an emotionally stunted dwarf.

    I agree with you. Everyone knows the rules of the game. In college football style points are and have been a part of the game. It doesn’t matter what I think or like. It is what it is. I’m sure no one here would be complaining if the shoe were on the other foot and the human polls were favoring us.

    fxm: Speaking of style points, the Stillers got none tonight. But in the NFL style points don’t count. Beating the Chefs by 1 or 51 is the same thing in the NFL. But the Stillers are done without Big Ben. It looks like he got hurt bad. Terrible O line play finally caught up to us.

  9. People who don’t care about “style points” which are earned through domination of inferior talent can have no complaint in the unlikely event that we end up undefeated and not in the big dance (Can’t see these three teams finishing undefeated). If we took care of business against Purdue, Pittsburgh, and Boston College we would be number 2 instead of KSU. But when you eek out victory over the Little Sisters of the Poor, the voters frown on you and are not believers. They don’t say “those guys will win a close one over anyone they play, that is their MO.”

  10. Amazing up by 30 now! There goes that sliding scale again! During the game it was: “Have to win by 17 tonight, and preferably more.” WOW we only won by 2 points under the lord and master’s minimum paradigm? Imagine that? Highly technical pronostication not so obvious….duh, I just don’t get it???? Hahahahaha!

    So forgive me being a new apologist, having a broken calculator and no immediate grasp of the obvious… flame thrower. Yeah, let’s put the pathetic offensive team on the wall and nuke their sorry ______. Hahahaha you fill the blank sourpuss your better at it.

    Really, “a lot of fans here.” WOW “nothing-like-an-ole-time-soap-opera”
    reeking with antagonistic behavior!

    If you don’t have enough facts, create more facts! You just need some magic ink that vaporizes! Hahahaha! Yeah, keep those not so indirect comments coming sourpuss. I love your oppressive and poor sarcastic approach. Hahahaha. Typical when no one buys in to your self-love. But why should I be surprised? Actually, I’m not, since you don’t allow for any difference of opinion except your’s cast in granite!

    Any thing else you feel compelled to put on display??

    I got to go to the store now, so work real hard on your presentation of cheap shots! Don’t be disappointed, I will not Cow-Tow, especially, to such a generic indirect flame thower as yourself! I will respond, it just may not be the answer your looking for sourpuss. Especially when we are such a pathetic and UGLY 10-0. Absolutely, no reason not go out and immediately shoot ourselves based on this new autodidactic information? You go 1st! Hahahahaha!

    I’ll be back, XOXO Mr. “superior cryptic guy?” Hahahahaha!

    I feel good, da da da da dot! Woah, I feel good! So good!

    Here come the Irish! 13-0 National Champs!!!!

  11. Oh, one more thing, Southy, as for the in game comments. They were the result of not being up by 30!

    There’s no reason we struggled to score against a team Army went up and down the field on. Are you telling me that we’re not as good or talented as Army on O? I doubt you do! BTW: As fxm pointed out, only Maine and Maryland scored less on BC than we did. Is that the company we want to keep on O? I doubt it!

    So forgive me if I point out the obvious that apparently isn’t obvious to a lot of fans here.

  12. Hey, Southy! Good to have you back safe and sound!

    Agree about Riddick. Wood and Cam are good backs but Riddick is our most complete back. Cam will get his shot next season to see some playing time if he holds off Carlisle.

    BK is building front to back, inside out. He’s getting big, athletic O and D linemen. We have perhaps the best OL and LB classes in the nation coming in. J. Smith is going to be a beast!

    I like the philosophy on O. It complements a great D. But you have to be very efficient in the redzone, Southy. If you’re going to go on 10, 12 play drives and eat up 8 or 9 minutes you have to score TDs. You can’t settle for FGs in that case. That’s been a big problem with BK’s ND teams.

