Everett Golson Reapplies to Notre Dame

Everett Golson Reapplies to Notre Dame
Everett Golson (5) reacts at the end of the game against the Southern California Trojans at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Notre Dame defeated USC 22-13. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

The process of Everett Golson’s reinstatement to the University of Notre Dame appears to be headed down the home stretch with head coach Brian Kelly announcing that Golson has officially reapplied for admission to Notre Dame and that decisions with regards to admissions are generally made in mid December at his weekly press conference on Tuesday.

Nothing is official as of yet, but all signs continue to point to Golson’s imminent return to Notre Dame baring any unforeseen setbacks between now and mid December.    “I don’t think that I can make that decision, nor can I comment on that.  I think that application process has been submitted, is what I know of, and that decisions relative to admissions happen sometime in the middle of December,” Kelly told the media on Tuesday.

Ever since shortly after news broke that Everett Golson would not be enrolled at Notre Dame for the fall semester for “poor academic judgement”, it has been reported that Golson intended to sit out the season and then come back to Notre Dame when he was eligible again for the spring semester.  It appears that we are now close to that officially happening.

If Golson is readmitted to the University in mid December, there is a chance that Golson will be able to join the team for bowl practices depending on when he is admitted and when and where the Irish end up bowling this post-season.

In July, Golson told his hometown media that he still intended on returning to Notre Dame despite being contacted by some programs about transferring.  Just last month, Golson sat down with Sports Illustrated for his first in-depth interview on his dismissal from Notre Dame and for the first time essentially admitted that the offense that caused the dismissal was related to cheating on a test.

What if any benefit Golson can give the Irish in bowl preparations assuming he can join the team in time for them would be minimal at best given all of the time he has missed.  Getting Golson back for the 20145 season, however, will be a huge benefit for the Notre Dame offense.  While Golson will need to win back the starting job he lost when he was kicked out of school this semester, it is widely believed that he will be able to do just that after working with renowned quarterback guru George Whitfield.

Golson will have plenty of work on the field, in the classroom, and in the lockerroom before he is ready to be handed the reigns of the Notre Dame offense again.  On top of needing to get back into the swing of practicing after missing an entire season on the field and obviously getting his academics in order given the nature of his offense, Golson will need to win back over a lockerroom he was reportedly starting to take command of last spring before being dismissed from the team and University.

For now, just getting Golson back on campus will be a win for the Irish and for a young man who has admitted his mistakes and decided on working hard to get back to where he wants to be instead of taking an easier road and transferring to another school this fall where he could have practiced all season long and likely stepped into a starting role next season.


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    1. Jerry, what’s instructive about Golson was that he didn’t blame anybody but Everett Golson. In modernity, cf Rodriguez, Alex, you lie, cheat, perjure and then blame anyone you can while completely rejecting personal accountability.

      Golson chose the correct path.

      ANd, just for the record, I am not throwing any stones!

  1. EG will be a welcome sight in blue and gold. He’s dynamic and can make plays with his legs that only a handful of qb’s can. Is he perfect? No, he’s got some accuracy issues to work on but demonstrated his immense value to ND by not playing a single down this year. The holes left by both #5’s this year are gaping and Tommy Rees just ain’t gonna fill it.

    Rebuild on defense, get Folston and Bryant in the mix at RB, let the current pups at WR develop, and watch EG make this team dangerous again. Welcome back, EG, don’t screw it up and thank you for your loyalty to ND.

  2. Everyone saying Golson is not that good will be eating their words. He was a FRESHMAN. Guess what….Braxton Miller wasn’t that good as a freshman either, but made huge strides as a sophomore. Give the kid time and stop being so quick to say someone is bad. holy moly

  3. Recruiting is an inexact science, so no use longing for what could have been.
    Seemingly each week a potential but unoffered ND recruit returns to prove their worth
    against us and, too often, does.

    The key is developing all your recruits to the maximum of their potential,
    and fitting those recruits into what your system needs.

    What most systems need is the capability to run the ball, having a mobile 21st
    century QB, and the athletes/schemes to attack and pressure on D.
    That IMHO is what each coaching staff ought to be judged upon.

    As for EG, I’m with Jack and most of the rest regarding his re-admission.
    Before we cast stones at EG, recall
    “Go forth, and sin no more!” If Jesus’ scriptural declaration was good enough for Magdalene,
    it’s good enough for Everett. I also agree that a more enlightened Office of Student Affairs
    has thankfully replaced the overly image-conscious “holier-than-thou” Pharisees of years past.

    Still more work to do, BK. Don’t take the rest of this season off.
    Let’s not be the Cubs, pining only for “next year”.

    Go Irish. Three more to go. Let’s leave 2013 on a high note.

  4. By the time Kelly was named Head coach in January all the top QB’s for that recruiting year were already snapped up.

    Besides, with TR soon to complete his final 2 games at ND this will all be old news anyway.

    Looking ahead, if ND can seal the deal on duel threat QB DeShone Kinzer this year, along with Zaire coming off his redshirt next year, and Golson back in the mix, that will give ND 3 very athletic, very strong armed, duel threat QB’s.

