IBG: Bye Bye Sun Devils Edition

Tommy Rees - Notre Dame vs. Arizona State
Notre Dame Fighting Irish quarterback Tommy Rees (11) looking to throw to his receivers during the game between the Shamrock Series Arizona State University Sun Devils and the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Notre Dame wins against Arizona State, 37-34. (Photo: Patrick Green / IconSMI)

The Irish Blogger Gathering returns during the bye week following Notre Dame’s win over Arizona State in the latest edition of the Shamrock Series.

On a sad note, the IBG founder, The Subway Domer, has hung up his keyboard and gotten out of the Notre Dame blogging game.  The remaining participants are moving forward without our fearless leader though.   Here are this week’s entrants:

Over here at UHND, Ryan from Her Loyal Sons answered our questions while we sent questions over to Keith at Inside the Irish.

1.  We saw the good and the bad of Tommy Rees against Arizona State.  What do you expect to see out of him over the final 6 games of the season?

Her Loyal Sons: In all honesty, we saw a lot more of good Tommy than bad against ASU. Even though he was only 44.7% passing on the day, he still managed to make his completions count going 279 yards for 3 TDs which lead to a 127.2 rating (his other two highest ratings were Temple: 238.97 and Purdue: 159.27).

I think what we see from him the rest of the season will really depend on how the rest of the offense develops as well as how Tommy attacks the field.

The rushing game is hitting their stride which obviously helps. We can’t discount the emergence of Hendrix bringing QB runs and the read option back into play, which will now force defenses to prepare for more than usual.

Tommy’s decisions though will be the interesting part. I’m not just talking about throwing INTs either, but how he attacks the field. I wish I had the time to chart his passes out, but I’ve felt like Tommy has fallen in love with the one-on-one jump ball down the sidelines. He reads the single coverage on his boundary receiver and just can’t resist taking a shot. This pass my have a low percentage INT rate, but his success rate hasn’t been nearly high enough to justify taking those chances (especially on third and short).

If Tommy can focus on attacking the entire field, I think we’ll see remarkable improvement from here on out.

2) The Notre Dame pass rush woke up against the Sun Devils, but we’ve seen single game outbursts from Prince Shembo before (BC ’12 and Utah ’10).  What must Shembo and the rest of the Irish pass rush do to build on the momentum from last weekend in the second half of the season. 

Her Loyal Sons: Quite frankly, I think ASU simply couldn’t match up with Shembo on a talent level much like the other two teams you mention. That isn’t to say Shembo only comes to play when the matchups are good, but I think it should temper the “he’s figured it out” expectations.

Overall though, I think the defense is starting to hit their stride as a group. Jaylon Smith alone has improved by leaps and bounds and is starting to fill the void left by Spond. Carlo Calabrese has been playing much better as well. I’m still a little leery on the secondary, overall I think they’ve improved, but they are still giving up the occasional huge play.

If the defense keeps this pace up, I think you’ll see the pass rush on its own. QBs have been able to get rid of the ball far too fast against the Irish and no D-line adjustment will fix that. If the Irish can force opposing QBs to take a second or two longer, our guys will get home.

3) With the bye week upon us, what is the one area that you would like to see Brian Kelly and the Notre Dame coaching staff address the most?

Her Loyal Sons: Find an identity on offense.

This kind of goes to my answer in question one. I want Kelly drill into Tommy’s head that he isn’t the kind of QB that can abuse the sideline jump ball (for instance, Brady Quinn abused opposing defenses with the jump ball at will). The focus needs to be on the shorter routes over the middle. Every pass can’t be a homerun.

The sideline jump-ball thing is even more puzzling considering how often the Irish are 5-wide. Single coverage down the sideline is pretty common there, but so is single coverage on just about everyone. The goal of the 5-wide is to spread the offense so thin that the defense will inevitably give up a short route underneath because there is simply too much to cover. The logic behind using it on third and short, for instance, is the belief that there’s going to be someone right at the sticks open. The jump ball down the sideline is a bad choice in comparison.

Along with focusing on Tommy, I am hopeful that the Irish rushing attack continues to improve. I think the addition of Hendrix in this rotation opens up a wide variety of read option looks that defenses really haven’t seen from us all year. Forcing defenses to worry about this new package will inevitably open up the offense when Tommy is on the field.

Bonus: No Notre Dame game this weekend.  What games are you watching, if any and what is your idea of the perfect bye weekend as a fan?