    Go 13-0 and we’ll finish #2 and get the few remaining recruits we want. We’ll find room for them. My wish list includes Mac Alexander, Priest Willis and or Max Redfield, and another O weapon (ATH or WR).

    Yeah, Southy, your Pats don’t look great on D. Buffalo? At home?

    1. Meant to say we’ll finish at least #2. We can’t finish lower than that going 13-0. Assuming we’re not in the NC and get screwed in the polls, then #1 or #2 will lose the BCS title game. #3 ND will beat whomever, wherever. That means we move up to #2.

      Of course, this is all hypothetical. There’s a lot football to be played. ND has to beat WF and USC. USC will not be easy. Our front 7 will have to play even better than it did in Norman. They’ll need to put a ton of pressure on Matt Barkley so he can’t sit back and pick on the secondary with his arsenal of WRs.

      I have a lot of confidence we can beat whomever we’ll play in whatever BCS bowl.

  13. Back from Chestnut Hill.
    The cobwebs have cleared and during recovery yesterday it was fun to go back and read the posts during the game made on here while I watched the Pats almost blow one to the Bills.

    First and foremost – you guys need to chill during the game. I realize I was reading after the fact but you would think we were down 30 reading the comments. This is the first time since we played at BC 2 years ago that I have had a chance to see ND up close and personal. All I can say is WOW!!! What a difference. Bigger, faster, stronger doesn’t do it justice. I know the score doesn’t look impressive but to be there and see it in person, there was absolutely never one feeling in the entire stadium that ND wasn’t going to win. Even the BC fans we were sitting near lamented that ND was back and it seems as if it will be a long time before BC beats them again. I truly think if GA3 didn’t fumble early on the game would have been a real blowout.

    That brings me to my next point about the RB’s. Whoever is commenting on here that Theo is not our best running back is out of his mind. I don’t think it is close. As far as being a complete back (running, receiving, blocking etc.) he his hands down the best. I would have thought CW was our best guy entering the season, but it is clear he is in the doghouse after his poor decision making to start the season and the fumble at the goalline in OT vs. Pitt. Watching him on the sideline he looks uninterested quite frankly. I like Cam McDaniel as much as the next guy but his 2 games of action took place against Navy and Miami in the 4th quarters of games we were absolutely manhandling the line of scrimmage. There is a reason he is the 4th string guy at the moment.

    It’s great to be 10-0. At long last here we are. 2 games to go. Getting to 11-0 is the only thing that matters this week. Who would have thought Bama would lose, nobody. As BK said, winning is difficult. I have no doubt the game against Wake will be difficult. It is who we are and how we play. It will most likely be a 20-10 score or thereabouts. It is out strength and I credit BK for putting his ego aside and understanding that his D is special and the game needs to be called and played according to our strenght. Therefore, he will be very conservative on offense and special teams to not do anything to put his D in jeopardy. I think it is the mark of a good (maybe great) coach who can understand how his team needs to play in order to win. I’m sure it kills him to take 10,12 play drives to score. But eating the clock only ensures we will win because our D just won’t give up many points.

    Who could’ve imagined 5 years ago that we would have the number 1 ranked scoring defense in the country!!! Unbelievable how far we have come. I give BK credit, he stated it at his opening press conference that he would recruit and develop a dominant defense. He has delivered in spades.

    Believe in BK and enjoy the ride. Somebody said it earlier, these seniors have literally seen it all. What a special group led by a truly special player. Never been more proud to be an Irish Catholic!

    Go ND! Go Irish!

  14. OK JACK,

    Last chance, double or nothing on winning a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Here’s the chance for me to buy all the beer! I say we win a title. You already know I don’t operate on football collective salvation. Hahahaha! What you say?

    Here come the Irish!