    That means ND should never have to worry about adjusting their offense to accommodate a pocket passer.
    They can now run their spread and change QB’s as needed, without missing a beat.

    That should really help our O-Line get back to running the ball more, and perhaps back to dominating teams with their O-Line like they were once known for.

      1. Incidentally, the only D1 school to offer Lynch was N Illinois. So everybody missed on him.

      2. Jeff, TR signed with 2010 class so technically BK. but he was just hired and hanging on to recruits from CW.

    1. Shaz, Finally after four years of recruiting BK has built some depth on the offense that we havent seen at ND in a long time. This team is loaded at the skill positions and 2014-2017 looks bright on the offensive side of the ball.

      1. jeff,

        If we dig a bit deeper we may fine the real jewels of our offensive future.

        They are the 5 big, strong, gifted freshmen offensive linemen(Bivin Hunter, Steve Elmer, Mike McGlinchey, Colin McGovern & John Montelus)

        “If”, and it’s a big “if”, these guys can stay healthy and continue to develop, ND could have something that is rarely seen any more…. an all senior offensive line.

        While I can only remember a few times that this has actually happened at ND, those seasons turned out to be quite successful and very special.

      2. Shaz, nice post, I’ll see you one and raise you one.

        The first is a niggling technicality: With Elmer having played, the only way to get there is to have a true Senior Elmer be accompanied by the four other true seniors who would be
        redshirt juniors in eligibility.

        The second point is juicier and more fun. Messrs. Bars, Mustipher, Nelson and Byrne, and Messrs. Tillery and Hoge (I’m assuming here) will fight hard to beat out their elders. That, for me, is more good news than bad news.

        Against Bama, there was a huge difference between the Tide’s offensive line and ours. It is now just a matter of time, effort, Longo and Hiestand until we have one of the best OLS in America.

        It will be fun to watch.

  5. Chi-town,

    Great point! Sounds like Jordan Lynch was perfect for ND. Was his recruiting cycle under BK or CW? I’d like to know who to blame for not going after Lynch. I can give CW a pass because he was always looking for some proto-type NFL QB. Crist was his ideal type QB. However, BK is always taking a flier on exactly these types of athletes. Just today a 3-star kid from IN committed to ND that wasn’t very highly recruited outside of the Mid-west but seems to be a BK-type player. So if BK passed on Jordan Lynch that’s just inexcusable. This kid is smart and surprisingly athletic. His arm is also much better than TR’s. I can guarantee you this kid would be ND’s starter even perhaps with EG in the mix. Just a great college QB.

    Nice call on your part, Chi-town!

      1. There’s a lot of bad that happens in the world, and, yes, most of it is inexcusable.
        Here, of course we’re limiting our “blame” to something that is trivial in the big picture. However, I don’t blame CW for not recruiting J. Lynch. He’s not CW’s ideal QB type. BK was also not the coach for that recruiting cycle so he can’t be blamed either. But there are a lot of coaches still at their current jobs who should’ve recruited this kid and should take some measure of blame for not doing so. If we’re going to heap praise on the coach he did offer him a scholarship, as many have, for his vision, then all those others who lacked vision can in fact receive some valid criticism.

        Jordan Lynches happen? When was the last time a Jordan Lynch just happened at ND? Don’t say Cam because he was actually a highly recruited HS star and hasn’t done half as much (no fault of his own necessarily) as Jordan Lynch. So, yes, I agree Jordan Lynches just happen. But would be nice to have it happen to us some day.

        Besides as Chi-town pointed out, the kid was practically right out of central casting for ND. Plus he played in ND’s back yard. So it’s not a stretch to think what might have been.

        But if you’re put off by the word “blame” and “inexcusable,” consider them retracted. I’d already done so anyway once Ron Burgundy pointed out the facts of when Lynch’s recruitment took place.


  6. Welcome back EG. You have been sorely missed. I said it in August and I will say it again: Tommy Rees is a great person but he is just good enough to get you beat.

  7. We might not even be in this mess had ND gone a few miles south of Lake Forest, IL and instead of offering TR recruited Jordan Lynch from Mt Carmel who is currently leading NIU towards a possible BCS game, again. And an Irish Catholic from St Christina’s parish in what is now the last functioning neighborhood here on the South Side of Sh*tcago….but not for long once Lord Mayor Rahmulus and The Machine get done. What could have been

    1. at the risk of confusing the issue with the facts, let me set the record straight.

      Jordan Lynch, data obscura if ever there was, graduated in 2009 and accepted the DeKalb offer in June 2008.

      Rees was still in high school when Lynch redshirted in 2009.

      Further, Rees committed in July before his senior year.

      I hate to rain facts on the Kelly bashing parade, but, you know, the truth will set you free.

      And anyone who really believes in 20/20 hindsight could never run a business nor own one that becomes or remains solvent.