Her Loyal Sons: I’m actually watching zero college football this weekend. I promised the fiancee a weekend getaway trip with just the two of us and zero CFB. She enjoys watching ND games with me and maybe one other game, but she has yet to come around on my obsessive CFB binges of watching 10+ games in a day.

In all honesty, it’ll be a good break too. There are definitely some great matchups this week, but watching football analytically can be draining. Even as hammered as I was during the Shamrock Series game, its something I still couldn’t turn off in my brain. So, I’d say being able to get away (preferably during a week with crappier games) is a perfect weekend to unwind a bit.

The games that’ll make me want to sneak a peak at my phone: Texas/OU (so I can laugh at the Longhorns), Florida/LSU, and Oregon/Washington.

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  1. So Robby,

    Do you want we to give another National Championship speech to see what happens? Hahahaha! You know we got a response! Hahahaha! Do you feel the love?? Hahaha! Should I call you the best instigator on this board?
    I’m not going to listen to you anymore, you know I want complete mediocrity! Hahaha!

    GoooooIrish! Avoid the jock-strap bowl! Hahaha! I remain the same!

  2. Robby,

    This problem has been going on long before the ‘Steelfanbob’ showed up! I suggest you go back and read JDH’s posts vs Shaz’s and then compare the facts before you present a hypothesis! You and JDH have gone around or two with Shaz so I know you know what I am talking about. Not to mention, on the Steelfanbob matter, why would I use another handle to attack myself……duh!! Interestingly enough, go back and see who did not get attacked by alias Steelfanbob! Or go back and count who had the least the number of posts when this problem started? If you remember, the attack started aimed at the both of us exclusively!


    1. It could be settled once and for all by Frank/purveyor of this site. He could simply look at the I.P. signatures of the so-called imposters and tell by the geographic locations. It would be anonymous and decisive! It’s like UHND CSI! 🙂

  3. I wonder if the “duranko” that I fell out with is even the same person whom I befriended a while back and exchanged spiritual insights with. It really didn’t sound like him. That’s why I was surprised. Now I wonder if there aren’t 2 or even 3 people on here with a “Duranko” or “duranko” handle?

    This is BS! It’s bad enough that this medium allows for trolls and cowards to hide behind screen names. Now we have this virtual multiple personality disorder BS as well?!

    C’mon, people. This is a close knit community. Let’s not cheapen or even trash it with this inane BS.


      1. I know who I am. Frankly don’t care any more who you are, loser, troll. Just want to stir things up because your life sucks that much, I guess. BTW: JC, Shaz, JDH, and the rest of us here don’t need you to play at being a fan. Despite our disagreements, we don’t need to hide behind others screen names. You’re a troll and that’s all you’ll ever be. So go root for Ohio St., Bama, or whatever other glorified prison league team you call yours and choke on your own bile.

        See, Jack, I can be pretty mean. Just not with you. You’re one of us.

        See, JC, you’re right I can instigate with the best of them, just like you and Shaz 😉



      2. Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

        Goooooooooooooooooo Irish!!!!!!

        If our keeping score ND beat 5 #1 ranked teams on the road today.


        Gooooooooooooooooo Irish!!

  4. Where, oh where, is our long-lamented champ, the voice of reason in and out of season, C-Dog? Perhaps he could shed light on this nonsense.

  5. Shaz and JC,

    I think all 3 of us are being played by someone who wants to take a cheap shot at us from the outside. They’re playing on your historic rivalry against each other by using a confusing screen name that looks like mine. Note that it already caused on confusion with Jack. They’re taking some of idiosyncracies and trying to create trouble. Don’t let them. Be as argumentative as you want with each other but let’s call this troll “SteelFanBOB” out for what he is.

  6. Sorry,

    I thought it was out of your character, but I do most of my posting from my phone and couldn’t tell the difference. Maybe I am getting to old and need bifocals. I am not from PA just live here, my family is from MD, I am a transplate to Pennsyltucky

  7. Jack,

    I’m a Steelers fan but not a Pitt fan. I root for only the Irish in college football. Again, you’re confusing me with whomever “SteelFanBOB” is. BTW: I doubt that they’re from PA or are Stilers fans at all. I think they’re just messing with us.

    I’m also not from PA. But I’ve been a Steelers fan my whole life. Just like I’ve been an ND fan my whole life but I’m not from S. Bend.

