Everett Golson Discusses Cheating with SI

Former and hopefully future Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson discussed the cheating situation that cost him his junior season as Notre Dame with Sports Illustrated recently.  Previously only described as “poor academic judgement”, Golson admitted to SI that the reason that he is no longer enrolled at Notre Dame is because of a “a test situation” shooting down the notion of his situation relating to poor grades or a paper.

Full video from SI is below as Golson talks about why he wants to return to Notre Dame, what he has been doing off the field in terms of preparation for returning to the field and the classroom, and how it has been watching the 2013 Fighting Irish season on TV.  Sports Illustrated will also feature a full article in their print edition due on newsstands tomorrow.

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  1. The fact of the matter is if the colleges were diligent in their attempts to keep their academic standards as they should be, then there would be few to no black student athletes. That’s a fact. My uncle is a professor at at major University and tells me that most of these black athletes can barely read and write on a grade school level! That is no exaggeration, and he says this is typical at most Universities with football programs. Did anyone ever read the supposed suicide note by the slime oj simpson? They had an eight year old girl write the same note word for word and the child had less spelling errors than the slime killer did. Those student athletes are so unbelieveably stupid. Think of it, their given an opportunity that if one could afford it the cost would be around $100,000, So these morons are not only wasting their opportunity, but also taking the opening thus preventing someone that wants to learn and earn a degree from attending.

  2. Did you hear his answer to the last question? He wants to get back in the classroom! He wants to play football but he wants to get back in the classroom to show he belongs at Notre Dame. For those of you too young to remember Ross Browner et al being suspended from Notre Dame it was the same for those 3 young men. Get back to Notre Dame to show they belong at such a prestigious University.

    I, for one, welcome Everette back. Not only for his football acumen, but for his answer to that last question. I want to get back to the classroom.

  3. Interesting he chose SI for his forum versus a ND based format. Well, if he comes back more power to him. He at minimum owes an apology to the team because I believe this season would have been different and for the better compared to this team now playing. As for TR he puts up good stats against teams with not so great defenses versus those who have better defenses. He’s the guy so I will wish him well as the QB. If he leads this team to a victory over Stanford I will be the first to say I have been wrong. BYU and Stanford will be the 2 more stiffer tests than Navy or Pitt. I hope Golson has learned something from his self created debacle.

    Play like a champion

    1. Stores, I agree with what you say. Im not impressed with a 45-10 win over AF. TR looked good and he should against this crappy team. The D gave up a lot of yards on the ground and that concerns me. BYU and Stanford are heavy run teams so it will be interesting to see how we do against them. If ND wins out I think they will finish inside the top 15.

  4. Yeah, it doesn’t seem like coach k. is preparing any other qbs to start next year. We can all see that he hasn’t improved Hendrix a whole heck of a lot.

      1. I cheated on a final once during my Freshman year at ND; I was young and distracted and feeling overwhelmed in that course; the entire afternoon class was held in suspicion due to collected test questions smuggled out from a morning session and redistributed among several of us; we remained undetected and the group punishment was to retake another final so I ended up studying hours for the retake so as to not be obvious I was one of the cheaters.

        Remained at ND- graduated.

        There is life after cheating.

        You can become a great student athlete yet, EG, or even an Archangel.

  5. Lots of people cheat in college. EG got caught and has paid a heavy price. Im sure he has learned a tough lesson from this and hope he comes back with a chip on his shoulder. In the meantime I will be pulling for TR to stay healthy and help this team run the table. Without TR we are in a lot of trouble.

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