  15. After 18 years since the Irish were close, and after 16 years of shear mediocrity, I’m not going to complain about how they get ranked or slotted.
    I just want to see them win each and every game this season, including the bowl game. More important than a crystal from a corrupt and scandalous system, this team could hold it’s head among the highest. They have over achieved. When you look at the question marks coming into the season, you know they weren’t ready for this. But they’ve earned a spot now among the elite. The only thing that matters now is closing out Wake Forest and USC. If the defense picks it up just a hair, and the offense gets humming on all cylinders, then they have a great chance. Only then can the discussion begin.
    If it’s meant to be, you’ll see K-STate or Oregon drop one. Totally possible. But for now, it’s one game at a time.

  16. IrishfaninAR,

    I think we all agree with you. Although I do wonder if we would be complaining as much if the roles were reversed and the polls were favoring us. Sports fans are the worst hypocrites. Just think about how we all bitch and moan when a bad call goes against one of our teams but are silent oe even boastful when we get one in our favor.

    Pollack is worse than a has been, he’s a never was. The SEC is a top heavy conference. Like you say, it’s not great top to bottom. Never has been, never will be.

    Style points are a given in college football. But that’s not new. ND wins a NC in 1977 because of style points, namely, its blowout win against #1 Texas in the 1978 Cotton Bowl. Had ND not blown out Texas it’s possible one of the other higher ranked 1 loss teams would have won the title. I believe ND was #5 going into the Cotton Bowl and needed a lot of help to leap frog to #1. But the most important thing was the style points from beating up the Long Horns, who were unbeaten, consensus #1, and had Heisman winner Earl Campbell.

    Barring something like an 8 team PO and streamlined polling system, I’d prefer to just go back to the old days. After all, if it’s all going to be subjective any way, give me the old traditional bowls and polls. Throw in going back to the geographically sensible conferences of the past, which would give back fans old rivalries like OU-Nebraska.

  17. Btw, a less than impressive win over a Purdue, Pitt, or Boston College is more impressive than a slaughtering of Missouri State, North Texas, Arkansas State, or Tennessee Tech.

    These haters on all of these sports networks need to put aside margin of victory and look at the names of the teams on these schedules. The voters and analysts are all about what teams have done in years past right?…well look at the names on ND’s schedule compared to the others and tell me who has the #1 SOS based on the names only.

    That’s what I thought…

    1. ChrisJ,

      We all agree. But obviously neither you nor I have any votes or say in how this works.

      We can moan and groan all we want but it won’t change a damned thing. The voters are mostly ND haters. So it behooves ND to make sure it doesn’t give them any excuses to hate. Play only FBS teams. Play tough FBS teams. Destroy the weaker FBS teams on the schedule. It’s that simple to do in theory or hard to do in fact, depending on how you look at it. But it is what it is!

      The computers love ND. But computers are only part of the equation. So long as there’s a human element in the polls, ND haters will look for reasons to screw us. Call it style points or whatever, but haters will find a way to hate!

      Is it fair? No. Do we like it? No. Is it reality? Yes.

      As for Musburger and others on ESPN or ABC, so be it. But the NBC booth needs to be pro-ND. NBC looses nothing giving us a pro-ND announcing team. The ND fans like us would love to hear Don Criqui or whoever does the ND radio play by play and Aaron Taylor doing the color analysis. The haters will go wild and watch to complain and root against ND even more. Win-win for NBC!

      1. I just hope we keep proving EVERYONE wrong. One game at a time, but if we take care of business, we better be in the NC.

      2. From your mouth to God’s ears!

        But we can take care of our business and probably won’t play in the NC game unless Oregon and KSU also win out. That’s what the experts are saying at least.

        We might as well as start dealing with the reality that ND doesn’t control its own destiny. We need help, namely, Oregon or KSU to lose.

        The reality is that the world is round, there are 24 hours in a day, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and ND needs help to make the NC game.

        But let’s hope that Chris is right and however it happens we play for the title.

        But for now, let’s focus on WF.

  18. I feel that today the Irish deserve playing in the Championship game. But we have two games to go before that situation crystalizes.