    So, “Jack”, just like you’re not “jack,” and “Ron” is not “Ron Burgundy,” I’m not whoever “SteelFanBOB” is. Blame these lame screen-name games. At least in this case. I can see how “Ron Burgundy” shouldn’t be confused with “Ron” and you shouldn’t be confused with “jack.” The names are different even if slightly. But, C’mon, I can see the confusion caused by “SteelFanBob” and “SteelFanRob” (sometimes comes out as “SteelfanRob,” but that’s me, too).

  8. Can we just PLEASE stick with one screen name per person and no pseudo- or multiple-identities? It’s hard enough when you have real trolls, sophomore virtual sociologists, and would-be comedians on here. For the integrity of this beloved site for us who take it seriously, say what you want to say, however it is you want to say it, to whomever you want to say it to. Just let’s be clear on who it is who is saying what. That way we can strive for at least a modicum of sincere discussion and not just whatever it is the bipolars on here want

    1. SFR,

      I can take “sophomore virtual sociologists”, “would be comedians” the over the top opinioned, the overly optimistic, and even the occasional troll, that comes with the territory, but there can be no sincere discussions with fakes, users, liars, and mean spirited rabble-rousers.

      I have always spoke as Shaz and only shaz whether good or bad.

      This is all the fault of one or two desperate twisted people who have nothing else in their sorry life but this website and will do anything to keep their place in it.

      1. Shaz,

        That’s why I told JC that I doubted “SteelFanBob” was you. I stood up for you and said that whatever our past disagreements, I trusted you always spoke as yourself.

        JC says you’re “SteelFanBob.” You say he’s “SteelFanBob.” Perhaps whoever “SteelFanBob” is he’s getting a good laugh at all our expenses. But I’m done with obviously pseudo-screen names. It’s clear Ron Burgundy never tried to pass himself off as Ron. I’m not saying that “SteelfanBob” tried to pass himself off as me. Our styles are totally different. but the screen names cause confusion. Witness my exchange with Jack about this confusion. So I’m done. I trust both you and JC have enough respect for us and this beloved site for most of us to not play these silly games.

        Go Irish!

      2. SFR,

        I like that you stood up for me, but even more that you aren’t easily bullshitted by some flim-flam coward who loves to vent but can’t be man enough to stand up on his own and take any possible backlash.

        Fact is “Somebody” used you and you name to cause trouble and that’s bullshit.
        Somebody who is acustom at drawing others into the fray to deflect hostilities away from themselves.

        All I can say to you for certain, is it wasn’t me.

        So at least you know where you stand with me.

        Hope you see that as respect, and I hope that it helps.

    2. Yeah Rob,

      Start with MPD Shaz and not mollify the problem! I suggest the maladroit narrative never changes. I remember his engagment with JDH! The discussion went in the toilet as usual by Shaz! “No, I don’t want too!” Go back and read his post: “I can’t get a word in edgewise around here!” Think about that one! Shaz drew 1st blood blocking again on me! I’m done with the dolt, you can pander with him all your want!

      So Shaz, play all the MPD games you want! Just spew your bile on Burgundy!

      By the way, Robby, the real reason Shaz is vindictive toward me and others, he won’t allow any criticism about BK! Remember when CW left? So now I will have lunch! Knock yourself out Shaz-KellyCare Boy! Hahahahaha!

      1. JC,
        I think today I’m going to go with “The Artist Formerly Known as JDH”. Now I just need some bizzare symbol intstead of the screen name. Things are getting strange on UHND! 🙂

      2. Liar… faker… user…first blood drawer.. imposter!


        Notice that he doesn’t deny that it “wasn’t him” posing as Steelfanbob?

        He’s busted and he knows it!
        We all know it.

        He doesn’t care about anything but himself.
        How he is percieved, how he sounds, how he looks. Retractions be damned.

        He puts you through hell, and plays you for a fool with his fake name nonsence then has the be-be balls to call you “Robby”.

        I don’t call you Robby, but I also don’t stick a knife in your back everytime you turn around.

        If you are going to think about anything, think about that one.

        Read his post to you again.
        It isn’t in reply to what you said about using one screen name, or respect, or our beloved site… it’s all about him, as always, then you get…”you can pander with him all your want” what is that… a threat?

        At least if you pander with me you will actually know who you are talking to.

      3. Well, I really am JDH, and that post above to JC was also me, and I was just making a joke. I say again:
        Things are getting strange and now even STRANGER on UHND. I’m not ripping on anyone; just my opinion.

      4. Maybe this is not the REAL ND football team we have all grown up to know and love. This is an IMPOSTER team. I knew it! For the last 20 years I’ve been duped. Damn!!!

