Notre Dame 2013 NFL Combine Preview

Braxston Cave - Notre Dame C
Braxston Cave, seen here during the 2013 Senior Bowl, will be one of seven former Notre Dame players in Indianapolis this weekend for the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine. (Photo – Derick E. Hingle / USA TODAY Sports)

With the yearly NFL Combine coming up this weekend in Indianpolis, a handful of former Notre Dame players will be taking their first steps towards their professional football careers while trying to impress NFL scouts, executives, and personnel on and off the field.

In all, Notre Dame will have seven former gridiron standouts in Indy this weekend – Manti Te’o, Tyler Eifert, Braxston Cave, Theo Riddick, Cierre Wood, Jamoris Slaughter, and Zeke Motta – while an 8th – Kapron Lewis Moore – was invited but is unable to attend due to the recovery from the knee injury he suffered in the first half of the BCS Championship Game.

Te’o and Eifert are the unquestioned headliners as both will be hoping to secure first round grades from the teams they talk to during the combine, but the other five former Domers on hand will have their chance to carve out their own niches in the NFL as well.

Manti Te'o - Notre Dame LB
For Manti Te’o the interviews he has with NFL teams this weekend will be as important as any drill he participates in.  (Photo: Matthew Emmons / US PRESSWIRE)

Manti Te’o – MLB

It has been an eventful off-season for Te’o since Notre Dame’s season came to a crashing end in Miami in early January.  While the off the field drama will hang over Te’o’s head, the accomplishments that he had n the field this year will end up out weighing girlfriend-gate.   At the NFL level, the biggest question for Te’o will be what defensive scheme does he project best for – a 4-3 or a 3-4? compares Te’o to Demeco Ryans – an inside linebacker who struggled in a 3-4 scheme in Houston after thriving as the MIKE in a 4-3 defense.

  • What he needs to do in Indy: Interviews will be key for Te’o this weekend.  Not only will the off the field questions regarding the whole girlfriend hoax come up, but questions regarding his performance against Alabama will loom even larger.  Te’o was the toast of the college football before the BCS Title game, but his performance against the Crimson Tide raised questions about his game that he will need to answer before a team will invest a first round pick on him.
  • Current draft projection:  1st Round
Tyler Eifert - Notre Dame TE
Notre Dame TE Tyler Eifert will look to lock up a 1st Round draft position with a strong showing at the NFL Combine this weekend. (Photo – Chris Williams / IconSMI)

Tyler Eifert

While you will all most likely read about Eiefert forging his season senior for the NFL, Eiefert did indeed complete four years of school at Notre Dame and is merely heading to the NFL with a 5th year of eligibility available to him that he won’t be taking advantage of.  That being said, Eiefert didn’t need a 5th year to prove to scouts his value.  Most have Eifert as the top tight end in this year’s draft and he could end up outdoing his predecessors Kyle Rudolph, John Carlson, and Anthony Fasano by getting picked in the first round – a solid 40 time in Indianapolis ought to seal the deal.

  • What he needs to do in Indy: Eifert needs to separate himself from Zach Ertz to lock up a first round selection If Efiert runs a good 40 time he should be a good bet as a first rounder which would make him the first Notre Dame tight end to be selected in the first round since one of UHND’s all-time favorites – Irv Smtih.
  • Current draft projection: 1st Round
Zeke Motta - Notre Dame S
Zeke Mota will need to run a good time in the 40 to boost his draft stock. (Photo – Robin Alam / IconSMI)

Zeke Motta

Zeke Motta had some big shoes to fill in 2012 by replacing 2012 1st Ro]und NFL Draft Pick Harrison Smith, and he did a more than OK job at replacing the ball hawking safety who spent his rookie year making plays for the Minnesota Vikings.  In fact, Motta was one of the more unheralded players that made Notre Dame’s 12-0 regular season possible.  While Motta does not possess the raw athleticism of Smith – and really, how many safeties do? – Motta made some big plays for the Irish secondary this year as the elder statesmen of a group that ended up featuring three first time starters after Slaughter’s injury.  Motta is a big, physical safety who will need to find a home int he right scheme on the NFL level, but has the talents to be a standout special teams contributor from day one.