    ON ANOTHER THEME: ABC network needs to supervise Brent Humburger ( Musburger) and Kirk Herbstreit. For long stretches in the ND/BC game they were transmitting crony banter during actual plays, and even silenced Official’s explaining some penalties. Their job is for commenting the game, not for regaling us with their adventures.

  19. The Irish need to go 12-0 and that begins this weekend with the game vs Wake. You have to realize Pollack is an SEC guy and they think that the SEC is the end all be all of college football. That is a good conference, but it has it’s cupcakes as well. Tennessee, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Arkansas this year, Auburn, both Mississippi schools in years past. I hate that you have to have style points to get votes. Oregon is putting up 60 points a game but hasn’t played anybody. The object of the game is to put 1 more point on the board than your opponent. Notre Dame has done that the last 10 games, and with a little help will rise to number 2 in the rankings. One week at a time. Go IRISH!!!! Beat WF!!!!!

  20. ND is one Oregon or KSU loss away from playing for a NC, human voters and style points be damned!

    Of course, we need to win out. That means beating WF and USC. Let’s stay focused on these 2 games. First focus on WF!

    Having said that, all of us are adults here and know how things are. When you sneak past BYU and Pitt plus look less than impressive against Purdue and BC, 3 of those 4 being home games, then you know the ND haters have all the excuses they need to rank ND below other unbeatens. That may not be fair but it is what it is. That’s why just winning may be good enough in the NFL, where a wild card team can back into the POs but win the SB, but it is not good enough in college football. (BTW: Even the upcoming 4 team PO system will not eliminate style points entirely!)

    So I’d rather focus on ND. Let’s look for improvement on O. I think STs are what they are and won’t be fixed until we get a STs specialist as coach. Let everything else play itself out.

    Here Come the Irish!

    1. SFR.

      Your point about our Special teams is a good one.

      I have to admit, I am a little dissapointed in our return game this year.
      (especially after GA-III showed so much promise last year, and we added a new punt returner this year)

      But this weeks game agianst Wake Forest might be the chance to get things rolling.

      In Wake’s 37-6 loss last Saturday to NC State they had 2 kick offs and 12 punts.

      (I had to double check this stat) The Wolfpack had 200 yards in kick returns.


      Who the hell was returning those kicks… The Galloping Ghost? Devin Hester? Forest Gump?

      Or was it Tom O’Brien, coach of NC ST, who was preparing his team for a conference game, and trying like hell to get them in a bowl game, who did his homework and found lost yardage vs. WF on special teams?

      If I were ND I would look very carefully at each of those returns.

      We have a good running game, and some decent play makers on offsence.
      Our Defense is more than solid.
      Our depth is good.
      Our team speed is much improved.
      I love our leadership, toughness, teamwork, and heart.

      The only thing I feel that is missing is a few plays from our special teams.

      Besides, having a good game on special teams agianst WF only gives USC more things to worry about and have to work on leading up to our game agianst them.

      And that’s a good thing!
      A very good thing.

      1. Right on, Shaz! Perhaps we should nominate you for STs coach 🙂

        We just need to focus on what’s in front of us. First WF, then USC. Let’s see if we improve on O. Let’s look for consistency from EG and the passing attack. Let’s see if the OL continues to improve. Let’s see if our RBs improve ball security and hit more HRs. Let’s just focus on these things and let the NC talk take care of itself.

        What do you think, Shaz?

      2. I have been thinking a lot about the forgoten man…

        John Goodman.

        Many questioned why he was offered a fifth year.
        He answered that a bit when he came in agianst BC.
        I hope he answers a lot more.
        Really pulling for that guy.

        Thinking about ball security.
        Now is not the time to get sloppy.
        A good week for “back to basics” ?

        Thinking about Carlo Calabrise
        and Louis Nix.
        Calibrise, a defensive player had his QB’s back at a party in the spring. Cost him some playing time.
        Nix had his guys back agianst BC and got booted from the game.
        The circumstances surrounding their actions are debatable, their loyalty, pride, and togetherness are not.