  9. jack,

    Can you please point out when I took a personal shot at you? Perhaps you’re confusing me with whomever “SteelFanBOB” is. I actually agreed with you. I like Pitt. But I think their glory days are far behind them. I certainly think ND should strive to be greater than an average Pitt team. I also agree that ND should look at how it admits football players. We shouldn’t become like Ohio St. or the Special Ed. Conference and take in every illiterate thug with speed. I’m not saying ND should become the Miami teams of the 80s and 90s. No. I’m just saying we should be more like the Holtz teams of the 80s and 90s that had some borderline academic admits. I also don’t see why ND can’t admit highly gifted JC student-athletes. I can’t see the Irish needing more than one JC transfer every couple of seasons if that. Before the sanctimonious come on here and misrepresent what I’m saying, note that ND has made all kinds of accommodations to modernity in the past without losing its soul.

    Sorry, Jack, but I think you have me confused with someone else.

  10. Sure I am. Sports is a what have you done for me lately business last time I checked. By your logic I guess the Cubs should still be considered great because they won a few WS over 100 years ago.

    But if you are a true Stillers fan, then I hope you’re not blinded by your love for MT like you are for BK. Enough with the coach bromances. MT is over-rated. Inherited a SB-winning team from BC and rode it to 2 more SB appearances. Then his shit-ass coaching and KC’s lame ass drafting have the Steelers where they are now: old, under-manned, un-athletic at key spots on O and D, etc.

    Yes, we should stick together as Irish and Stillers fans. But that doesn’t mean we have to agree. And when you pick a fight on here, you better be able to finish one.

    But if you want to start over again, fellow “SteelFan,” I’m OK with that, too. Just don’t get all cry-baby on us if you’re really a “Steel man.” Irish and Stillers fans are tough, blue-collar, immigrant types who don’t mind to rough it up and talk some smack.

    In the end, though, I guess you’re the only one laughing at some pretty lame lines. Not Stillers or Irish standards at all!

    1. Iam absolutely 100% without a doubt positive that ND academic standards have nothing to do with its performance on the field.

      Talent and coaching make winners and we all know BK can recruit but I think the jury is still out on BK’s ability as a coach. We shall see in the coming weeks.

      1. I understand BK is not working with a full deck at the QB position and the whole offense suffers but defense and special teams can make a huge difference plus a little EMOTION for crying out loud!

  11. Jack,

    Agreed. We are very far from elite. That’s the standard. Anybody who settles for less than that should go cheer on Pitt or BC. WE ARE ND!

    As for the Steelers, they may well stink this season. But they’ve been to 3 SBs in 8 years and won 2. If ND had been half as successful as that, just half as successful, I’d be a happy man. Instead it’s been 20 odd years of mediocrity with the Irish.

      1. And the last one was when? I’m sure all of us here agree with you that we’d rather have the Irish be like the Pitt Panthers than be able to compete with Bama. I’m sure we ‘d all agree that beating BC should substitute for winning a NC. I’m sure we’d all agree that you’re an idiot, too! But nice try, though. Come back in about 20 years when you grow a pair and we’ll do this again, Boobjob.

      2. C’mon, you are not seriously gonna use the argument of when was the last one to prove something are you?

        Just checked on my pair, still good to go.

        Us Steel men should stick together.


      3. Steelfan Rob,

        Let’s get something straight, question my manhood and call me an idiot and we can go round and round. I thought we didn’t take personal shots at people on this board. I’m not saying I’m happy with the Irish being average, but until ND wants to losen it’s standards it won’t be able to compete with the programs like Alabama.

        By the way your beloved Pitt Panthers allowed Shady McCoy into their school. He had to go to a prep school just to get into Pitt, so there academic standards are way high! Remember I live in PA so any athlete coming out of Central PA I have the book on! I can give you a boat load of Pitt Panthers from Harrisburg that can barley spell their name.

  12. Am I missing something? Are you telling me that Shaz has now assumed the “SteelFanBoob” screen name? I don’t think that one of our regulars like Shaz needs to punk out like that. Say what you will about Shaz he’s never been afraid to speak his mind and do it in the open. Why would he pull this gutless, clueless, BS? I know JC and Shaz have had their differences in the past. Perhaps that’s what has JC thinking this unoriginal, derivative troll is Shaz. I think that this “SteelFanBoob” isn’t Shaz or any of our regulars. Not even Ron Burgundy is so sophmoric in his posts as this troll. I, for one, respect Shaz way too much to say this is him. If it is, then Shaz’s IQ drops big-time when he assumes the “SteelFanBoob” persona. Say it ain’t so, Shaz! Say it ain’t so!

