Everett Golson To be Re-Admitted to Notre Dame

The long journey back to Notre Dame for dismissed quarterback Everett Golson is almost over with the former starting quarterback on the verge of being re-admitted to Notre Dame according to ESPN’s Matt Fortuna.

“I’ve been assured that based upon all of the information that has been provided that he’s going to be readmitted on Dec. 13, and that information has been provided to admissions.  It’s just a matter of them sending out the admittance letter and then being back on campus sometime around the 15th of December.”

A couple weeks ago Brian Kelly told the media that Golson had officially reapplied for re-admission and all that stood in the way of Golson and his return to Notre Dame was the decision of the admissions department on his application.   According to Tuesday’s report from ESPN, that application has been approved and Golson is set to be readmitted to Notre Dame officially on December 13 and back on campus a few days later.

Once Golson is officially back on campus, he will not be able to practice with the team until the fall semester is officially over (December 20) and he will not be eligible to play in whatever bowl game Notre Dame lands in.  Golson will potentially, however, be able to get in a few practices, participate in team meetings, and get back into the weight room after missing all team activities since his dismissal following spring practice.  The only caveat is that Golson will not be able to travel with the team for the bowl game or participate in any practices or activities at the bowl site so if the Irish end up playing in an early bowl game, he may not get a chance to practice at all with the team before they leave campus.

Golson will have some work to do once he gets back on the practice field in order to regain his starting job as well.  Kelly and the offensive staff – which we found out on Tuesday will be a bit different in 2014 with Chuck Martin accepting the head coaching position at Miami of Ohio – will make Golson earn the starting job over Malik Zaire in spring practice even if he is considered the odds on favorite.  That includes work both on and off the field where Golson will need to prove to the staff that he is committed to excelling in the classroom as well as the field.

Regardless of whether or not Golson gets any practice time in with the team before they depart for whatever bowl destination they are headed to, Tuesdays news is great news for Notre Dame and its prospects in 2014.  Golson has a long way to go, but is now one step away from officially being make on with the Irish.


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  1. What bothers me about all of this are the fans of other schools/programs ESP $ec…. would not want their starting qb expelled or even reported (they wouldnt be) but god forbid if they waste one sec not getting on an ND board and saying he should never be allowed on campus again…..what a bunch of fake ass LOSERS u people are. $EC wouldnt even report this, swept under the rug just like every other act of corruption they get away with. You people dont even know the definition of integrity, you couldnt even spell it.

    1. They may take our QB but they will never take our FREEDOM!!!!!!

      Were you wearing war paint and riding around on a horse while you typed this up?

      Just epic CF, just epic.

  2. Growing up I made more mistakes in one day than EG made in his life. I never had to pay the price he did.
    GO IRISH!!!!

  3. These do gooders who never made a mistake in their lives make me sick.
    Just wish Golson the best of luck and everything will be fine.

    1. I agree. Golson took his punishment and he has to look in the eyes of his teammates now. It was stupid, but not ultimately hurtful to others. Contrast a minor issue FSU’s QB right now.

    2. True enough. Cheating was a serious academic offense, and EG was punished for it. He’s admitted he cheated and screwed up. As long as he behaves himself and doesn’t do it again, I’ve got no issues with him.

  4. I think being booted off of the team, sitting there watching your team struggle (and lose) as a result, and having everybody in America who knows who you are, know what you did, is sufficient punishment. I frankly, think it takes some courage to come back to ND, instead of running off to some lesser institution for a supposed fresh start.

    1. fmx,Good Point!

      Although, I think that’s still better than being caught from behind, in the middle of the night, while fleeing a party, by an over weight 30 something year old mall cop, who had a frothy frapuccino in one hand and a jelly doughnut in the other!

      Good thing a swift kick to the nutz was delivered and Carlo was there for back up or things could have gotten really ugly!

  5. There’s an article a few weeks back in an SI issue about EG. He admitted he screwed up (that’s also where he admitted he cheated on an exam).

    He also noted he has been working with a good coach and staying conditioned.

    I believe he will end up being the starter next year. But yes, he will have to earn the job back, it won’t be handed to him, which is as it should be.

  6. I feel all must ultimately accept responsibility for our actions, as Everett clearly did,
    paying a high price by being excluded from the university. He owes none of us
    more of an explanation than he gave, and I’d encourage that
    each of us focus more on our own failings and transgressions than sitting in judgment of Everett.

    As far as an apology, let his actions from here forth both in the classroom and on the field
    state loudly and clearly what he has learned from this. Time will tell.

    Let’s wait and see and give him the second chance all of us
    have needed and gotten at some point in our lives with more forgiveness in our hearts
    and less judgment and condemnation from the little each of us even know about the incident in question.

    Welcome back, Everett.

  7. Both of you please take it easy. What more do you want from this kid? He made a mistake and has moved on. He owes himself, family, team , and of course the university. If your name was not on that list he does not owe you anything. Get over it. EG5 will go 11-1 or 12-0. He’s that good, sit back relax and remember that nobody is perfect. Go Irish!!!!

  8. Golson has never accepted responsibility for what he did, much less for the harm he did to the school and the team. Shortly after he was expelled, he famously claimed that his cheating was just “bad academic judgment.” Most recently, when asked by a reporter if he cheated on a test, the closest Golson could come to the truth was to answer: “Something like that.”

    Far from accepting responsibility for what he did, Golson has done everything he can to avoid accepting responsibility.

    Moreover, he was expelled for cheating. Did he spend his expelled semester working to improve skills he will need to avoid feeling he has to cheat in the future in order to get by? Nope, he spent his time running on the sand and practicing his throwing motion. Yeah, that ought to help him with his studies.

    1. Golson did take responsibility for his actions. Besides folks why be a Christian school and not forgive people. what a bunch of morons. I’ve known the kid all his life and he’s a good kid. old school you are missing something. he graduated high school early, enrolled early, passed both the ACT and SAT and only had one class in question. the reason he’s in the sand is his grades weren’t the issue it was one class. old school there is a saying where in Myrtle Beach there’s no fool like an old fool.

    2. He did take responsibility for it. Just not right away. He isn’t a stupid kid just tried to take an easy route on a test. He will still graduate from ND and in the process of being suspended worked on the craft that he wants to work in after school is done. Nothing wrong with that.

  9. Everett
    You owe this team an apology. If someone has to tell you this then you haven’t learned much. Having an attitude of gratitude will also go a long way. Get focused in the classroom. Otherwise, welcome back and hopefully 2014 will be a better year for ND football and any contribution you can add.

    Play like a champion

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