        And thinking about the Seniors next Saturday.
        All the seniors.
        Where they started as freshmen and where they are now.
        If anyone deserves a fantastic finish, it’s them!

        Lets give it to them!

      3. Shaz and Steel my two favorite men here. Right, right and right again. Im hoping for better special teams, improving offensive line, hoping that missed tackles in the past few games are just let downs. This is a demanding game on the mind and body. THIS SENIOR CLASS HAS BEEN THROUGH IT AND THEN SOME. THEY DESERVE AN INCREDIBLE FINISH! THEY DESERVE THE ROAR OF THE CROWD AND THEN SOME! Shaz and Steel –on target! WE ARE ND!

      4. irisheye62,

        Long time, brother.

        Yes, STs must improve. But as Geoff said that won’t really happen until next season. But, who knows, perhaps we can get a play here and there the next 2 games. The OL is fine. But they’ll need to take it up a notch against both USC and in the bowl game. It starts by dominating WF, though. Yeah, what’s up with the missed tackles? I’m glad someone else brought that up because if I did, then some here would claim I was being negative and would do so with ad hominem insults. That’s something that really needs to be cleaned up agaisnt SC and in the bowl game.

        Thanks for the kind words. I guess i must apologize to you for my recent misunderstanding with Shaz, who is ND through and through. Unlike some, I have no problems acknowledging my errors and moving on.

  21. I’m really starting to get upset with this BCS ranking crap now. Just because ND hasn’t won in years past doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the #1 spot right now. The computers have us #1 for a reason…the schedule!!!! No other team has beaten as many ranked teams as ND has. We deserve to be #1. NOBODY…NOBODY picked us to beat Oklahoma and we go into their place and spank them. How could anyone say that any team would beat us when we’ve proven all year long that we are for real??

    Kansas State being ranked in front of us ust kills me. Are you serious!? They beat Oklahoma too, but after #12 Oklahoma, what other team is ranked right now that they have beaten? Oregon has beaten USC, that’s it. We’ll see how they do this weekend against a good defense in Stanford. ND deserves to be #1. ND beat Oklahoma who is currently at #12 (and by much more than KSU btw) and Stanford who is at #13.

    The human voters care about offense, and offense only. Sure, Oregon scores 60 points against teams but also gives up 30 – 50 in the process. I would bet my house right now that Oregon would ever score more than 40 points against our defense. And I know that we would put points up on Oregon because they don’t play defense. I still think Kansas State is going to lose, but since Alabama was ‘Unstoppable’ and now they are gone (this is who I personally wanted us to beat more than any other team), the dream season would be awesome to end with us beating that ‘Unstoppable’ Oregon offense in the NC game!!

    One game at a time for us. Let’s take care of Wake this weekend. Go Irish!!!!

    1. Btw, a less than impressive win over a Purdue, Pitt, or Boston College is more impressive than a slaughtering of Missouri State, North Texas, Arkansas State, or Tennessee Tech.

      These haters on all of these sports networks need to put aside margin of victory and look at the names of the teams on these schedules. The voters and analysts are all about what teams have done in years past right?…well look at the names on ND’s schedule compared to the others and tell me who has the #1 SOS based on the names only.