    1. “It ain’t so”

      It’s just JC, being JC.

      You know, I poked a little fun at him about a month ago…
      He says for me to stop like he always does… so I stop, then he steams night after night… Still peev’d I guess. (which is pretty funny if you think about it)

      If he isn’t carefull one of these days his head will explode!

      Tick.. tick.. tick.. tick..

      But if you guys want to assume that we are all somebody else, I can play along.

      (Tick.. tick.. tick.. tick..)

      1. Really I’m raging, Suuuure Mr. attack bj every time he’s posts! Process this, I will play by your one sided rules with no problem either chief!

        I guess I will just have to make up new friends too just like you and frolick with imaginary guys. Gee, I want to grow up to be just like shazzybob and have all the invisible romper room friends to support my BS too!


        HAHAHAHAHHA Goldilocks! haha!

      2. Do you realize you just said that you wanted to frollic with imaginary guys?

        duh standford!!!

        When you “frollic” with your blow-up boys, do you dress like Ethel Merman and sing show tunes to them?

        I bet they call you frosted flake because you’re so sweet to them!

      3. Hahahahaha! Hey Jeff you got Shaz’s name right! What with EARS!? Hahahaha!

        By the way, guys, the real Shaz on display here with his innovative thinking! or is it the real SteelfanBob?

        Hmmmm….classy real classy huh…RB! Hahaha!

      4. When you say “guys” we assume that you are speaking to your blow-up buddies again.

        You know what would be fun?
        (I mean more fun than this)

        If we could all take turns hitting you with a stick… you know, just to see how much candy would fall out!

      5. bjc…

        KellyCare??? Really.. That’s it? That’s all you got?
        It wasn’t remotely funny the first 20 times.

        Your right… this is one sided.

        Go cry on Frank’s shoulder, I’m sure he’s exspecting your call.

      6. Did you fill your bed pan up on that one? Hahahaha! Hmmm a blood pressure change…hun cinderfella! Hahaha! Go pick on Burgundy he’s more you’re speed! Hahahaha!

        Better yet, just don’t away! Go away mad! hahahahaha!

      7. BJC,

        bed pan? blood pressure? cinderfelella? Cinderfella??

        Shocking! Truely shocking stuff.

        You’ve been pushing the same old JIBBA JABBA for years now.

        Merry Christmas Mr Potter!

        You got nuthin.

        When you say “go pick on” that means “UNCLE” I know, I’ve heard that one before too.

        BJC… I’m looking at you… You wore green so you could hide. I don’t blame you – you’re a tramp! Ooh! That was right where you wanted it! Ooh you’re a little monkey woman you know that? You’re a little monkey woman… You’re lean and you’re mean and you’re not too far between either I bet, are ya?

        Now bark like a dog!

      8. What if there are just 2-3 of us on here with multiple handles and we are actually just talking with ourselves??????

      9. Hahaha! Ooooooooo who would want to say ‘uncle’ to your ultra sophisticated secrete squirrel approach? Hun Burgandy! Hahahahaha!

        Stop flattering yourself, romper room ShazzyBob, now be a good little KellyCare fan and change your lipstick for the next new coach. Hahahaha!

      1. Ah…have somemore breakfast beers! That’s really what you’re true calling is! Seems innocuous for you!


      2. Better yet,

        Call your barfly buddy, you mention all the time and tell him to bring you the stretcher! So he can haul your sorry azz to the nearest bar for your daily fix!


      3. It’s 11:38 and counting where I am. Not that enters into your intelligensia with your beer hallucinations!


      4. Mr. Uncle…..Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

        Good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Irish and Lou and Foxsports 1!,,,,,,,,,,,!!,!,!,!,


      5. I have a real barfly buddies..

        Unlike yours that need to be blown up… for your sick fix!

        Now if you want them to buy you a drink, you’ll have to sing them a show tune!

      6. Hahahahaha! You really are boring! But you can’t help it! You were born that way!

        Take a beer shower today!


      7. Kneelandbob, I mean Steelfanbob, I mean bjc, I mean JC.

        Glad to see you finally came out.

        Nobody goes off the page, does a gooooo IRISH, or signs off with a fake laugh better than you!

        Of course everyone hates a faker!