  • What he needs to do in Indy: The knock on Motta is his range and speed so he will need to test well in the speed and agility drills.  Motta will no doubt impress the teams he meets with his leadership and intelligence, but will need to ease the concerns with his athleticism.  A good 40 time will boost Motta’s stock quite a bit.
  • Current draft projection: 4th-5th round
Braxston Cave - Notre Dame C
Braxston Cave will likely impress scouts with his performance in the lifting drills at Combine.  (Photo – Derick E. Hingle / USA TODAY Sports)

Braxston Cave

One the mainstays on the offensive line for the Irish over the last four years, Braxston Cave leaves Notre Dame as a 4-year starter at center.  Cave is a tough as nails lineman who will impress everyone with his strength numbers at the combine – in fact it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Cave was one oft he top performers among the linemen in strength numbers.  Cave could struggled in the agility drills, however, as he is not exactly flight of feet – even for an offensive lineman.  The knock on Cave is that, despite his workout numbers, he can get overpowered at times and has a tough time fighting back.  When Cave locks on and gets leverage, he is set, but if he gets a little off balance, he has struggle recovering.  He won’t be able to do much to put those concerns to rest in Indy, but can impress with his workout.

  • What he needs to do in Indy: Cave needs to knock his workouts out of the park and display the strength that we’ve all heard stories about out of the Notre Dame lockerroom over the past few seasons.  Some of the stories of Cave’s performance in the weight room have reached urban legend type status so it should be fun to watch him in the bench press and other lifting drills.
    Current draft project: Late round to undrafted free agent
theo riddick navy
Notre Dame RB Theo Riddick will need to impress NFL scouts with his all-around game this weekend in Indianapolis.   (Photo – Matt Cashore-US PRESSWIRE)

Theo Riddick

Theo Riddick finally found a permanent home at running back in 2012 and by the end of the season, he was thriving as Notre Dame’s go-to back.  Early on in the season, many (myself included) couldn’t figure out why Riddick was seeing more carries than Cierre Wood, but by season’s end, it was pretty clear.  Riddick turned out to a be a great all around back for the Irish in 2012.  The problem for Riddick at the NFL level is that he might not test that well in terms of 40 times and speed numbers.  Riddick just simply does everything that you ask him to do well though and for that reason he will find a home in the NFL.

  • What he needs to do in Indy: Riddick needs to really put up the best time he can in the 40.  There are concerns over his top end speed and a slow 40 time will not do anything to ease them.  Riddick also needs to make sure he excels in the areas where he should excel such as receiving drills where he can flash the skills that made Brian Kelly convert him to slot wide receiver in 2010.
  • Current draft projection: Late round to undrafted free agent
Cierre Wood - Leaving for NFL
Notre Dame RB Cierre Wood had a 5th year of eligibility remaining but opted to head to the NFL anyway. (Photo – Mike DiNovo / USA TODAY Sports)

Cierre Wood

Like Eieft, many will say that Wood is leaving Notre Dame early, but in reality, Wood is leaving on time.  He is leaving a year of eligibility on the table, but he was a senior in 2012 just like Eifert.  Unlike Eifert though, Wood could have potentially improved his draft stock by coming back to Notre Dame for another season.  He lost his starting role to Riddick in the summer after being suspended for the first two games and never gained it back while showing some inconsistency.

  • What he needs to do in Indy: Wood needs to make sure to turn in his best performance since he doesn’t have quite the on-field history to back up much other than a late round selection.  His speed and athleticism though should allow him to test well and move up some boards.  Interviews will be key for Wood as well as questions around his maturity have followed him throughout his time at Notre Dame – most notably following his two game ban to start the season.
  • Current draft projection: 4th-6rh Round
Jamoris Slaughter - Notre Dame S
Notre Dame Fighting Irish safety Jamoris Slaughter will try to impress NFL scouts this weekend after being denied a 6th year of eligibility by the NCAA last week.  (Photo – Douglas Jones / US PRESSWIRE)

Jamoris Slaughter

Up until last week, Jamoris Slaughter was holding out hope that he would be able to return to Notre Dame for a 6th year after missing the final 9.5 games of his 5th season due to a torn Achilles suffered against Michigan State.  Slaughter’s request, however, was denied by the NCAA and thus he begins his quest to continue his career at the next level.  Slaughter moved around a bit for Notre Dame, but injuries seemed to slow him down even when he was “healthy” which caused him to never reach his full potential while with Notre Dame.  If Slaughter can get, and stay healthy, he has a chance to be a special teams stalwart on the NFL level at least.

  • What he needs to do in Indy: Slaughter needs to show that he is healthy – or least as healthy as he can be just five months after suffering the injury against Michigan State.  That will be much easier said than done, but the more Slaughter can do, the more chances he has to catch the eye of a NFL team.
  • Current draft projection: Late round to undrafted free agent.