      That’s what I thought…

      1. Chris J:
        I would rather play and have a tough time against Pitt than whip S.W. Alaska Tech Juneau Branch any day. With all due respect to Murray State and West Carolina and Florida International, Notre Dame is playing programs who are solid in recruiting and know the business of football. Unlike many, we DO NOT have a “pre-season” warm up against squads every week at home at noon in September, followed by conference play which is 1/4 mediocre, 1/4 poor and on a good year about 1/2 of that same conference play might be quite a classic. MIGHT–I said. The reality is most schools have 3-4 tough games at most.
        ( SEC being the exception) However, even in that famed conference ( which I respect) the rotation does not allow for the same teams for revenge taking away the tough factor. So conference, independent or not, regardless of what our opponets have done, when they played ND, much more was expected –and happened in many cases. Truth is, ND –despite its imperfections, has a great Defense and has played NAME Schools and WON. IF ND had played Tenn. Tech or Miss. State or Georgia Southern, they would have bashed us up and down and we all know it! Double Standard is obvious and it is the way it is and will be whether ND joins a conference or not. Names on ND Schedule compared to the others is indeed something to be looked upon. YOU ARE RIGHT CHRIS J ( and so am I!) lol GO IRISH BEAT WAKE-ONE GAME AT A TIME -DO IT MEN! WE ARE ND–AND NOT APOLOGIZING FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. There wont be three undefeated teams at the end of the season. Oregon still has three tough games left. K-state plays Texas which is playing good football right now. And Notre Dame still has to travel to USC and play that group of underachieving 5-star talent. No easy task there. Until ND is 12-0 I wouldnt worry about where we stand in the BCS. Losing that Bowl game to Florida st. last year is the reason were stuck behind K-state at the moment.

      1. jeff,

        That’s a very keen insight on your part. But you’re right. We forget that one season tends to bleed into another in college football, another way, in addition to style points, that the college game is different from pro ball. That should help us going into next season when I think ND will be top 3.

        We had FSU down and let them off the hook. I had put that game behind me until jeff brings up its lingering after effects. Darn it, Diaco, why did you stop pressuring the FSU QB.

      2. Also if you recall Michael floyd got hurt in that game and became a nonfactor in the second half. I think people forget just how big of a part Floyd played in ND success on offense. His presence has really been missed this year. Big reason in my opinion as to why Eiferts numbers are way down

  22. I read so many comments from posters and analysts that fault the Irish for not being perfect. Special teams aren’t goo denough. Offense is hit or miss with a freshman qb. I agree 100%

    But people seem to forget the old adage. Defense wins championships. I live amongst thousands of uber LSU fans that think their teams invented football. I remember vividly the last ew championships for the tigs and last years squads. Their defense carries the team. Their offense is atrocious. No one said they didn’t belong in the nc games.

    This ND defense is elite. With it, the offense doesn’t have to be perfect. Just as LSU.

    1. Amen Delta,

      Defense definately wins Championships and this whole year will prove it! Like Bama, we are just dragging the offense along for the ride.

      You are dead on this defense is elite! There’s no way K-State or Oregon will score 20 points on us!

      Like I said on this site we would beat OU , I say we will beat Wake and USC to finish the season 12-0.

      We will play either Oregon or K-State for the title. And we will indeed shut down their offense for a title!
      You heard it here 1st!

      After 10 wins the team and BK have the right mojo to win it all.

      We have three games to go, so don’t let the vaporous ESPN BCS BS comments worry any of us. It’s not over till it’s over!

      Here come the Irish!

    1. Those teams are good, but they can’t score on us. And we would beat them in the same ugly manner we do others. I think Oregon is the only team we flat out can’t beat.

      1. To me it’s more like how N.D. matches up with many opponents. Each S.E.C. team is quite different from the other so a blanket statement regarding team strength which Mr. Pollock was making kinda comes across as sabre rattling more than informed sports projections. N.D. has earned its stripes and defeated tough opponents nationwide. Michigan was not up to parr but MSU, SU, OU, PITT + USC to come in two weeks is a tough enough schedule to earn any university “respect”.

    2. Anyone in the top 15 can eat anyone else. But each team has it’s schedule and so you take on whomever you get. The Irish are undefeated.

  23. BK is holding back for the USC game. He isn’t showing his cards. He’s an offensive genius and will pull something out of his hat for that game. We are really thin at receiver now so Brown or Goodman Re going to have to stand up. I am really scared of USC but ND has surprised me all season long, I just hope they do it against the Trojans.

