IBG: Looking to Make a Seminole Statement Edition


I promise that this will be the last time this season my addition to the weekly Irish Blogger Gathering is getting posted on Saturday morning, but that real life thing really does have a bad habit of getting in the way of blogging some time.

So without further ado, here is my weekly IBG.

My question for the group (following their links below for their responses): With all of the talk of Jameis Winston’s eligibility being called into question after being linked to the same autograph dealer as Todd Gurley, what is your take on Winston with regards to this weekend? Are you hoping he is ineligible to help Notre Dame’s chances or are you hoping he plays so that if Notre Dame were to win there wouldn’t be any way for the media to downplay it?

Ryan Ritter, Her Loyal Sons: Slow and error-prone starts have plagued the Irish this season (save for an opening TD drive against Purdue). If you’re Brian Kelly, what would you try to do to prevent such a start against Florida State?

I like to role the dice.  If I am Brian Kelly I pull in Everett Golson and Will Fuller into my office and put in a tape of the 2002 Florida State game and show them the first play of the game – the Carlyle Holiday to Arnaz Battle long bomb – and challenge them to do the same.  Notre Dame ran the ball well with Folston last week so line up #25 in the backfield and run some play action and hope that Golson and Fuller keep that deep connection going.  If Golson hits a long bomb early it will settle him in instantly.

For those that say this is the wrong approach and let him do some short passes to get into rhythm, I would point right back to the Syracuse game a few weeks back as an example of how that doesn’t always work.

Josh Knowles, Subway Domer: Life is a music video. Provide 3 short song lyrics that best describe the upcoming game against FSU and include the video that it accompanies.

My sincerest apologies here, but I did not have enough time to accurately research this question this week and my music genes were re-appropriated to my sports genes a long time ago severely limiting my music knowledge.

Aaron Horvath, Fighting Irish Athletics: I’m going to step away from the questions regarding the current squad and turn back the clock. First off, what do you remember about the 1993 game? (Shameless plug, we will be broadcasting the 1993 ND-FSU game on WatchND.tv/classics on Thursday night at 8pm ET) … where did you watch it? If you’re too young to remember, tell us about the best ND-FSU memory.

I remember watching the 1993 game vividly. I was in 6th grade at the time and was in my first season of playing CYO basketball.  We had practice that Saturday.  I remember very unapologetically telling my coach, “Sorry coach but I won’t be at practice on Saturday.”  When asked why I simply said, “It’s Notre Dame vs. Florida State.  I’m not missing that.”  Coach wasn’t too happy but also realized he couldn’t say much.

I watched the game at home with my mom and dad at our house and remember not being able to sit much during the game.  I was pacing and running back and forth.  My grandmother came over for dinner and thought I was nuts.  If I recall she didn’t quite like that dinner was starting so late, but there wasn’t any way either me or my dad were leaving the family room until that game was over. When the Irish won I remember telling my mom that for dinner I’d like “National Championship ala cart”.  Unfortunately we never got served that dish in 1993.

Mike Coffey, NDNationWhat, if anything, does this game say about the season for both teams? Is it make-or-break, or will the loser still have a chance?

This game has shaped up to be a validation game for both teams.  It sounds crazy to say that for the defending national champ, but after losing their #1 ranking following a couple of unimpressive performances the last few weeks, Florida State is going to be looking to make a statement.  For Notre Dame they will be looking to tell the college football world that they are for real.  It’s also a chance for Notre Dame to regain some credibility following the fallout from the 2012 title game that is still mentioned by any Notre Dame detractor any time the Irish are mentioned in the same sentence as the playoffs.

This game is much more make or break for Notre Dame.  Florida State can survive a loss much more easily and still make the playoffs.  If Notre Dame losses, the playoffs are off the table in my opinion no matter what else happens in the college football landscape this year.  No pressure.

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  1. Very proud of the OL last night. We wait until we play number 1 team in country for run game to breakout . Lol. Would liked to have seen Bryant get some carries on the outside. Or at least on the KO returns. Gotta get him on the field. Cam is returning kicks now. Wow..
    Folston was winded from getting an unusual amount of carries. But I like the gameplan and it was successful.