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  1. ND Southy,

    RB’s comment in and of itself was OK. Like you said it was somewhat ironically comedic in fact.

    However, we shouldn’t lose sight of the underlying sentiment which isn’t so funny. What is that sentiment, you ask? It’s the win at all costs, consequences be damned approach most college football programs endorse and that are sanctioned by the corrupt organization called the NCAA. Make no mistake, Southy. Underlying all the trolls’ attitudes on here, they couldn’t care less how honorable ND is and how corrupt the vast majority of BCS programs are. All they care about is winning even at the cost of their integrity.

    RB is a troll. No doubt. But he’s far from the most obnoxious troll here. For instance, I largely agree with his point above. (Although I think ND could beat Bama at least one time if they played 10 games, but that’s neither here nor there. The reality is in the one actual game that was played Bama destroyed ND.) Having said that, however, don’t coddle or encourage these amoral and or immoral trolls who don’t care that their teams are full of ringers and crooks. Who cares, so long as we win, that’s their mindset.

    At ND, we hold are student-athletes to a higher standard. Win or lose, we ND fans know that our players will actually graduate with a ND degree, a degree which is worth far more than one from UF, Bama, LSU, Ohio St., Michigan, or any other SEC or B1G school (with a few exceptions such as Vandy or NW).

    Go Irish!

  2. does anyone really believe manti missed 2 tackles all year and then 6 against bama because they were that much bigger and better? he said the fake girlfriend thing didn’t affect his play, and he has to as a professional but there is no way you’re going to convince me that didn’t have an effect on him. he’s clearly a first rounder and a good man. some team will be lucky to have him

    1. I’d say it affected him, other players and the coaches. I don’t think they beat Bama if they played 20 times but it would have been a closer game sans scandal.

  3. RB & Southy/b-dub,

    Definately, pathetic, terminological inexactitude with unmistakable intent at the expense of Teo. Geaux-dolts!

    “Just Sayin!”

  4. Probably not, Ron, since even Tuiasosopo would be to clever for the average SEC non-student athlete. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tuiasosopo was more clever than the average TA or adjunct at some of these glorified diploma mills of departments at many of our so-called institutions of higher learning, Ron. You know, like the African-American studies dept. at UNC or the ballroom dancing professors at USC.

    It’s a sad indictment on our society that people would make sport of or try to justify what happens at most schools. These people would no doubt sell their souls to the devil for a few wins and some glory. Many already have. It’s a scandal that gets overlooked by the immoral and amoral followers of the SEC, ACC, or B1G.

    Frankly, Ron, there’s no comparison between Te’o’s victimization and the academic and other criminal infractions at schools in the major conferences. The fact that you’d suggest such a comparison even by way of a joke is in itself a sad joke.

    Why am I a ND fan? Because win or lose the ND football players and student-athletes in all other sports are students first and foremost. When was the last time a ND student-athlete signed up for a ballroom dancing class online? That’s why the ND haters have to resort to hoaxes perpetrated against a naive ND player, or a non-starting and unsubstantiated alleged case of breast fondling, or a terrible tragedy like the Declan Sullivan case even though the Sullivan family accepted the findings and apologies of the ND administration. They have to resort to these stretches because they can’t cite any real cases of ND violations or academic corruption among football players like you get in the SEC, ACC, and the other major conferences. Instead, all ND does is graduate 99% of all football players, including African-Americans, and without the help of bogus online classes or made-up majors.

    So, Ron, go take your red herrings and go cheer for whatever soul-selling SEC team of the moment’s bandwagon you want to jump on!

    1. The sound of me at my computer after I read SteelFanRob’s reply to troller Ron B.

      (Two hands clapping!)

      And thanks Frank for your analysis . . . here’s hoping pro teams
      recognize how an Eifert could easily be another all-pro like Rudolph

      I’m hoping either Eifert or Manti are still around when the Bears pick in round one-
      they’d be able to visit ND more often just 90 miles away in Chicago . . .
      we could use quality athletes and certainly a TE and LB here in Chicago;
      and I’d love to see Braxton as a Bear OL-
      God knows
      (and this is from an Archangel!)
      they need OL.

      1. I actually laughed at RB’s comment. Thought it was humorous and ironic.

        I’m sure even Manti’s best friends are giving him a hard time about it in jest. As Notre Dame fans we sort of have lost the ability to make fun of anything on line at this point.

        Just sayin.

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