  24. I’m not so sure about this O line. The pattern I see is 2 or 3 plays where they don’t block and the runner gets swarmed at the line, then they blow a big hole for a 10-yard gain and everybody heaps praise on them. They seem especially inept near the goal line. Maybe it’s just me.

    1. I don’t think it is just you – I agree there is a lack of consistentcy here – Also question some of the play calling I know the strength is running left but there needs to be some mix there. Also it doesn’t look like the “killer insticnt ” is there yet -If this is going to be a #1 then just totally dominating teams like BC has to be there week after week. Maybe BC just isn’t ready to really turn EG loose yet but the O is becoming really static And like you said picking up the 1st down needs to really be there – First half was much better than the first – only about 140 yards the 2nd half

    2. I totally agree with you! We can’t run up the middle to save our lives. I think some of it has to do with the offensive line and some of it has to do with where the running back takes the hand-off. I think not using a fullback also hurts our running game. Agree or disagree?

      1. I think choice of running backs also matters. I really think Cam McDaniel should be playing a lot more. He seems to be much better suited for this running game than the other running backs with the exception of Cierre Wood. I don’t think Theo Riddick is very good. GAIII is very good but he is a north and south runner and a shifty east to west runner. For GAIII to be successful in the run game we must get a push up front so he can run straight and hit the home run.

      2. Mike Golic Jr. is not a very good guard. He is much better at center, which is his natural position.

      3. How could you say that you don’t think Theo Riddick is that good!!??!?! The dude is our most complete back. He runs harder than any one of our backs and he catches the ball out of the backfield. When have you seen Cierre Wood catch a pass all season?? Sorry, I just can’t believe my ears hearing that Theo Riddick isn’t that good. Btw, I think that is the first time he has ever fumbled in his ND career.

      4. ChrisJ,

        Have you seen Cam McDaniel run? Yes Riddick can catch the ball out of the backfield, but he is a slow like Darius Walker and Autry Denson. Did you see him get caught from behind vs. BYU on that long run he had?

      5. While I agree that Cam McDaniel appears to be a very hard runner himself, Theo is the more complete back all around. That’s all I’m saying, and that is he good. The reason he was caught from behind in that game is because he had a couple powerful runs right before that, and not to mention, he used a lot of his strength on that play just to break through the line the way he did, so he didn’t have as much juice left in the tank as he wanted I’m sure. You can’t tell me he isn’t a good running back. His cuts are sick, makes people miss all the time, and when he needs to he blows through holes and usually moves the pile forward despite his size.

      6. He is good, not very good. It looks to me that he ran faster under Charlie Weis. I like his heart, talent and ability. I think they are other running backs on team like Cam McDaniel that are better than him.

      7. Riddick has done a great job this year at RB. I still think Wood is the best runner and if he was getting the bulk of the carries he would be over 1000 yds already. Yes Riddick is the more complete back because of his pass catching ability. I would rather see him in the slot where he was last year. Let cierre, cam, and ga3 split carries with cierre getting the majority of carries. I dont like what i see so far from GA3 at RB. Yes he is a homerun threat but he seems to shy away from contact and runs to strait up and down. also seems to lack the ability to make defenders miss like riddick and wood.

      8. Cam McDaniel’s talent has not been tapped in to yet…he is as talented at slot as he is at running back. He doesn’t drop anything…I know him personally, and he grew up catching thousands of balls with Jaxon Shipley of UT…he runs the pro shuttle as fast as any NFL RB or DB…factual…and he had a 47 yard punt return average in high school…no one would kick off to him or punt to him…yet, he’s never returned a punt for ND???

  25. Good choices, Frank.

    I’d add Ishaq (#11) as a key reserve, and, of course, Teo to a great “D” effort – AGAIN.

    This world-class elite “D” continue to dominate and amaze.

    Eifert on offense was impressive, as well as the “O” line, especially the left side mixed in with Golic’s pulls.

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