  2. I think we can all agree that we are one of the best teams in the country. And the majority didn’t think we would be this good especially with our youth and losing 4 starters before season started. We are one call away from being undefeated. Unequivocally it was heart-breaking to lose that way. But I am very excited about ND football right now.
    We have some tough games ahead and alot of season left. Who knows we may see FSU again in Jan.
    Go Irish!

  3. No moral victories but this loss says a lot – it confirms ND is back and can play with the Big Boys – A big hit on the revival of ND has been every time the play a true power they show they don’t belong – this game stops that tuff, tuff loss but one that can be built – let’s just not get down and lose anymore – some tuff games ahead – ASU, Louisville, and of course USC -keep I going and get them and then win whatever bowl game there is

  4. last’s night’s game was an affirming moment. we are almost there. back to the days of parseghian, devine, and holtz when we were THE power. its about belief. and we are not quite there yet. winning is conveying to the other guy that your victory is inevitable. kelly needs to convey that. but at times he seems to convey doubt. he asks the offensive line in the first half to deliver on fourth and one. they dont. after that they are at the two yard line twice and five or six downs to score. he loses faith. we get six passes. the offensive line feels it. the opponent sees it. its not inevitable. they dont score twice. “great moments are born from great opportunities.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvTprAb_MaI. last night we were the best team in the country. we can still be national champions this year. but kelly will have to do what parseghian did after the 10-10 tie, show em we are the best. nd 54 usc o. if they can show that in the last few games. mayb e we get back to the bcs game and a chance for redemption. BUT “you gotta believe”-lou holtz (and have a killer instinct-bj)

  5. So who’s the first blogger to blame Golson for this loss?

    I suspect it won’t be long before someone will emerge and refocus on his few mistakes.
    Winston also dismissed the myth you need a running game to win a big game.

    I’m so proud of the effort of the entire ND team. One flag, and another one not thrown a few plays earlier when
    Corey Robinson was mugged in the end zone when the DB never turned around and interfered with #88 will not change what happened. ND outplayed FSU offensively and defensively, despite a flag here and no flag thrown there. Fans of underdogs or visiting teams have seen that before. You’ll see it again.

    What you’ll also see is this ND team get even better. The immediate past outcome sucks- the future is bright!

  6. I guess tragedy and glory are part of being Irish.
    The rocket beats Colorado they call
    It back. Quinn and Weiss beat USC but the refs give them two more tries and on the last one they
    Push the ball carrier over. But i saw coley obrien bring home a national title and Lou smash
    Jimmy Johnson and bobby Bowden. There was poetry in that. The recent wins over Stanford were special. It was a special amazing effort tonight on the road but greatness doesn’t mean you have to
    every time.


  7. Gentleman I will say this, a loss sucks, there is no moral victories. However 5 years ago ND lost to Syracuse like this and not FSU. This is a young team and for once I’m optimistic on their abilities. The difference between ND and FSU they have more tough games to go. I’m proud of this team and feel the administration made the right call in hiring BK!

  8. Ignoring that call, we had 470 yards and only scored 27 points. 10 in the second half. They got 31 points off of 323 yards, only 50 on the ground. BUT, although it was only by 1, we had more turnovers and could not let that happen.

  9. Statement made tonight. However, another heartbreaking loss. I’ve just gotten to the point where I expect that something will happen for ND to lose. Everytime I think the tide is about to change something happens to steal defeat from the jaws of victory. No different tonight. What was Prosise thinking?! All he needed to do was just rub his man and ND wins a huge, perhaps future altering game.

    Now we see what kind of motivator BK is. This team can either build on this performance or go into a funk and get beat 2 or 3 times the rest of the season. So we’ll see how far this program has really come in the next few weeks.

    In the final analysis a moral victory. But moral victories aren’t enough after 23 years of futility.

    I’m simultaneously proud, upset, disappointed, fatalistic (i.e., ND will never win another NC again), encouraged, etc. One second I’m optimistic thinking about this game, only to get pessamistic about another defeat to another power on another big stage.

    So be it! Things are what they are. No amount of optimism or pessimism on my or our collective part makes a bit of difference in the end.

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