      8. Hahahahaha! Check your blood pressure again zombie! Hahahaha!

        Hey Robby, you were right! Shaz likes to create his own storyline. Romper Room has definitely had a big impact on his thought process!

        But then again, will the real ShazzyBob please stand up! Nah…this is more fun UNCLE BOBinator!

      9. Go ahead, keep playin SFR for a fool.

        He can read, he knows what you are. He already suspected.

        You used him to try to play some little “get even with Shaz game”

        But then you use everybody sooner or later don’t you?

        You couldn’t keep your JC seperate from your Steelfan bob and you got caught!

        SFR already knew, and now you have confirmed it!

        What a tangled web you weave, you got caught and now YOU can leave!

      10. Hahahaha! Copy Cat logic is all you have? I know a dialecticial discussion is beyond your means. So….

        Did you buy your new lipstick for the new coach at your favorite Beer Bar Today?

        What else do you do KellyCare Boy? Hahahahahahahahaha! Please more laughter hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

      11. Liar.. fake.. phony.. user.. imposter!

        You can try all your little gimmics but we now know who, and what, you really are!

  13. ShazzyBob,

    Just take your medicine Mr.histrionics…you won’t feel good in the morning your sham is up! How about a little whinnnnnnne with that cheese!
    Seems reasonable for you! Hahahaha!

  14. It sucks this year that ND doesn’t have a QB to run it’s full offense. It sucks that ND doesn’t have experience in certain defensive positions to play bump and run and stop this dink and dunk bullshit, but I do at times have optimism about the future. I still stick to my prediction of 8-4 and a bullshit bowl game. I just don’t see Tommy being able to play error free or not being able to be schemed for a half. This defense is not dominate enough to carry the team. We need to suffer through this year to get an accurate assessment of where this program is at. And Steelfan and JC we are ND and accept nothing less than to be the King’s of college football!

    1. What really sucks is listening to you guys whine over and over again and act like you know what you are talking about. Keep your predictions to yourself, nobody cares.

      Accept nothing less.

      1. Sucks to be you, I guess!

        Accept nothing more than mediocrity from “SteelFanBoob”!

        Mediocrity epitomized this brainless, unoriginal half-wit.

        I guess if you were really anymore a Steelers fan than an Irish fan you’d be telling us that Mike Tomlin is as brilliant as BK and that this Pittsburgh team is dominant. But of course you’re just a half-wit troll who doesn’t really have a favorite team or a life and thus your presence among us.

      2. No the Steelers just suck anyone can see that. I just got done watching the grwsr Oklahoma team get beat by a shitty Texas team. Looks like BYU should be a a great game. Steel fan that wasn’t meant as a dig I think we shouldn’t settle for anything less than a great squad. At this time we are very. Far away.

  15. Famous last words: “If you’re throwing interceptions you won’t be playing!” Does a bear crap in the woods? In this case NO way! No “pickle juice” allowed!

  16. Bj,

    We can’t even buy a Dayne Crist moment to be prepaired for next year. I know Zaire signed up for Girls Football! I can’t wait for the next year’s QB derby and we end up with a walk-on! Oh Yeah, the kid is coachable…very coachable and I love his quick release too and I like his record 0-0 and no turnovers! Lets interview George Jetson too for Head Coach!

    1. Perhaps you can prepare a pop quiz for them or a where are they now series.

      Most of these kids weren’t born yet so I’m guessing they could care less. Regardless, it will have no bearing on the outcome of the game.

      Besides who cares, JC is going to fire this coaching staff next year and make a great hire.

      1. Perchance, do you think Rob? Here we are year 4 and what are we hearing? NEXT YEAR! Again! As always! Sound familiar? On top of that we are on the brink of tossing a BCS Bowl in the toilet too! Yet, do we need more stats to figure out the FUBAR?? Suuuuuure just one more statilizer of BS for the Chicken Littles of the world!

        Mitey Mouse is on the way!

        Top Ranked USC 38 ARIZ 31

        Oooooooooooooooooooooooo! Scary! Real Scary!

      2. Wait a minute! Wasn’t Jeff who got your true name right SteelfanBOB?

        Hmmmmmmmm….something____ with ears! Yeah, that’s right!

      3. SteelFanBoob,

        Perhaps you should go kiss BK’s ass and then tell us how it tastes like since you apparently are dying to do so. We’re opened minded enough on here to respect your lifestyle and bromance decisions.

        Booby, when you get hair one between your legs tell us somethings about the man’s game of football. Until then keep your moaning and cry-baby whining to yourself. This is a board for real men and real ND fans. Not unoriginal gutless trolls and mamas boy like you.