      1. Given some of the blatant excuse making for mediocrity by some here on this site, I’m surprised any of them can claim to run a business or own one that becomes or remains solvent. That is, of course, if they tolerate the same garbage results from their employees that they makes excuses for from BK. But, I doubt that if they do run a business, they allow for such shoddy performances from their underlings. So, I guess it’s OK to excuse mediocrity from ND football but not elsewhere. Very convenient indeed. I guess Jesus was right and hypocrisy knows no bounds!

        Let their be few teachers among you, indeed!

      2. Just to give credit where credit is due, it was Jerry Kill (current Minnesota coach) who discovered Lynch and offered him.

      3. Thanks for that, Ron Burgundy. I think Jerry Kill is a good coach. He’s slowly building up a Minn. program that’s been down for decades. He’s also a good recruiter.

  8. If anyone thinks that he will not be admitted, you need meds and a shrink!
    If by some miracle he is not admitted then ND is not as serious about football as everyone has thought all these yaers and Kelly has no real power at ND. Now we know that is not the case! With Everett back, ND is set at QB for 2014! Go Irish!!! Unless of course he gets caught up in another controversy!

  9. Golson is a winner. He plays with a lot of heart and emotion. I can’t wait for this kid to get back on the field for the Irish!!! And you can bet your a** I’ll be at this year’s spring game to welcome him back!!

    1. I agree. As Kelly said when it was announced, Golson made a mistake. We’re dealing with kids. They make dumb decisions all the time. It’s how they respond to the adversity. Golson has handled it well. He has done everything to try to right his wrong. I’m excited for him and for ND football.

  10. Listen,

    We do not need this guy. He will have sat out a year without playing football. He is going to be behind in his football knowledge. We have guys waiting that did nothing wrong, unlike this guy. I don’t want ND to let him back in. He lost his chance when he cheated.

    1. It’s not a fact that we need this guy or not. It is the fact that recruits will view this negatively and it will effect their overall opinion of the University. I know that you think we don’t need these players, but if that carrot was dangled in front of him and then they do not admit him that is bullshit. If you weren’t going to do it in the first place you should have told the kid and moved on. That will be a huge problem.

      1. Recruits?
        How will this look bad to them? I admire ND for kicking this guy out. All I am saying is I think we don’t need him. He is average for a QB. Last year, we got a lot of breaks and had a magical year. Tommy also bailed us out, which many don’t realize. Bringing him back will not re create last year. Sorry

    2. Dome head: You’re the tiny minority who doesn’t want him back. After watching a good team be lead by a D3 QB, the overwhelming majority will welcome EG5 back with open arms(and hugs,and kisses, and the reins to the offense)!

    3. “He will have sat out a year without playing football. He is going to be behind in his football knowledge.”

      He spent a year working with one of the premier QB coaches in the nation.

      Pretty sure he’ll be fine.

    4. You’re right, he isn’t needed, but I’d say he is WANTED by many, including by teammates and fans. No I am not happy how he let this team down by his academic decisions, but, if he adheres to whatever conditions that may be established if they let him back, then maybe a greater lesson is learned by EG. He definitely will need to earn it back, the QB position.

  11. Jack I think Kelly would be done too:) He seemed a tad bit frustrated with the overall process.

    As far as Golson winning the locker room, and getting his academics in order, I think that’s exaggerated. His academics are fine, hence the reason he didn’t take classes elsewhere. His teammates/brothers are with him. Even Nix is excited about Golson coming back.

    “Who wouldn’t want to be in college another year, just sit around and party,” Nix said. “But it’s something to think about. I’m not sure yet, to be honest. It’s something to consider. We got a lot of good guys coming back, potentially having Everett (Golson) coming back. It’s a lot to think about.””

      1. I agree, Lou is definitely gone. Just using his quote to show the guys are excited to have EG5 back.

  12. I will put it this way, if he is not re-admitted to the University after sitting out a semester and doing what he was asked to do than I am done. This is the problem with this University, the administration and board of trustees are not living in the real world. If they pull this crap and don’t let him their idiots.

    1. Hey Jack – BE DONE. Your “I am done” – what do you think, that’s some kind of threat? You sound like the type of person who has no business being a ND fan.

      1. Fortunetly, it was from 1976, over 30 years ago.

        A lot has changed since then.

        I see what the university did for Micheal Floyd also being done for Everett Golson.

        And hopefully the end result will be the same which is very good for everyone!

      1. Exactly. EG is the most dynamic QB we’ve seen in years. And the fact that people want him gone because of one incident is astounding. I’m all for accountability, which is what ND delivered and EG accepted. He made a mistake and it’s in the past.

        By that logic:

        – Rees and Calabrese should be gone because of the party/police incident
        – Brian Kelly should be gone because of the Declan Sullivan incident.
        – Michael Floyd should have been permanently dismissed for his DUI

        etc. etc.

        ND doesn’t “hold itself to a higher standard” by immediately dismissing anyone for the slightest infraction.

        If the student or student/athlete doesn’t learn from their mistake, then by all means they belong somewhere else.

        One instance of wrongdoing and a PATTERN of rule-breaking are 2 very different things.

        Welcome back EG. Your future Heisman candidacy awaits.

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