        Go cry me a river, you big baby!



  17. Preach it, brother JC, preach on! Perhaps someday people will get the message.

    I totally agree. After 5 years you know what you have with a coach (heck, we give presidents only 4 years to convince us to re-elect them!). But I want to see improvements coming off the bye week. I want to see a good win (better yet a great win) against USC at home. We better not look like the the three-ring circus act from 2 years ago against USC at home. I want to see a fired up team looking like its ready to roll into Palo Alto with a BCS bowl on the line.

    No pickle juice for us, JC. We’ll leave that to the BK bromancers.

    1. I love it, you guys are awesome and so knowledgeable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Wish you were co AD’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Get it done, get it done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    2. Amen SteelFanRob!

      Gee, I sure hope I am wrong, because I would surely hate to see the bromancers have to change their football lipstick for a new head coach! Hahaha!

      1. JC,

        These guys are so bright they can’t even come up with their own screen names.

        I love it!

        I guess SteelFanBob is so smart he doesn’t know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

        Besides I’m sure glad such a dull-witted moron isn’t a true ND fan. He’s just another troll pretending to be a ND fan. In reality he loves that ND football is mediocre so he can continue to rub our faces in it. A true ND fan would want to see ND succeed. This troll and brainless copycat clearly wants the Irish to suck as much and as hard as he does.

        Gee, yipee, Hahahahaha…. Etc.

        Brilliant stuff, copycat, troll, moron, want to be. Are you still in grade school? Miss your mommy, cry baby?

        Come back when your sack drops and then see if you can hang with us then. Until then, see if you come up with another copycat screen name to hide your BS, coward, moronic self behind.

    3. The likelihood of a NC under this man is unlikely. He missed his 3rd year opportunity when he had it in front of him (think Holtz, Devine, Ara, Frank) maybe it would have helped had he had more focus on his team than the NFL. I don’t say this to be overly critical as BK certainly has a winning overall record. I don’t believe he will win a NC at ND.

      1. storespook your integrity, honesty and judgment have already been impeached.

        You have made allegations about the current quarterback being the “pet” of Brian Kelly.

        Well, then, riddle me this, if, as you so clearly allege,
        that Brian Kelly is giving perpetually preferential treatment to the current quarterback, they why did he elevate Sophomore (or REDSHIRT freshman) Everett Golson to the starting job in 2012?

        dazzle me with your acumen! Resolve the apparent flaw in your logic.

      2. Damn Storespook,

        There you go again pissing off the professor! Stop stealing my thunder!

        He doesn’t grasp how purple BK’s face got at TR for punching a cop…oops chest bumped! Facts are Facts…lets be clear! Wonder Boy got to watch Golson for a reason! So now we are playing vice versa! Really duranko….you can’t be serious? But, then again your duranko? THE TERMINATOR!

        Hahahahahaha! Get a life Stat Guy! If you want to impeach someone……head for Washington DC all the way to the top!

      1. Now it’s ShazzyRon MPD again! Gee, I’m sorry do you have a temperature? Now you’re blocking again! Is vulgarity all you got?

      2. “I’m sure that we can handle this situation maturely, just like the responsible adults that we are. Isn’t that right, Mr. Poopy Pants?”

        -Frank Drebin

  18. ND will have to beat USC next weekend on their way to a successful season. A loss to the Trojans will certainly dampen whatever comes over the last 5 games. Let’s hope the new SC coach doesn’t change the Trojans too much. Rees again was not up to par. ND got lucky with Arizona. You cannot expect to be so inconsistent at QB and win. Let’s hope he gets his act straightened out very, very soon. GO IRISH!

  19. According to AM 670 The Score here in Sh*tcago and the Chicago Fib-une ND has now offered the son of rapper Snoop Dogg a football scholarship. I understand ND is now also a brand but what is the deal with recruiting all these celebrities sons. First it’s the son of Chris Collinsworth for safety, then the son of John Bon Jovi for corner back, the son of David Robinson for wide receiver, now the son of snoop doggy Dogg? What’s next, offering one of the Kardashians a scholarship for TIGHT END! Hey ohhhhhhhhhh. Tip your waitress, try the veal, good night Cleveland my name’s Shucky I’ll be back at 10 o’clock! Ok let the comments rain…..

    1. It’s only shilling for publicity. For example take this kid Corey Robinson. Obviously the kid has no talent and will never be able to play the game and will never even catch a reception at Notre Dame. They were
      just sucking up to the Admiral David Robinson and feathering the Navy’s nest.

      Oh, wait…………….

      Let me check some facts……

  20. It will take some doing, JC. But it’s doable so long as BK gets this team playing its best football under his tenure after the bye week. The key is being consistent on O (not spectacular) and turning it on on D. If the D can even approximate last season’s D, ND will be tough to beat. Lots of ifs, though, JC. Lots of ifs. But we’ll hold off on the pickle juice for now. After the Stanford game, though, if we win, bottoms up!

    Go Irish!

      1. Always, unless we accept mediocrity as the standard. Too many on here seem willing to see ND become the Cubs.

        Not us, right?!

      2. Show me a National Championship! Put up or Shut up! If you can’t do it in 5 years your not going to in 10 either! So, before we immortalize BK with a statue here, the BK bromancer’s get one more year (#5) and that is it for me (for the record)! The reign of terror then begins looking for a new coach! I will start beating the drums after year #5! Starting with Bob Stoops, a real class act! Don’t give me the continuous whining of what BK inherited. Ara inherited a 2-7 team and all most won a NC his 1st year 9-1! Further, don’t tell me that was another time on mars either! So stop the excuses it is indeed getting old. Otherwise we will be the Damn Cubs without question Rob! Football made this University, people need to remember this is indeed no small matter. Our independence is at risk every year we don’t win a NC for the uninitiated! After 5 years with no title ask me if I care what anyone thinks. My loyalty is not with the coaching staff, only the University and the team! Daylight is burning!

        What about it Rob & bj!

        The “Pickle Juice” Clock begins!!!

        PS: Rob aren’t you glad you asked? Hahaha!

      3. Yah lets go put me in coach now I’m fired up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        You make take our lives but you’ll never take our freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        5 year drum, 5 year drum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        Goooooooooooooooooo Irish!,,,

      4. Hahaha! Take your medicine Shazzy Bob! I like it when your incognito…your like an
        obstreperous teenager with depends! How dare I talk about BK that way…shame on me.

        GooooooooIrish! Avoid the jock-strap bowl!

  21. JC,

    You make a lot of sense a lot of the time. Seems we’re agreeing more and more. We’re becoming alter egos. Hahahahahaha!

    Gooooooo Irish!

    1. Yeah Rob,

      I hope we are both really laughing at the end of the season, with a BCS bowl win over a top 5 team!


  22. On the first point I was at the game and can show you one play which Tommy got lucky. The TD to Niklaus, he had him wide open down the seam prior to scrambling and then throwing the contested pass in the endzone. If Tommy hits him down the seam it is a TD for sure. I give credit to Troy for sticking with the route. Also, the interception he threw into double coverage and was forcing the ball again to a favorite target.

    GAIII needs to realize that every run in not going to be an 80 yd TD run. On a 3 and 1 play all he need to do was stick his head between the center and guards rear end and he would have had 2 yds. He needs to watch Cam more and pick up the fact that there are sidelines and defensive players use them to take away your speed. Less E-W and more N-S.

    Finally, Martin and Kelly run the double TE set and run the football out of hit. Koyak has made strides in his blocking and both TE are great pass catchers. The stretch run play to either side will be there all day. You can also effectively pass out of this or run. Plus the wide receiver screen with a TE blocking is also working. Also, run the dam football with Cam. He hits the hole with authority and can wear down a defense. He won’t break one but he will sure get you at least five ever time and throw the ball to him he can catch.

    1. We also need to give Cam the ball earlier in the game and not wait to have him run into a stacked line in the 4th quarter on an obvious run play. Run Cam run!!!!!!

      1. Hey Chi,

        I was the guy who said GAIII and Cam would be the guys! Hmmmm….who was that masked man who said they all would play! Run Cam Run!

    2. First, not sure why it matters that you were at the game to make this point. We were all watching and saw the multiple replays. But glad you were there.

      Second, do you have coach Kelly’s email address because I’m sure he would love these tips.

      Finally, will you be at anymore games this year cause we would love to look for you on tv.

      Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, just kidding around.

      Goooooooooo Irish!

  23. Mr. dink and dunk needs focus on the TE’s more than the WR’s to be more effective. TR’s arm will not accommodate the WR’s as well as the TE’s. Not to mention, over the middle with the TE’s we will domination like who was that TE team….duh Standford?

    1. So the real question becomes: Is TR more likely or less likely to throw a precision pass to the TE or WR?

      Answer: TE

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